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Monthly Archives: September 2009

groklaw’s PJ on RMS


This post ought to be read by the so called “open source” pragmatists.

Paul Graham’s On Lisp


I got myself, a spiral bound printout of Paul Graham’s “On Lisp“. The missing diagrams are explained in this c.l.l post.

C Programming Language


Just thinking aloud. I used to think that C is a “general purpose” programming language and languages like lisp are “application specific” high level languages. Obviously, this was because of my ignorance and lack of thinking. I now feel the exact opposite. C being a glorified assembly language with poor support for higher level data [...]

SICP and wishful thinking


One of the most powerful ideas conveyed by SICP is the idea of designing programs by “wishful thinking”. It is a simple but powerful concept. The idea is that if you want to design a large program, then we think in terms of some building blocks and use them in our program as if they [...]

Common Lisp and SICP


I have made a bit of progress with my Common Lisp studies, though I still find it a very hard to think in Lisp. I guess it takes time and practice to achieve it. I also could view some of the SICP video lectures though I haven’t followed up on the relevant text sections. I [...]

Lisp, again


Since Neuros OSD2 hacking has been abandoned and also because my ham radio interests are currently in hibernation and also since my family is away for a while, I decided to take up some self learning. I have decided to re-start my lisp studies. The goal is to reach a stage where I can write [...]