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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Power of find and xargs


Doesn’t, the unix commands find, xargs and grep look like map, apply and filter of the functional world? I was looking at the OCW website and downloaded some content from there as a zip file, which had a complicated directory structure. I wanted to flatten the directory structure, so that all the pdfs are in [...]

SICP Challenge


The SICP study group met today. We agreed to do the following: read a section of the book. solve the exercises in the section. see the videos. come with doubts/insights etc for the next meetup. We agreed to meetup once in 2 weeks. So, here I am, (re)starting the SICP from today. Hopefully this time [...]

SICP Study group


Some of us in the bangalore-fp group have decided to form a study group on SICP. The main reason behind study groups is that it is a great way to learn any new subject or a literary work. People share what they read, ask questions, have discussions around these questions they ask etc etc. Also [...]

Laptop Power Supply


Common folklore (confirmed by some Norwegian friends) is that heat is not a friend of laptop batteries. The life of a laptop battery tend to reduce in Indian weather. One of the Dell Laptops I bought in early 2008 can now work barely 30 minutes with a fully charged battery. Linux kernel provides a wealth [...]