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A Turkish court convicted the publisher and editor of the political newspaper The Express of publishing propaganda in support of a terrorist organization under article 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Law because of a quote. Read more on Turkey at Freedom of the Press 2010: Turkey

Thousands of refugees flooded the border of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan after four days of ethnic violence. The International Committee for the Red Cross says the death toll may be as high as 700 in the city of Osh alone. Read more on Kyrgyzstan at Freedom in the World 2010: Kyrgyzstan

A rally in Kenya opposing the new draft constitution ended in violence as two bombs exploded, killing 5 and wounding 75. The Prime Minister condemned the attack and affirmed the government’s support for the campaign. Read more on Kenya at Freedom in the World 2010: Kenya

Iran defended its Middle Eastern ‘model’ democracy before the UN Human Rights Council, as opposition leaders in Tehran were denied a permit for a political rally marking the anniversary of the disputed presidential election. Read more on Iran at Freedom in the World 2010: Iran


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