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  • Name: Philip Peng
  • Handle: Keripo, Keripo Test Account
  • Location: University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA, US)
  • Distros: Windows Vista Ultimate SP1, Ubuntu 8.10 and Slax 6.0.7
  • Players: iPod video 5.5G (Black, 30GB), Sansa e250 V1 (Refurbished, 2GB), Sony Ericsson w580i (Black, with 8GB M2), PlayStation Portable (PSP-1000)
  • Positions: Student, ZeroSlackr developer, iPodLinux developer, SansaLinux developer
  • Note: My name is pronounced \'kur-ree-poe\ (curtain-reading-poe). If you can't spell/type it, just copy-paste please ; )

Current Work

Project ZeroSlackr

Project pages
  • SourceForge page, Link
  • SVN repository, Link
  • stats, Link
  • Forum thread, Link
  • Latest stable SVN snapshot download, Link
  • Slax 6 development environment (for iPL devs), Link
  • Java-based installer (in progress), Link
SansaLinux port
  • Forum thread, Link
  • Latest SVN snapshot download, Link



PZ2 Schemes


Official Contributions

  • Maintain Sansa e200 port, see SansaLinux
  • Various SVN patches, Link
  • Various wiki maintenance, Link

Previous Work/Links


  • 2.4.32 kernel builds, Link
  • ZeroSlackr Testing pre-release, Link
  • ZeroSlackr ZeroLauncher+MPD pre-release, Link
  • ZeroSlackr Sneak Peak pre-release, Link
  • cmdline-tools collection, Link
  • 2.4.24 kernel builds, Link
  • Modified Podzilla 2 (reads modules and schemes from the data partition), Link
  • ZeroNet (installation system), Link (superseded by ZeroSlackr)
  • ZillaZero (custom, more advanced Triple Threat), Link (superseded with ZeroNet)


  • Podzilla 2 and Podzilla Legacy Compiling Tutorials (via Slax), Link (stickied)
  • Podzilla 2 Compiling Tutorial (via Cygwin), Link (stickied)


  • Podzilla 2 and Podzilla Legacy Compiling Slax Modules (for usage with tutorial), Link
  • iPod Tools Package, Link


Programming Languages

  • Java
  • C/C++
  • Bash and NT scripting

Programming Tools

Contact Info

  • MSN:
  • AIM: DarkKeripo
  • IRC: Keripo
  • Email:
  • Note: If you've looked at my tutorials and still need compiling help, or just have some general questions you'd like to ask, feel free to PM me or contact me through any of the above methods ; )