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In August 2002, the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies opened a Regional Office (RO) based in Santiago, Chile, to offer support for Harvard faculty, students, or staff from any part of the University and to strengthen ties between the University and institutions in the region. The office primarily serves the Southern Cone and Andean countries of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, and Uruguay. The Regional Office is the first-ever Harvard University international office whose mission is to serve the entire University. It has been particularly successful in expanding study abroad and internship opportunities for Harvard students. The Regional Office also runs a two-month Intensive Spanish and International Service Learning program for Harvard Medical School students, and other innovative programs with the Harvard School of Public Health.

Working closely with the Harvard's Office of International Programs, the Regional Office pioneered in Santiago in 2003 the University's first Harvard administered term-time Study Abroad program for Harvard College undergraduates and Harvard Law School students. In March 2006 the Regional Office successfully expanded the Study Abroad program to Buenos Aires, building on a similar model to the one in Chile, where students have the opportunity to enroll for one semester or one year, in any of three outstanding local universities.

In the Summer 2005 the Regional Office launched the Summer Internship Program which places Harvard students in internships with the purpose of providing meaningful experiences abroad. The Internship Program, administered through the DRCLAS Regional Office is co-sponsored by DRCLAS and the Office of Career Services. Students have opportunities to work and live in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru.

As for faculty, the RO has organized, sponsored or supported fifteen Harvard international conferences, public events in the region, and has hosted over a hundred Harvard faculty members and staff working on existing projects in the region and exploring new ones. It is supporting Harvard faculty-led collaborative initiatives where the RO has been directly involved and has offered support in faculty research projects in the region. The Regional Office assists Harvard faculty on these collaborative and research initiatives by facilitating contacts with local institutions, providing logistical support, leveraging resources and contacts, and disseminating the results of research work. In 2005-2006 faculty projects included work on Culture and the Markets in Argentina, Health Reform and Community Medicine in Chile, a teleconferencing series in Argentina on a range of topics of interest such as politics, sustainable development, education and economy, and Expanding Opportunities on Early Education for Children in Chile.


:: Summary of Evaluation of DRCLAS Regional Office in Santiago, Chile (June 2005)

Harvard Provost approved Chile Regional Office for five more years. [+] Click here for details.