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12 Jun 1902

Federal suffrage

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Elizabeth Andrew-Oates

Parliamentarian, Northern Territory Legislative Assembly 1974-77

NEW Women's History Month 2010

Demeter’s Daughters: women’s harvest history

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8 March is International Women's Day

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Parliamentary Women

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It's Women's History Month - March 2010

Celebrate this year's theme
Demeter's daughters: women's harvest history

The history of food farming in Australia is much more than the record of agricultural production. When the focus is on women, the story starts with Indigenous food harvesting and is still growing . . . Find out more ...

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    Lunches, launches, displays & exhibitions, talks and readings, market stalls and historic garden trails – many events can be held around Australia during March 2010 to celebrate this theme. Check out the Calendar.

Download our 2010 poster and promote Women's history month

Lu Moo ('Granny Lum Loy'), Northern Territory market gardener (1883-1980)

Poster with portrait of Granny Lum Loy by Karolina Venter 2010
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Portrait by Karolina Venter 2010; poster design by Brendan O'Donnell, Art Direction Creative, Canberra.

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