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July 6, 2010

» Twilight: Eclipse at Alamo Drafthouse Lake CreekWe saw Twilight at the oldest "franchise" Drafthouse location: Lake Creek. Between this and the "Big 3" Drafthouses, what's different?...
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» FREE Limestone ROCK Today Only- Austin, TX OnlyHi, guys..just a heads up. Someone?s got some free limestone rock to give away for fill or landscape projects. See...
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» How to Prevent, Identify, & Get Rid of Anthracnose/FungusHow to get rid of Anthracnose/fungus/mold * Any time you treat an infected plant, always wear disposable gloves. You do...
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» Slackery News Tidbits, July 6More kids' movies playing in town, a cool AFS YouTube page, and some potential DVD news.
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July 5, 2010

» Excellent wine, decent food, and great service make Max?s Wine Dive a perfect place for a romantic date night Max?s Wine Dive is a romantic place for drinking a variety of types of wine, along with enjoying some good...
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» Video: The Deaf Ears at Momo'sFootage of The Deaf Ears' June 16 live performance at Momo's.
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» Video: Suzanna Choffel at Momo'sFootage of Suzanna Choffel's June 16 live performance at Momo's.
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» UNCONFIRMED RUMOR: Austin suffers intense terrorist attack of aerial aggression on the 4th of July [PICTURES]Roary shares pictures of last night's bombs bursting in air. Questions still linger: Did the city actually plan the display...
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» Monday show pick: Bob Showdown benefit at MohawkExperience folk-punk, indie hip-hop, experimental noise rock, psychedelia, and an alt-folk orchestra at this benefit show.
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» The Truth About Independence DayThe little known history of American Independence.
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» Happy Birthday AmericaI hope y'all are having an awesome 4th of July so far. My family and I did some grilling for...
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July 4, 2010

» I Have Nothing to WearThis is the night I felt like I had "nothing to wear." As much as I know this statement is...
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» Farm Aid 224 years ago today, Farm Aid 2 took place at Manor Downs.
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» Sweet potato-Quinoa-Pecan TamalesAustinite tamales... the healthy way
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» Veggies in my bread...Zucchini Carrot bread!
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July 3, 2010

» Win a Ultimate Backyard Makeover Sweepstakes! :-) by TRUGREENHi, gardening peeps! I found this sweeps contest you might be interested?you get a chance to win a free Backyard...
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July 2, 2010

» My first interview with LonestartersI was recently contacted by a local ATX blogger from the Austin Bloggers Community, and to my surprise I was...
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» APD Announces "No Refusal" for the 4th of July WeekendIt's a "No Refusal" weekend, which means the APD can just stone cold steal your blood if they want to.
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» Dance into the 4th of July weekend with new stuff from 4 of Austin's best dance-electronic bands. [FREE MUSIC DOWNLOADS]Roary shares new music and videos from 4 of Austin's hottest dance-electronic bands. Related posts:Geoff Earle from Austin dance act...
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» Bomb Scare at the Capitol This MorningA bomb threat was called into the Texas Capitol grounds sometime around 7 AM this morning.
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» Movies This Week: I Am Luv Eclipse the Airbender CropseyTwo big blockbusters and a lot of nice indie alternatives in Austin theaters this week.
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July 1, 2010

» Austin Concerts & Fireworks - 4th of July WeekendFun filled weekend with two mega events! A free concert/fireworks PLUS Willie Nelson's 4th of July Picnic!
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» Sign a Petition and Eat Delicious Chinese FoodMaybe even at the same time!
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» Are Austin's graphic tees going girlie? Southside Sanctuary's Kat Britt thinks so.Linsey and Chris hit up South Side Sanctuary and talk to Austin designer Katt Britt about the print shop's new...
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» Galaxy Cafe exemplifies what a hip, healthy Austin cafe should beAll in all, if you have a desire for a quick, spunky, healthy meal at a great price, I totally...
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» (512) Anniversary/One.2 Release Party Recapped (512) celebrated their two-year anniversary with an open house/release party for their One.2 on June 19. If there?s something I...
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June 30, 2010

» Blog Wednesday: WidiWidiBlog Wednesday: This week, it's WidiWidi!
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» Random Beer NewsThirsty Planet is here, Shiner 96 returns, cheap beer at Central Market, and more.
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» Lessons From a PuppyPuppies will find anything they can to create, just for you, more work.
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» Fave Five Food Deals - 6/30/10It's been a pretty slow month around here in terms of posts, but we're keeping the lights on with another...
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» With Twilight fever rising, RoA challenges Gov Rick Perry to come out for Team Jacob.Looking at the facts and rumors around Texas Governor Rick Perry, Roary asks: Is he a closet werewolf? Includes EXCLUSIVE...
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» The Battle for Unemployment Benefits and What it Means to AustinWill Austin and its spirit be a victim of the battle over unemployment benefits?
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» Austin Concert & Events - July 2010Willie's 4th July Picnic, Wolfe Pack boxing, Robert Plant, Wisin & Yandel.. and more
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» Austin children's poet writes again: When Everyone's AsleepWhen everyone?s asleep, I love to slip outside. Counting stars one by one, Until the morning time.
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» Spring Hill Nursery Review on Perennial Grab BagI recently received my perennial grab bag from Spring Hill Nursery. This was the free grab bag from a few...
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June 29, 2010

» Vote for LoneStarters for Best Austin Blog of 2010!Vote for LoneStarters for Best Austin Blog of 2010!
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» The trouble with Texas' new license platesThis year Texas' new plates made their debut - and they look like something a WALMART employee with a degree...
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» The Vegan YachtI finally checked out the Vegan Yacht at Cheer Up Charlies on East 6th street today and I?ve got to...
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» TREND WATCH: Are styrofoam trays, plastic wrap and fake blood the MOST SHOCKING Austin look of summer 2010? [PICTURES]Roary takes a look at a shocking trend that seems to be all the rage on 6th St. Is this...
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» Red Line May 2010 RidershipQuick hit: Ridership sucks more.
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» Make a Fresh Tortilla Dip from ScratchFor about $5 in vegetables and an hour or so of your time you've got a lot of fresh, healthy,...
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» Do Austinites live off of hopes, dreams and angel farts?After attending a stimulating meeting at CIty Hall, Ari starts thinking about Austin's future and wonders: Is there a place...
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» A Date at the Greenbelt: Hiking and swimming in a naturally beautiful setting, plus it?s all free!Our Greenbelt excursion provided a peaceful afternoon of hiking, swimming, and enjoying some quality time with each other. When most...
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» Darwin's PubDarwin's Pub bored me with efficiency.
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June 28, 2010

» Slackery News Tidbits, June 28New movies on DVD, a story on the local American Film Genre Archive, and more.
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» Fashion GuruWith a passion for everything having to do with producing creative visual imagery, Joanna Wilkinson, started her Keep Austin Stylishblog...
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» Michelle C's Complete Guide to Eating in Austin on the Cheap.Guest blogger Michelle C from popular Austin food blog Foodie is the new 40 drops her fave places to eat...
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» Walter Cronkite and the LBJ MuseumThis weekend Marie and I had the pleasure of visiting the Walter Cronkite exhibit at the Lyndon B. Johnson Library...
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June 26, 2010

» Best wishes, Meghan Danahey (and other weather-related stuff)Yesterday was Meghan Danahey's last day at KVUE.
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» My favorite Natural Beauty ProductsAround the same time I started this blog I became interested in natural beauty products. Now, months later, I am...
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June 25, 2010

» Weekend EventsFree Rainwater Harvesting Class at the Zilker Botanical Garden: Saturday, June 26 10am-noon Free Seminar: Rainwater Harvesting Come enjoy a...
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» Movies This Week: Micmacs and MoreSome excellent indies opening in Austin this week, plus a few blockbusters and our personal picks for must-see events.
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» Meet the RaggediesStand back, they may be hungry. With Bad Art, you really have to ask yourself, ?What was the artist?s vision??...
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» Zack Anner is the funniest dude in Austin. Can you help him out? [FUNNY VIDEO]Chris introduces us to Zack Anner. He's funny. He's authentic. And he needs your help! Related posts:Zack Hadley-Lead Singer of...
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» Home Sales StallingThe Austin market is getting ready to lay another rotten egg in June. Thanks Tax Credit, for sucking the life...
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» Sarah Palin Mumbles Dumb Things in Texas, This Saturday!She will be speaking at the "Oil Palace" which is just sort of a hilarious place given what has gone...
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June 24, 2010

» Daniel Johnston at the MohawkPhoto's from Saturday's show
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» Austin neo-soul singer Tje Austin sings 'Sunshine' on Town Lake. [MUSIC VIDEO]Chris shoots a music video with Austin neo-soul singer Tje Austin. Related posts:Amy Cook sings ?Strange Birds? in a backyard...
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» 5 years after the Real World, is Austin still struggling to recover?5 years after the cast of the Real World raged through Austin, Roary asks: Has Austin recovered? Related posts:?World AIDS...
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» Imagine Austin Survey closes June 30The second round survey for Imagine Austin is open until June 30. Plan Austin's Future!
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» Avocado margaritas and outstanding Tex-Mex cuisine make Curra?s one of Austin?s best casual restaurantsAlthough Curra?s has been around for over 15 years, it?s not showing any signs of complacency. For excellent Tex-Mex food...
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» May Statistics for the Austin Real Estate Markettax credit ended in April so at first glance it seems that the ending of the tax credit will not...
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» Need Weekend Plans? Be an 'Austin High' Extra!Hang out in Waterloo Park for your moment in a local indie stoner comedy.
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» Free Class on how Harvest Rain water at Zilker GardensThis weekend you can stay a couch potato or visit Zilker Botanical Gardens and learn the basics in rain water...
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» How to Save Money on School Books even when it?s a NEW EditionIf you need to save money on school books try visiting Barnes & Noble or Amazon. Many times you can...
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» Saint Arnold Pub Crawl II Rundown The second Saint Arnold Austin Pub Crawl was F-R-E-S-H fresh! New bars. New format. New pint glass. After the success...
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June 23, 2010

» Blog Wednesday: Keep Austin StylishA blog with curious beginnings has turned into an Austin blogosphere essential.
via LoneStarters at 05:35 PM

» Is Austin losing its soul?In fear that the city is losing its soul, Chris shares his future vision of Austin. Do you agree? Also,...
via Republic of Austin at 02:10 PM

» Austin Lands World Premiere of 'Predators'The Austin-shot big summer blockbuster will have a gala premiere with red carpet next month, at The Paramount.
via Slackerwood at 01:53 PM

» It's too hot for clothes. What are Austin's summer swim wear trends for 2010? [PICTURES]Linsey and her camera snap pics of some swim wear styles for summer 2010 in Austin. Do you agree with...
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» Fave Five Food Deals - 6/23/10Get ready to save some scratch. It's time once again for another exciting episode of Austin's best grocery deals.
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» $1,000 Interior Design: The Inside of Our ApartmentSo here's what roughly $1,000 of apartment planning can do for you.
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» Do you like Fruit Salad? How about a Fruit Salad Tree?many people (not just newbies like me) may not know that there is such a tree as a FRUIT SALAD...
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June 22, 2010

» Aaron Moved to Mueller pt 21This is the forty-eight in a series of columns about the travels of Aaron and his family in his quest...
via Aaron is moving to Mueller at 10:41 PM

» Matthew Stewart's Texas Sized AdventureOn January 2010 Mathew Stuwart and his fiancee Marie, decided to take the plunge and move from north-eastern US down...
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» Charity for WorseSo now I've wondered exactly how much auditioning-for-charity really works.
via LoneStarters at 03:18 PM

» So Maybe Texas Does Have Its Own Alvin GreeneMeet Kesha Rogers.
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