Kolding - disqualification


First of all I want to apologize to the ATP, the tournament and the crowed that the final ended with my disqualification.

I am writing to you the exact und true facts what’s happen in the final to me:

When the result was 6:3 for me, and 6:6 in tie break of the second set Alex had a
serve and missed the first serve  and I saw it looks like 20 cm out. Alex saw that and
prepared for the second serve, but nobody said anything. Chair umpire looked at the
line umpire and said “7:6 Bogdanovic” few seconds later.  At that moment I was just
looking at the line umpire (this time line umpire was an elderly lady) and she hat small
smile on face and went on the other side because it was my turn to serve.
I lost the next point and set…

I didn't say anything after I lost tie break I just asked for the toilet break, and at that
time another line umpires supposed to come so when I went to the toilet I met them at
the door, there was also “that” lady umpire, and I was so nervous and full of adrenalin
since that serve for 6:6 in the tie break. So when I came to the door where they stood
I just said in Croatian language: “SKLONITE SE” (in eng. MOVE-it) sounded like I'm
talking to myself and then I looked at that line umpire lady, I put my two fingers
on my eyes and told her: “WATCH THE BALL!” Then I bowed my head and after few
steps I said in Croatian PIZDO,  I didn't tell that to her I just mumbled and I felt so
miserable and disappointed about loosing tie break, and I also said “OH SHIT!”

I went to the toilet and when I calmed down I came back and chair umpire told me:
Ivan I have to warn you! I asked, why? He said that I was say something rude on the
way to toilet break.  He called supervisor and when he came to me after speaking with
the supervisor 10-15 minutes later,  he told me that I am disqualified ( = no points and no prize money)

Then I asked him, “WHY? What I have done?” and he told me that I called the
line umpire  (this woman) “PEACE OF SHIT” on the way to the toilet break!  
And God is my judge; I didn’t say this kind of words to nobody.

I tried to explain that this must be a big misunderstanding! But I was feeling falling in a
big hole because nobody was listening to me.

I went to Alex and congratulate him for the good tournament and went directly out of
the court.  On my way to the locker room I saw flowers and trophies for tennis players
so I took a bouquet and gave it to the ball boy. After that I was asking for my trophy and
on my way to the locker room, trough the tunnel, I realized that I lost everything of
a very hard tournament week, I threw the trophy and it broke.

For this reaction with the trophy I have to apologize,
I didn’t act in this situation as a sportsman!!!

Kindest regrads,

© Ivan Dodig 2009