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Twilight: Eclipse Soundtrack

Another Solid, Satisfying Compilation

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Twilight Saga Eclipse Soundtrack

Twilight Saga Eclipse Soundtrack

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Under the direction of Alexandra Patsavas, the three soundtracks for the Twilight movie series have been impressively consistent and solid in delivering an appropriately dark and brooding compliment to the action onscreen. Each album also stands alone as a solid, cohesive collection of songs that will please a wide range of pop and rock fans. This will not be your first choice for an album to perk you up in the morning, but as the evening sweeps in the intensity of these tracks may be just what you want to reach for.

Darkness Hangs Palpably

A palpable curtain of audio darkness hangs across this project. Whether it is the deeply sonorous ballad "My Love" by Australia's Sia or the chilly dance on the edge of the earth beat of Beck and Bat for Lashes collaborating to create "Let's Get Lost," you know that this is music of the night. Cee-Lo Green kicks off "What Part Of Forever" with an almost cheerful whistle, but ultimately the sense of longing pervading the quick shuffle of the song dims any light shining through. Fortunately none of these songs ever seem to succumb to any portents of doom. Instead, the music here follows the confidence of Muse who eloquently and powerfully state in "Neutron Star Collision," that, "Our love will live forever."


As always in Twilight soundtracks there are artists here to discover who are likely to be unfamiliar to the casual pop or rock fan. Canadian indie pop group Metric kick off the soundtrack in potent, energetic fashion with "Eclipse (All Yours)." British indie pop band Fanfarlo bring their folkie indie pop sounds to "Atlas," and Eastern Conference Champions bring a dense, almost sludgy metallic intensity to "A Million Miles an Hour." Digging deeper into the music of many of the artists featured here would be very rewarding to a wide range of pop and rock fans.

Top Tracks on 'Twilight: New Moon'

  • Metric - "Eclipse (All Yours)"
  • Muse - "Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)"
  • Sia - "My Love"
  • Beck and Bat for Lashes - "Let's Get Lost"
  • Cee-Lo Green - "What Part of Forever"

Kicking Off the Summer Night

The most recent Twilight soundtrack for New Moon seemed to fit perfectly with the season when released last October. This latest collection is out just as summer begins. This is clearly not beach music, but when darkness falls, you will be at home here. Whether you are a fan of the movies or not, this is a collection worth checking out. Many tracks here stand up solidly on their own while joining together to provide a solid souvenir for the movie and a consistently high quality taster of some of the best of current alternative pop and rock music.

Released June 2010 by Atlantic Records

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