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Category Archives: programming

Tale of autocomplete


AsĀ  a web user, I have always known that those automatic suggestions you get when you search for something at Google or when you fill in the forms while booking a Flight or Train Ticket are the handiwork of Javascript scripts working behind the scenes. Off late, I was very curious to know how exactly [...]

coders at work


Peter Seibel was kind enough to send me a sneak peek of the book about a month and a half back. What follows is a set of notes I wrote down while reading the book. I should admit that my notes below are not very well organized. I have tried to write down some of [...]

programming books..


I was fortunate to attend a C Programming Workshop recently at my workplace. The training sessions I had attended so far had always been boring. This was different. Though my copy of K&R book is about 14 years old (and I had also been actually programming in C for quite some time – close to [...]