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ALSSO is in recess for the summer semester. Look for information on our first meeting for Fall 2010 in the SLIS listserv and our information table at orientation night! All are welcome to attend!

FEATURE: Cheesy Librarian Humor

Great Reasons to be a Librarian - from LISNews.com

It doesn't take a whole lot to be considered "wild and crazy".

It's OK (almost expected) to become mean, bitter, and scorned as you age.

Everyone will understand if you are a closet alcoholic.

You really do "know everything".

You are officially a fantasy possibilty.

Librarian Pick-Up Lines - from LISNews.com

I'm rated AA - I C that you R2!

Your spouse will never know - under the Patriot Act I can't tell anyone you've been here.

Just call me "Bookmobile" 'cause I deliver.

I'm like Google, more results than you can deal with.

I'd catalog you under "Desirable".

You have some nice back-end architecture.

My budget just got cut - buy me a drink.

I'm totally out of bibliographic control!!

I do collection development for 613.96.

Comic - from SavageChickens.com

Library Lunchroom Conversation Starters - from WarriorLibrarian.com

1 - Human Folley: its manifestations in the library

2 - Human Courage: and just how far some library users are prepared to push back the boundaries of tolerance of the library staff

3 - Individual Uniqueness: and how weird some people actually are

4 - The Depth and Scope of Human Exploration of Their World: and how this creates cataloging problems

5 - The Creativity of the Human Race: and the originality of excuses for overdue books

6 - The Complexity of the English Language: and the cost of comprehensive or specialist dictionaries

7 - The Rate of Growth of the Internet: and the amount of junk contained therein

8 - The Speed of Digital Communication: except in displaying critical web pages

9 - The Innocense of Children: according to the children themselves when caught in acts of library vandalism

10 - The Great Mysteries of Life: and why librarians keep doing what they do best

Last updated June 11, 2010