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The passionate programmer by Chad Fowler


I just finished reading “The Passionate Programmer: Creating a Remarkable Career in Software Development” by Chad Fowler. The book is a rehash of the author’s earlier book with a mysterious title. This book is not strictly in the category of “self help” books meant to give a temporal high. It is a set of advice [...]

Pragmatic Thinking and Learning


I finished reading “Pragmatic thinking and learning” by Andy Hunt (who wrote Pragmatic Programmer and other books). If one is really interested in self-improvement, this is the book to grab. For me, most things described in the book were known things, but it got very reinforced because Andy has some magical power to convey ideas [...]

coders at work


Peter Seibel was kind enough to send me a sneak peek of the book about a month and a half back. What follows is a set of notes I wrote down while reading the book. I should admit that my notes below are not very well organized. I have tried to write down some of [...]

New books..


Two new books arrived today from flipkart. Mindstorms: Children, computers and powerful ideas – by Prof Seymour Papert In the beginning .. was the command line – by Neal Stephenson I am also reading the famous book “Good to great” by Jim Collins. I am not usually a fan of the so called “management books”. [...]



I finished reading this wonderful book two weeks back. It’s a very inspirational book and I think every self-respecting engineer should read this book.