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Opera Turbo

The staggering demand for mobile Internet access and connectivity for a range of Web-enabled devices creates numerous opportunities for operators and OEMs (and drives the innovation that keeps consumers satisfied), but fully realizing the opportunities requires innovative solutions. As the demand is met, more competition for limited bandwidth resources grows. Building on the strength of Opera Mini data compression technology, Opera Turbo™ was developed to help optimize these resources.

Opera Turbo is a cross-platform solution, available for the Opera Desktop browser, Opera Mobile browser, and other Internet-enabled devices with Opera Devices SDK browsers. Opera Turbo compresses Web traffic by up to 80% — a 63.6% average in November 2009 — making the most of network resources and providing a better browsing experience.


Operators, OEMs and consumers all reap the benefits of Opera Turbo's data compression and savings technology.

Operators can:

  • Reduce network traffic and save on data transmissions
  • Improve the Internet experience by increasing Web page download speeds and performance
  • Extend the longevity of mobile network investments
  • Stay ahead of the competition by deploying quickly
  • Increase user satisfaction and retention
  • Gain insights into consumer behavior

OEMs can:

  • Improve the Internet experience by increasing Web-page download speeds.
  • Achieve and maintain time to market
  • Enhance usability and user satisfaction
  • Deploy Opera browsers with Turbo across platforms and chipsets and with both low- and high-end hardware
  • Gain insights into consumer behavior

Consumers enjoy:

  • Improved Internet experience with browser speed and performance
  • Greater affordability and cost predictability
  • Optimized browsing experiences on low-end device hardware
  • A consistent, stable, high quality Internet experience across a variety of products

Technology: How Opera Turbo works

Opera Turbo uses advanced compression technology to speed up data transfer and to reduce the amount of data that needs to be downloaded. By leveraging its experience with server-side optimization solutions such as Opera Mini, Opera Software is extending optimization to encompass other Opera browser products.

Opera Turbo tech


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