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Monthly Archives: May 2008



Now you can comment on the blog posts on this website without too much of hastle.

libjingle release


I think I have a version of libjingle which has some bug fixes compared to the 0.4.0. And BTW, these are strictly unofficial release. I have nothing to do with Google. The main features of the release are: dependency on ortp 0.7.1 removed. Can use the distro supplied ortp (latest version). 0.7.1 will no longer [...]

google talk voice chat on GNU/Linux


Since this year March, I had been a heavy user of VoIP. I had been trying various options, asking other users on which service works best and so on. If not for VoIP, I would have been spending massive amount of money on Telephone to call home. One of the hard requrement was that it [...]