Sophie Dee


The first thing you notice about Sophie Dee is her striking blue eyes. The second thing would probably be her new big boobs! After you talk to her for a few minutes you also find out she is sweet, friendly and down to earth. We talked about everything in this interview, including her feelings on interracial scenes. She has a lot of insight on the topic. She is married to black porn star & agent Lee Bangs, plus she won the award for Best Interracial Performer!

Interview By Cindi Loftus
Photos by Joel Jett at Low Art
©2010 Xcitement Magazine




The first thing you notice about Sophie Dee is her striking blue eyes. The second thing would probably be her new big boobs! After you talk to her for a few minutes you also find out she is sweet, friendly and down to earth. We talked about everything in this interview, including her feelings on interracial scenes. She has a lot of insight on the topic. She is married to black porn star & agent Lee Bangs, plus she won the award for Best Interracial Performer!

Interview By Cindi Loftus
Photos by Joel Jett at Low Art
©2010 Xcitement Magazine

Sophie: Hi It’s good to hear your voice.
Xcitement: I was just going to say the same thing. You and I talk on twitter all the time, so I mentioned I was going to interview you and got lots of questions from our followers.  I am going to mix them in with the stuff I wrote down to talk about.
I noticed that a lot of the guys asking questions were from the UK. Did you do porn over there?
S: I did two movies in England. I actually shot one with Kieran Lee. And then we came here and shot together and I said ah, I remember you.
X: How is it different shooting porn in England?
S: It’s not as much fun. When I shot there the make-up artists were terrible. It was in a very small room. They had an audience.
X: An audience?
S: Yeah. It was so weird. And the pay is much less.
X: I wonder if the audience had to pay admission.
S: That’s what I was thinking. That would be a good way to pay the talent, you charge everybody to watch. It was actually my first scene so I didn’t know any better. But I thought it was kind of funny.
X: So let’s start at the beginning. You were born in Wales.
S: Yes. I went to a Welsh school and then we moved to England for a few years, and then we moved back to Wales for me to finish high school.
X: Do you speak Welsh?
S: I can count to ten. But that’s about it.
X: What kind of jobs did you have while you were in high school and right after you got out?
S: I had so many jobs. I was a waitress, delivered newspapers, was a chambermaid, making beds in the hotels. I worked at a bakery. I served tea & scones on Sundays. I worked in clothes stores, sold phones from a warehouse.
X: Did you like any of those jobs?
S: Not really. As soon as I started modeling that was the only fun job that I ever had. I always wanted to model and my friends were saying that I couldn’t.
X: Cause you’re not that tall.
S: No I am pretty short. So the only modeling I got to do was flashing my boobs.
X: (Laughs)
S: (Laughs) So I worked for the Daily Sport Newspaper. I was very excited on the first day that I got the job with them.
X: What did you do there?
S: It’s like “page three”. It’s when you flash your boobies for the newspaper. I did that for about a year and a half.
X: So you are the girl on the page everyday?
S: Not everyday. We do fun stuff. Like we visit pubs and have our picture taken with all the customers with our tits out. And the pictures of that go in the newspaper. And on a different day we would go to building sites and do the same thing.
X: That’s funny that they can do that in an English newspaper and here forget about it.
S: Oh yeah, the newspapers over there are like porno mags.
X: So how did you go from doing that to doing porn?
S: Well I did the newspaper, and one of the photographers said you would be very good at doing porn, and I said really? He said you should watch this and see if you can take these cocks in your ass. And it was Mr. Marcus and Lexington Steele.
X: Oh geez (Laughs)
S: Yeah. I remember sitting with him drunk and I was trying to fit this huge black rubber cone in my asshole. And I said, I don’t think I will be able to fit those in my ass because I can’t fit this in my ass, not even the little top part. He said well you can just stick it in your pussy instead and I said, well I can do that!
X: Sounds like you were pretty open-minded at a young age.
S: Yeah. I knew I didn’t belong in a little village. I wanted to adventure out.
X: So how did you get your first porn role?
S: A friend of mine was in porn out here and when I was in England she set me up with a job. I tested it to see if I liked it and it was good. So I contacted Jim South and flew out to LA in ’05.
X: So you did two movies in England and then came to LA. Is Jim still your agent?
S: No, Lee is, my husband. Lee and A-List Talent.
X: I want to know more about Lee. How did you meet him?
S: I had his number for so long because I did a job with one of his models and she gave it to me. And one day I just thought let me try this Lee Bangs guy out and see how good of an agent he is. He picked me up to take me on “Go Sees” and then I didn’t go home. I moved in with him. (Laughs)
X: Well he is very good looking.
S: Yes he is very handsome. I think we became very attracted to each other because we were from different places. He’s from Oklahoma and I’m from the UK. And when we came here we didn’t have that many friends, so when I joined his agency I had a lot of free time and we did a lot of stuff together, like dinner and movies and we became really close.
X: Well he got lucky.
S: Yeah, that’s what everyone says (Laughs) I think I got lucky too. It’s good to have someone older and wiser than I am.
X: That’s sweet to say. Do you get any grief because he is black and you are white?
S: Not really.
X: I wanted to mention that because there is always so much controversy about interracial sex scenes, and I wanted to talk to you about it. You are definitely considered one of the experts on this. You even won the Urban Spice award for Best Interracial Star.
S: Yah!
X: How do you feel about interracial porn in general?
S: I think it’s great. I think agents often pressure girls not to do it. A lot of big name porn stars do interracial; Gianna Michaels, Tory Black, Bobby Starr, Belladonna. Nina Hartley’s first ever scene was interracial.
X: The excuses are; I don’t want to do interracial because it will hurt my career, or I don’t want to do interracial because it will lower my rate and I will make less money.
S: Which is stupid, because they will make more money.
X: There is proof that it doesn’t hurt a career, like with all the girls that you mentioned.
S: I like the one when girls say I am just not attracted to black guys. Well are you attracted to Ron Jeremy if you have to work with him? No, your not.
X: Well I like Ron Jeremy, but I get your point. Most of the time you don’t get to pick who you work with and you’re not always going to be attracted to him. The only exception might be a Vivid contract girl who actually picks each guy she is going to do a scene with. And off the top of my head, Janine, Monique & Savanna who are Vivid girls have done interracial. It hasn’t hurt their careers.
S: Right. It’s acting.
X: Why is it that only white girls with black guys is considered interracial?
S: I don’t know. I think it should include Asians with white guys…
X: Right, if an Asian girl is with a white guy isn’t that interracial?
S: I think so.
X: I do to. But those scenes aren’t titled that way.
S: Maybe it’s the contrast of black and white.
X: Yeah, maybe. I think that’s hot. The skin contrast is the hottest thing about interracial to me.
S: Yeah. It looks really hot. And it is very big selling too. I would hope that more girls don’t look at it in a bad way. I wish they would think about it more first before saying that it will hurt their career.
X: I have never heard a girl say, I shouldn’t have done that interracial scene because it hurt my career. Have you?
S: No. Or you hear it stretches my pussy too much. Well so does having babies but you still have them.
X: Well if you said, I don’t want to do guys with monster cocks, that would be different. I am sure there are black guys in the industry who don’t have “coke cans” attached.
S: Oh yeah, there are tons of them.
X: And there are white guys that are huge. One of your fans says- “Some people say that black girls don’t make as much money as white girls in the adult business, do you agree?”
S: Yeah, I do agree. I don’t know why that is though. Unfortunately. It kinda sucks.
X: It might be that black girls work for black niche companies that do don’t big budget movies so they pay less.
S: Yeah, unless you are Misty Stone.
X: Misty is an “it” girl right now, she is huge! She was on an Xcitement cover.
S: I like Nyomi (Banxxx) too. She is very, very pretty.
X: She is. I did an interview with her too.
S: Nyomi is a very good actress too.
X: Well you are a good actress and you are gorgeous.
S: Thank you.
X: You definitely have your own look. You are very recognizable.
S: I always change my hair.
X: You do. I like it red. What color is it now?
S: It’s blonde right now. But I like the jet black hair the best. I thought that was really cool.
X: It is. You are one of those few people that look good with any color hair. And your eyes are amazing.
S: Ah thank you. Some people say I look like a deer in headlights. (Laughs) I like that though.
X: (Laughs) I think it‘s funny. Your eyes are what  makes you stand out. If someone sees you in a movie they will never forget you. Do you get recognized all the time in public?
S: Yes sometimes, if we are out at dinner people will come up and say I love your movies. Sometimes they say that to Lee too, and that’s really cool.
X: I’ve never seen Lee in a movie. Do you work with him?
S: I don’t usually. But today we are going to be doing a scene for Evil Angel. So that will be interesting, because we are doing it with another girl. It’s only a BJ though, it’s not so bad.
X: Do you get jealous?
S: Sometimes. It’s hard not too. Especially if I become friends with somebody and he has to work with them. I try not to think about it.
X: I can’t imagine. You and your girlfriend go shopping and she says, oh by the way I am fucking your husband tomorrow.
S: And in porn they say it like it doesn’t mean anything. They say-“Oh I’m working with Lee. Lee you get to fuck me in my asshole tomorrow!” It’s like, wait, that’s my husband. If it wasn’t in porn it’s not something you would say.
X: So true. Do you ever watch Lee’s scenes?
S: No. I watched one a long time ago and I got so mad I refuse to watch them anymore. I was doing the total guy thing. I said I thought you said you don’t kiss in your scenes, huh? What was that all about?  But I’m getting okay with it now. Like today we are experimenting by doing the double BJ thing.
X: Well that’s good, because you are right there and can see everything going on. I hope it is a girl that you like so you don’t beat her up afterwards.
S: (Laughs) I actually get to beat her up in the scene!
X: Perfect! What is the name of the movie you are doing?
S: It’s called We Suck. Directed by Jake Malone. We both suck his cock and I am being really mean to her while we do it.
X: Does Lee watch your scenes?
S: I think so because I have come home a few times and it’s been in the DVD player.
X: It’s hot to think that he might be masturbating looking at you while you’re not home.
S: I know because the door is always double locked, and I have to knock on the door for him to unlock it.
X: Ahh, so he’s caught. But it’s sweet that he could be watching anyone and he’s watching you. One of your fans, a girl, asks”Why don’t you post pictures of Lee on Twitter?” So I am going to send her a link to that picture I have of you guys on from the AVN awards. That is such a beautiful picture of you two. I’ll put that photo in this article too. So peple can see what Lee looks like.
S: Lee actually found that shirt the day of the awards show and it matches perfectly.
X: I love that picture. The color is beautiful and looks great on both of you. You look so hot together. That is my favorite dress of all from the awards. Another fan question, Are you ever scared of any dick?
S: No. But I did get to put Lexington in my asshole.
X: How did it work out?
S: It was good. I got DP’d with him in my asshole and Rocco Siffredi in my pussy.
X: I love Lexington Steele. He is going to get sick of me always saying that.
S: He just did a whole movie on me called Lexington Loves Sophie.
X: That’s so cool. I want to see it. Tell me all about it.
S: It’s five scenes starting from when I first got in the business. So the newest scene is with my new boobs.
X: What did your original boobs look like?
S: All natural and a C cup.
X: And just recently you got implants. Why did you decide to go to a double D?
S: One reason was that I kept looking at the top list on FreeOnes and every single girl on that list had huge boobs. So I was like hold on a minute, I want to be on that list too. So I got them, and believe it or not when I had my first movie out with my new boobs I was in the top three on the FreeOnes list.
X: Wow. I guess we can say for certain that men love big boobs.
S: Yeah, I think they do. I only got two complaints from my fans about my boobs. I didn’t get any bad feedback.
X: They are huge though Sophie.
S: They are. I thought they were going to get smaller, but they didn’t.
X: Do they give you backaches?
S: They do, but luckily Lee doesn’t mind giving massages.
X: Ahhh. Are you glad you did it?
S: Yep. I am getting so much work it feels like I am new again. It really made a big difference. My boobs were a C so I had never done a big boob movie ever. When I got them done that was a whole new thing for me to shoot and I’ve been really busy, thankfully.
X: So it was definitely worth it. What goes on at your website
S: I always try to include a girl in my scenes so it’s not all just boy/girl. There is a lot of boy/girl/girl stuff. We have webcam shows about once a month. It’s me at home with my dildo and we can type back and forth. There is even a chat room too, where they can chat with each other, and sometimes I’m there. We also have a strip poker game that you can play and I get naked. There is black jack also. There is a forum, a calendar. There are 250 videos and lots of photos. We have competitions where you can win 8×10’s or a movie. I’ve had my site for three years now.
X: It’s a beautiful site. How many movies have you done?
S: Almost four hundred.
X: Wow! If someone could only watch one Sophie Dee scene, which one should they watch?
S: Milk Nymphos by Evil Angel, directed by Jay Sin. It was with Lexi Love and it was a girl/girl scene.
X: What was so hot about that scene?
S: We squirted milk out of our assholes and pretended to be cats.
X: That sounds crazy. So you like to act?
S: I love acting.
X: Do you do features?
S: I don’t do too many features, although I just did the A-Team parody and the Reno 911 parody.
X: What did you play in those?
S: In A-Team I was a stripper, and in Reno I was a prisoner.
X: Did you get to talk?
S: A little bit. But that’s okay because I do acting in mainstream.
X: What mainstream stuff do you do?
S: I was an extra in the first season of 90210, I played a dancer in that. I am in a Showtime series called Look that is coming out.
X: What is it about?
S: It was a movie that won an indie competition. It is about surveillance TV cameras following you around. It’s kind of serious but funny at the same time.
X: And what are you?
S: I actually played a tranny and so did Gianna Michaels. We are walking around the mall and we go to try on bikinis and the people watching the cameras are all excited because they are going to get to see tits and we turn around and we have these big wieners.
X: Oh my God. Was it a strap on wiener? Or did they put them on in editing?
S: No they actually made them and glued them to us with hair and everything. It looked really real.
X: Did you get to take it home?
S: No, unfortunately. (Laughs)
X: I definitely want to see that show.
S: I got S.A.G. (her Screen Actors Guild Card) for it.
X: That’s fabulous!
S: I just did a lead role in an indie movie called Ricky Longdick. You can go and see the trailer.
X: You do a lot of mainstream. I didn’t know that. What type of guys do you like to work with in porn?
S: I like love-making guys.
X: Guys that kiss and make eye contact?
S: Yes, like Michael Stefano. He makes out and looks at you.
X: Dale Dabone is a make-out guy. Voodoo is another one that gives you total attention. What is the weirdest place you ever had sex?
S: Outside up against a tree. It was awkward and it hurt a lot.
X: Did you get your butt all scratched up?
S: Yeah, and my back. It was uncomfortable and it was anal too!
X: Ouch. Could people see you doing it?
S: I could kind of see people, but I don’t think they could see me. Otherwise I would be arrested.
X: A fan has said that you are so beautiful it’s criminal. So have you ever been arrested?
S: Yes, I actually bumped off school and went to the Disney store and I stole play dough and the police took me home. But now I am a good girl.
X: What is the craziest thing you have done on a porn set?
S: Shoved golf balls in my asshole.
X: Was this for a movie or just for the fun of it?
S: It was for Evil Angel for Jay Sin. It was a scene for Anal Acrobats. It was me and Julie Knight. We shoved gumballs and golf balls in our assholes. One of hers, a green gumball, got stuck in there. It was cool because during the whole scene she had green gunk coming out of her butt.
X: (cracking up) Ick!
S: And near the end of the scene she said oh I think it’s coming out, and it was white all the green was gone.
X: Oh God Sophie, that sounds so gross.
S: It was really hot and very fun. Pretty nasty, but it looked cool.
X: That’s a good way to end this interview, talking about green stuff coming out of butts. (Laughs) Do you have a message for your fans?
S: That I love them all. Please follow me on Twitter.