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Flyscreens And Doors


We offer a wide range of professional quality flyscreening services designed to solve your entire flyscreening problems. Screens are individually tailored for any aperture and are of robust construction made to withstand the conditions in commercial and industrial premises. They are simple to remove to allow for regular cleaning. Screens are made using a polyester powder coated aluminium frame covered with PVC coated fibreglass mesh which is fire retardant. The mesh is held in place with a pliable rubber gasket designed to keep the mesh taut and secure. Screens are kept in place by retaining clips and can be easily removed for cleaning.

Fly Screen Door

A powder coated, heavy duty, aluminium framed door. The PVC coated fibreglass mesh, together with the aluminium amplimesh, gives strength and protection. Push and kick plates fitted to the middle and base of the door add to durability and save money in the long term due to long life.

Chain Link Screen


Provides an effective barrier against flying insects. Chain link screens can be very effective in situations where rigid screen doors cannot be used e.g. fire doors. They are made of aluminium giving a clean, bright finish and non-rust durability. They are quick to install and are designed for easy access and are fully removable.

With pest control experts at hand 24/7 you have peace of mind. Make sure you call Britannia pest control for a fast, responsive, reliable, experienced and competitively-priced quality service.

Glue Board Fly Killers

We supply and service a range of Glue Board Fly Killers. Along with this we can offer a competitive yearly service contract to maintain them.

10 reasons to start using the i-trap unit:

  • Beautiful design
  • 30% improved performance over conventional units due to its unique attraction grid which stimulates the landing behavior of flying insects
  • Two powerful 15 watt UV-A tubes and a pheromone enhanced glue board take care of a fast and discrete attraction of all flying insects
  • Durable quality material
  • Effective coverage up to 50m2 of area against flying insects
  • Fast and simple maintenance and service of the unit
  • Top quality, CE approved with 1 year “return to base” guarantee
  • Easy wall mounting by means of a wall mounting strip.
  • Suitable for areas which conform up to HACCP standards
  • Sharp price