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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Linksys WRT54GL


I have a wireless router Linksys WRT54GL, which was serving me for quite some time. Last week it refused to boot. The power LED just keep blinking for ever. I tried pressing the reset button for 30 seconds, 60 seconds etc as suggested by folks on the web, but no luck. FInally I took it [...]

HPSDR – Atlas and Ozy


Last friday, I went to the market and found this nice shop called Melody Electronics which is right outside all the chaotic SP road. The shop keeper is nice and carries all kids of SMD parts and other stuff. I bought replacements for my damaged tip and afew jumpers. The first thing I did was [...]

Freedom from Reliance – not yet


Recently I lost my phone. Needless to say that the whole experience with Reliance (the service provider) after losing my phone had been a very painful experience. I was completely drained today talking same thing endlessly to atleast six of their representatives over phone, only to be asked to stay online. Exactly after 5 minutes [...]

New Radio(s) in the VU3RDD Station


Radio #0: No, this time for a change, not an HF radio. This one operates in the microwave region and has a stealth antenna on it. It requires no license to operate and spits out only 5mW of power. It is of no use during disaster. What else it can be? It’s a cell phone. [...]

Playing DVDs


I got a movie in a region-1 encoded DVD (actually an HD-DVD, but a normal DVD on the other side) the other day and wanted to watch it on my TV, but the DVD player won’t play because of region encoding. Holy crap. Enter GNU/Linux. I use the venerable `mplayer’ and the DVD plays just [...]