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post title Lee Sedol Interview
Monday, May 03, 2010 - 09:18 PM

Peter Hansmeier has graciously shared his translation of an interview with Lee Sedol after his 3:0 win over Chang Hao in the 2nd BC Card Cup. Thank you, Peter!

Q: Congratulations on your 3-0 victory. It seems as though this tournament was made for you. What are your thoughts?
Lee Sedol: After I won the second game I thought I could win the tournament, but I did not think that I would win 3-0. I am extremely pleased. I would like to thank my supporters. I would also like to thank the sponsors, BC Card Company and its head, Zhang Hengde.

Q: Since your return you have won 24 straight games. Which one was the hardest?
Lee Sedol: The games against Kong Jie, etc. were very difficult, but the most difficult was against Park Younghun.

Q: You already had a streak of 32 straight wins. Do you think you could break this record?
Lee Sedol: That would take 8 more consecutive wins; so that would be difficult. Also, I will be playing some faster-paced games, which will put me under pressure. But, I am not too concerned about winning streaks.

Q: Why did you use so much time in the opening?
Lee Sedol: The opening was very difficult. I have not played or even seen that kind of opening. I believe my openings tend to be ver weak, so I spent some extra time.

Q: Previously you had mentioned that you wanted to be satisfied with your moves; were you satisfied with the games in the finals?
Lee Sedol: The first game was not bad, but the second one had mistakes. The third game did not start well, which I still regret.

Q: Now that you have snatched the title, what is your next objective?
Lee Sedol: I will take a short break, but I cannot relax after winning this title. I must keep up my intensity, and continue to strive hard.

Q: How much time do you spend studying Go each day?
Lee Sedol: I am not so diligent, but sometimes when I am watching TV I will suddenly start thinking of Go.

Q: Do you spend time thinking of “flying daggers?”
Lee Sedol: I do not do any special research…

Q: Before the match Chang Hao said that upon your return you have become more passionate about Go. Is this true?
Lee Sedol: Actually, no.

Q: In that case, what creates this strong desire to win?
Lee Sedol: Even in the past I always wanted to win, but it comes down to whether I can win the difficult matches. That is when my wins look imposing.

Q: What Chinese players are the most menacing?
Lee Sedol: Chang Hao, Gu Li, and Kong Jie are all very strong.

Q: Kong Jie’s recent results have been quite good. You have had good results against him, though, no?
Lee Sedol: That was before Kong Jie began performing so well in international matches. Now we need to reset the records.

Q: Can anyone in Korea stop you?
Lee Sedol: I have played Lee Changho only in the special match for Haiti; I have not had any official matches against him. Aside from him, I have played my other opponents only once each, so there is no special significance. My games against Lee Changho are extremely intense.

Q: This November will be the first Yayun Cup. You and Lee Changho already made the Korean delegation. Do you have any suggestions for the Go world?
Lee Sedol: Haha, that is difficult to say. However, since I am already chosen to participate, I will strive to the utmost to get the gold medal.

Q: Today you revealed your strength; do you have anyone in particular to thank?
Lee Sedol: I have too many people to thank; it is difficult to make a list. My older brother, Lee Xiangxun 7p; Kingsfield Company, etc. I cannot omit my wife and daughter, of course.

Q: In your spare time do you spend time with your daughter?
Lee Sedol: I try to make some time (laugh). Right now I do not get to sing many children’s songs for her.

Q: Are you going to teach your daughter Go?
Lee Sedol: If she shows an interest I could get her instruction, but I would not do it personally. Rather, I would send her to a school.

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