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I recently installed dokuwiki on my website and it had been great. I wonder why I didn’t do this before. I keep scribbling my notes on getting Neuros OSD2 up. I also plan to keep notes on what I do (including book notes, other software/hardware setup notes etc). I am wondering, why not have the [...]



After a month of effort talking to Linksys tech support, various authorized dealers and to the shop which sold me the ill fated WRT54GL box, I finally got my dead router replaced today. It is back into service at the VU3RDD station shack. I also bought an extra 512MB DDR400 RAM and I finally have [...]

Playing DVDs


I got a movie in a region-1 encoded DVD (actually an HD-DVD, but a normal DVD on the other side) the other day and wanted to watch it on my TV, but the DVD player won’t play because of region encoding. Holy crap. Enter GNU/Linux. I use the venerable `mplayer’ and the DVD plays just [...]

gplv3 conference


I just learnt about an upcoming conference in which RMS and Prof. Moglen are said to be participating. There was a time when I used to be uptodate with happenings in Free Software. These days, I am just a user and sometimes a developer. I am still a very loyal Free Software supporter and have [...]



One of the observations I have about the life in general in India is that privacy is something very hard to maintain. Even those things which you want not to reveal to others, is asked for explicitly. I had to face one such situation yesterday. I wanted to get one particular manual from a large [...]