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topic posted Sun, February 13, 2005 - 1:03 AM by  Steve
I am interested in hearing your experiences with BPI... (I read one post where someone said they had fun there)

Before I get too deep into their marketing material, I would love to hear personal experiences you have had with them on Clairvoyance... aura reading... meditation... aura cleansing.

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    Sun, February 13, 2005 - 7:05 PM
    I've done their stuff on and off since about 1995. This a brief dump of information and I'm not going to labor over it to be sure every word is perfect, or to explain things at length, so please bear with me - this is a short version.

    Their material is very good - all their stuff is quite simple, and is taught in a light, fun atmosphere - they call it 'psychic kindergarten'. There is a lot of laughing around BPI.

    the organization is a bit chaotic - it has that 'run by volunteers' feel to it.

    I did their clairvoyent program and graduated in 1997, I now do occasional graduate reading and attend the men's fellowship regularly. I am hoping to get it together to read weekly.

    My girlfriend started doing courses their last summer and recently started the clairvoyent program.

    The stuff works - maybe not the way you expect - but it works, and its all easy ***if you actually do it****

    There are a couple of basic ideas to it all, here are some.

    One is that there is are a lot of "other people" and a lot of "other people's stuff" in "your space" along with some amount of "you". Suprisingly once upon a time you agreed with that, for good reasons. Anyway, the idea is that you "run better" when what is in "your space" is "you" without all the rest. So you learn how to ground and clear your space and get more of you back into you - thats Meditation 1 (med 1)

    They also believe you are totally responsible for your life.

    They believe everyone is clairvoyent, and you turned your abilities down (or off) for a variety of sensible reasons, like "it is not the done thing in our society." So they show you the tools & you decide if you want to turn it back on and clean your space out enough that you can actually see something.

    The healing stuff - they believe everyone heals themself, so when you do a healing on other people, which you only do at their request, you show them places where they can do stuff, and they do it or not - their choice. "works in seemly random and unexpected ways" covers a lot of ground here.

    Clairvoyence: At first when you try to read you just get a lot of noise and static, and then for a while you are sometimes seeing the other person and sometimes just seeing your self. The more you do it, the better at it you get. Once you start to "see" - at first you might just see colors - like "I see blue in the second layer of your aura" but not have any idea what that is, then you get to the point were you see "your grandmother's energy in your second layer, its blue, and your grandmother lived through the depression and doesn't want you to take any risks in your life - she is trying to program you to get a civil service job where you can never be fired."

    Sometimes you'll do a reading on someone and you'll see all this stuff about their sister - but they will tell you they are an only child. oops! then you realize if it wasn't their sister .... whose sister were you looking at?

    The past life stuff you see is often totally wild, but there is usually no way to know if its true or not.

    I did a reading on a guy once at a psychic fair, he wanted to know why he felt so compelled to volunteer in an AIDs hospice - helping people who were dying in slow and unpleasant ways, and there really wasn't anything he could do about it - he wasn't a doctor or a researcher, he just held their hands and listened to them - stuff like that, real compassion stuff. As I told him, I saw that he had been a (German) U-Boat commander in the war, and that he had many times watched people drown from ships he had sunk (he couldn't pick them up), and that he was now working off that karma. After I told him this (in more detail) he said "you know, its the strangest thing, I was recently in an antique shop and I saw this clock and I just had to buy it - I don't know why - and after I bought it the guy told me it was from a submarine."

    do-do-do-do do-do-do-do (twilight zone music here)

    I run my energy for half an hour almost every day, and using my tools has a dramatic effect on my sales results. I also have recently acquired an uncanny ability to get parking places. Your mileage may vary.

    Lewis Bostwick is the guy who founded BPI and put together BPI and the BPI material from a variety of sources. He died in ?1996? 1997?

    There are various people/groups/schools around the bay area teaching the BPI material in whole or in part. Some good, some bad, some indifferent. BPI itself is a "safe bet" for learning Lewis Bostwick's stuff
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      Mon, February 28, 2005 - 12:57 AM
      THanks for your reply George,
      I have had many wonderful experiences getting my aura read... some of the things they have said to me were sooo specific and dead on, it shocked me.

      Whenever I meditate a lot... I am bombarded by many difficult things to handle.. like seeing into peoples lives, or hearing their thoughts.... I usually have to stop meditating and lower my vibe to make that go away. But lately I have wanted to try raising my vibration and also finding ways to control those risiduals... the only thing I don't like about BPI is the whole 'preschool' motif... and all the random laughter (that no one else is in on, especially the person getting read). I was willing to brave that though if they could help me control the psychic stuff so that I can get back into meditation.

      On a side note, what do you think of the whole indigo thing? have you seen many indigo auras?
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      Mon, November 13, 2006 - 1:31 PM
      "I also have recently acquired an uncanny ability to get parking places"

      me too.........and I thought it was just something odd...
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      Mon, April 7, 2008 - 8:50 PM
      I did not go to BPI, as I live in NYC. But I have always been super sensitive could see auras, was artistic & have generally felt like one of the x-men. I have had a connection to trees & animals always & didn't even realize that not everyone saw specks of colors making up other colors (like a a static tv) untill recently. But I am however very thankful for Lewis & that fact that his teachings have spread. I took a BPI style clarivoyant program with a teacher from San Fran (Long distance training- meaning I was in a live class on the phone) and it changed my life for the better. much better. I might not even be alive without it, and no I am not exagerating.

      I'm sorry that some people on here have had a bad experiences with readings from there. And not all the students (just like real life) are fully aware of what their energy does to people. Those of you with the bad experiences I do ask don't you think maybe it was your lesson? Your lesson that no can really take your power or do something to you that you did not agree with? ...We are all each others teachers. SOmetimes in this grand theatrical play some must don the mask of villan in order to teach.

      And yes that path is not for everyone..... there are so many wonderful paths to chose from. All leading towards enlightment. But sometimes that path is for you and there is just energy standing in the way making you think that they "are doing it to you" so you don't get any closer to your light. Any path chosen is going to test you. ANd if you run at the first sight ...well I just hope there is a path (or several :) )
      that you can get past that energy with & follow....

      As for me, In my personal experience with Lewis's work ....I loved it!

      It was so wonderful to finally be able to turn down the dial (or turn it up) when needed and no longer have to use drugs to kick everyone out of my space. I continued my training for 7 years & went on to the teacher training program at The Clarivoyant Center or Hawaii. (which is a wonderful school that also does long distance training) I have also gone to many wonderful workshops with Michael Tamura author of "You are The Answer" a really great book that sums up bpi's teachings in a way everyone can understand..... though you might have to read the same paragraph a couple of times. :) Ekharts book is bit easier.... once you get that, then get Micheals book.

      Because of BPI type work I have increased: my ability to have, my compassion, my health, decreased my weight, gotten rid of anxiety attacks, and overall am more present, aware, & joyful. I have nothing but praise for it and am soon (after a year break) going to enter the one-to-one program! :) The clarivoyant Center of Hawaii does this amazing thing where they partner you up with different students every month. I have met people from all over the world this way. Did you know there's clarivoyant centers in Germany & in Isreal as well?

      I think that it is healthy to keep in mind that this training is not the end all be all . In essence your spiritual development is in your own hands. Do as Lewis did & take as little or as much from these teachings that work for you and evolve them... Thats what they are for. In design school I learned one important thing to sum this all up. "you learn the rules in order to know how to succesfully break the rules." Thus creating more incteresting & creative designs that still look thought out. A saying that I think relates to this topic as well.

      Remeber there are always some people that aren't the real deal, even in schools that are. They serve a purpose. To teach others that difference .... it benefits the schools to keep them there. I only wish they told the readees' not to take it all so seriously. If you want that connection back to your planet.... get it back by all means. :)

      May you all find your way home & may I find mine.

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    Sun, February 27, 2005 - 2:52 AM
    Just my over lengthy opinion- take it or leave it-

    I know there is something valuable in the teachings used. I've known of people who gained a lot of clarity and felt very thankful for connecting with BSI.

    My experience was that some of what they are training doesn't ring true for me. Specifically related to "energy clearings", my personal insight was to avoid BSI "energy clearings" in the future. Again this is just what rings true for me...

    I went to a free "energy clearing" with my mother when I was around 14-16 years old. Everything was going fine. I felt a lot of positive energy from the young woman working with me. Then she got to my head area. She asked if I had dreamed of friends on other planets as a child. I told her I had, which was summing up mildly, and downplaying, a lot of my childhood experience. She told me they were draining my energy, that it was unhealthy to have such connections. She said she could see beams of light radiating out of my head. She then proceeded to force her energy against the beams. She did it over and over, until she started to look a little tired. She commented, "wow, these are some strong connections"

    At first I was okay with the whole thing. But eventually I began to have emotions like someone who has left their home country and heard a war has started there. Then had no success reaching anyone in the home country by mail, and began to get a sinking feeling that the love ones left behind may have been killed. The emotion became so strong, I started to have intense pain in my head and felt rather ill. I had to use some "jedi mind tricks" to give this woman permission to stop forcing her energy against my celestial connections. She looked horribly pale, and seemed relieved to move on.

    She continued but seemed a bit flustered and began to almost nervously look toward the supervising man at the end of the room repeatedly. She then reached a huge spiral umbilical cord coming out of my side. Again she said it was draining me and returned to forcing her energy in the path again and again. This time someone else came to her aide. The young man began to explain to me how these connections were draining my personal power.

    During his explaination I began to hear almost an echo. I looked at my mother who was far enough away to be out of ear shot. I saw two people forcing their energy at the same place on my mother's side. Suddenly I could here them telling her the same thing as loudly as if I was sitting right next to her. She looked up at me and we made eye contact. My mother looked as though she had woken up out of a trance. She looked at the people working on her, and then back to me, she shook her head slowly in the "no" gesture. I gently smiled at her and shrugged my shoulders. I looked down at the two people swishing their energy over and over. I reconnected with my mother's gaze and gave her a reasuring smile.

    Later I confirmed she heard me. I was saying, "Do not worry, this pointless confusion can not break the bonds between us." Since then I have learned many things about energy. Helpful examples have come to me from Sanaya Roman's teachings as well as "Awaken to the Healer Within" The bonds of love and light we have with others can assist us, not drain us. The beam of love between my mother and I could not be broken. But my connection to a world and people of that world were altered; not severed, but definately weakened. It was like losing my direct email to my home country. Very sad for me and for my "family" (overseas- overstars?)

    After the cord couldn't be severed during the "cleaning" the woman working with me finally got the attention of the head man. He came over to where now three people were gathered around me. He told me to look at him. So I did. He then said to turn to my right and then turn to my left. I did "turn" as he instructed, but he had started with "look at me"; so I turned but continued to look at him. I moved my head but kept my eyes focused on him. The strangest smile took over his face and he said, "Look, she can't take her eyes off me, look at that... you see, over time you'll learn how to use your energy too..." He then walked away chuckling to himself, and shaking his head.

    I was so shocked I couldn't even say to the woman that I was doing what he said. I also couldn't say what strange egotistical energy was consuming that man. I could see the pattern of energy around him. I wanted to tell her to take her beautiful energy and learn how to assist people with it, not force it against others. At that age I was used to people not hearing me, and I was wanting to reflect with my mother on the whole experience. I didn't say anything to her.

    Since then I have spoken with three other people who did not appriciate their "energy clearing" experience as well. What my truth is based on, my own experience and reflecting with others in the years following, is this: BPI has good intentions, but their teaching is coming from a limited understanding of energy connections and the flow that can exist within such connections. Even with good intentions the act of forcing one's energy against a connection of love and light can be unpleasant, can weaken connections, and if nothing else is a waste of energy.
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      Mon, February 28, 2005 - 12:39 AM
      Wow Shereen, thanks for that reply.
      I too recieved an energy clearing at the age of 21, right after I had broken up with my girlfriend. The woman doing the reading said there was a cord attached to me draining my energy... described my girlfriend and that she was far away (new zealand) she broke the cord... and I immediately felt uplifted and left that session flying high as a kite. I had always felt like I was being drianed by my girlfriend (in the end of our relationship)... so I kept pushing her away, resulting in her getting more clingy and obsessive.... till we finally parted. and even after that, I felt drained by her. till the cord was cut.

      Now, in retrospect.... I wish that hadn't happened. I wish I found away to strengthen myself and release the bond in a natural way, or possibly still have it. To date she was the most significant love of my life. and now I am feeling like I might have lost something very significant there.

      So I think I will follow my intuition and go with reiki. LOL. Bringing in more universal energy I think is more valiant than clearing out and cutting off bonds which might have a reason to be there.

      The only real interest I have is in having a support group for clairvoyant/psychic issues (which always arise when I start meditating).... also, I would like to cultivate the 'seeing'of auras. Sometimes I can see energy... but no colors. Do you have any other groups in the bay area that you recommend?
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        Wed, March 9, 2005 - 5:18 PM
        fwiw, the healings at BPI are entirely consensual - there is nothing that can be do to you without your approval. If I take out a cord you don't want taken out, you reattach it 10 minutes later - I've seen this happen a lot. We can move the energy out of your immediate space, but if you don't decide to let go of it, it doesn't go. its like when you were a teenager and your parents said "get rid of that stuff" and all you did was hid it in a better place.

        The necessity of the element of consent is one of the reasons why the very first thing the person is *supposed* to say to you is "would you like a healing?" Now they definitely have a particular point of view as to what is 'healing'. And you might not agree with that.

        Steve, you might consider that you did remove that connection 'naturally' - you went and found a "pro" (in this case probably a student) who helped you do it - not unlike going to get a massage to loosen a spasming muscle, instead of learning enough stretches and yoga to relax it by yourself.

        As for the "girl who got away" .... hard to know if she would have accepted a relationship without you playing the role of 'coppertop' (being her energy supply. )
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    Fri, March 11, 2005 - 11:36 AM
    Dear Steve,
    I've also been to BPI a few times and as a whole they are good at giving you tools for psychic work. Personally it's not for me, I took a few classes and found that the energy is not feminine friendly. Women run at a different level than men and in my experience instead of teaching men to become comfortable and not feel threatened when faced with feminine creative energy, women are expected to "run down" their energy to not scare anyone, men and women alike in the room. I still use the tools that I learned from there, you can get some good readings, the teaching style is fun and lighthearted but my biggest problem was the male/female "thing" that I felt while I was there. As a friend of mine said, "They love their men there."
    You don't have to take our word for it, go to one of their open houses they have once every few months and see for yourself what it's like. Get a nice long reading for $30 from the students and see how you feel about it. I should be honest and say that I wasn't happy when I found out that they were charging you thousands of dollars to be in the clarvoyant program and then expected you to donate your time to the insitute as well- the students that read read for free but the institute collects the money.

    Good luck!

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      Fri, March 11, 2005 - 3:08 PM
      just out of curiousity, when were you around BPI?

      I found that for a least a couple of years after Lewis died energy was the reverse - I found it hard to get my male body through the door - it was not male friendly.

      This was a dramatic change from when I started hanging around there in 1995 - when it seemed balanced ( probably it was male skewed, but I wasn't very aware of that then). There used to be a big men's clairvoyent program, lots of senior male teachers, there was a men's space (in the basement).

      Now from my point of view the institute seems to run at a female vibration but seems mostly neutral towards men.

      Anyway, that's just my experience. My girlfriend says that the women joke about how men get frightened by female energy, but she's never been told to turn it down.
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        Fri, March 11, 2005 - 7:05 PM
        Actually it was all within the last four years, I first went in 2001. I went again a few months ago with a friend and it felt like there was a difference but I personally still felt choked off. Just to clarify, it wasn't the men who were the ones that felt smothering to me, I got the vibe from some (not all) of the women who help run the place. Maybe they weren't friendly people in general and were the same way to everyone regardless of gender but I read it as gender based.

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          Tue, May 31, 2005 - 10:03 AM
          I'm also a clairvoyant graduate from BPI, and I have, if anything, the opposite view about male female relations. I appreciate that Chia wants to run her female energy at the highest possible level, but I bet she would be the first to complain when I drop my energy down to one beat per minute, "go to brown" in the technical jargon. The reason they love their men at the institute is because only about one member in four is male, the rest can't handle the female vibration. It is amusing to hear such a naked favoritism for the female vibration expressed as the idea that the institute is male freindly. The men have to constantly maintain their male space there. And it is true that some women do like male energy, Chia, even if you do not.
          The laughter thing, which is irritating if you don't know what it is, serves a very important purpose, and it's not really humor, it's self defense. Serious energy is usually energy with a purpose, and that purpose may be some kind of agenda or, bluntly, control. Many times energy does not wish to be read, and will draw the reader into the story, maybe even the lie, of that energy. Amusement is a very high energy, and sometimes readers are grasping for it like a drowning man. Death pictures, of which we have one for each previous life at least, tend to be morbid and serious, and have to be laughed at. Also, the reader is probably looking at an energy that they also share, and this can be a very serious proposition, requiring either several hours of analysis or a bad joke, which would you choose?
          About the healing/energy clearing thing, it's actually kind of idiotic. It's a problem found in almost any training program, the tendency to come to believe that the way you are being trained is the only "right" way to be. Granted the clairvoyant training program is an incredibly intense, life transforming experience. To be a trained psychic is completely different than an untrained psychic, and the program gives one the tools to progress as far as you want to go in the directions that meditation can take you, whether you ever go back to the institute again.
          But clairvoyant students often, not always, are fascists. And I say that in the nicest possible way. We have had to get everbody, our mothers and alien friends included, out of our space in order to really "own" and become "senior" to our own bodies. There are these experiences called, in a mammoth act of understatement, "growth periods". The best description is like being turned inside out, upside down and shaken, like you might do with a purse. Beth, here, says they are like being hit by a truck while running a marathon, but still running, and the trucks keep coming.
          After a while some people begin to believe that anything in anyones space ever, or ever giving any energy to anyone is bad, wrong, foolish and dangerous. It's understandable, but the universe may be more complicated than that. Some BPI clairvoyants see anything unusual, such as Jedi mind tricks, and think they need to take it out and change your space to look like everyone elses. This is their conception of a "healing". The ability to politely say "no" can be useful in a BPI reading or healing.
          Being a trained psychic may make you wise, but it takes a long time, a lot of readings and some ideas, like tolerance for for other energy in your space are not taught there. Beth, who is watching me write this, says zero tolerance for other energy is taught instead. Many clairvoyant students, who do most of the heavy lifting, are very gifted psychics, but they are so immersed in the process that it is wise to take their situation into account.
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            Tue, May 31, 2005 - 10:24 PM
            I just discovered this thread and wanted to say a couple things about my experience with BPI.

            I had a reading at the BPI in Mountain View in the mid 90s and came away from it feeling very uneasy, like part of me had somehow been violated. I've never had that experience with any other reading I've had anywhere else over the years. I've had a few readings where I realized afterwards the person was full of crap, but never anything approaching that creepy vibe.

            I had a similar experience last fall walking past the BPI office in Berkeley.

            According to a story I heard from one former BPI instructor a year or so ago (who at the time were teaching classes at a metaphysical center in Pleasant Hill), the founder's daughter had a reading done there around 2001 or so and afterwards vowed never to go back there. Apparently she felt the way BPI was being run was counter to the way her dad ran things.

            Every new age circle or group (this includes Pagan groups, one or two New Age stores, etc) I go to here in the Bay Area has never had anything positive to say about BPI. This thread is probably the first time I've seen anything positive said about it.

            As with anything else, your mileage may vary.
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            Wed, June 1, 2005 - 10:38 PM
            Thanks Patrick for a good thorough post.

            I find that since the founder's death, BPI has become a very female space - perhaps it was always that way but there used to be a large group of men there who were able to hold part of the space at a male level with a reasonable degree of neutrality.

            I think your explanation of the laughter & amusement 'spot on'.

            I also thought the line about clairvoyant students being fascists to be amusingly accurate.
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              Mon, July 18, 2005 - 1:06 PM
              I've been attending Bpi for almost a year now, and started the Clairvoyant Program a few months ago. I noticed that your experience will vary depending on which branch you attend (there are four locations in the bay area) due to the different energy that is set in each building, and the varience among the staff who teach. Each student and teacher varies in their abilities, and also varies in their life experiences. you may get a reader who you fall in love with and communicates to your spirit in exactly the way you wanted, or you might get a reader who tells you a lot about something your in resistance to and hate your experience.

              I've had my doubts here and there, but i continue attending because all in all my life experience and relationships have improved immensly with their meditation and it's nice to have a community full of people who can laugh at stupid jokes. Whenever people get serious about religion or meditation you have to wonder where that comes from...children definitely don't have it when they're born, and we seem to live longer and stay healthier the more we laugh and enjoy our happiness. to me it's a simple truth, but it might not agree with your own truth.

              Also, it's useful to look at why you might be in resistance to something. If we are not neutral (this does not mean emotionless, but more like a calm and serene happy state) to an aspect of someone else's life choices, is it not that we are somehow letting it affect us? why is it affecting us in the first place? perhaps it is because there is a matching energy that we refuse to see in ourselves, or a pastlife experience that we have not forgiven ourselves for. If you think about it, when you're truly at peace with yourself and your decisions, why would it matter to you if someone else is in the "wrong" type of community. you might "feel for them" if they are unhappy, but if they are content, why would you experience resistance? just a question...the answer always varies.

              my point is, i advise keeping your eyes and ears open, and communicate with yourself about what truth serves you best in your life. Not every institute is appropriate for every being (let alone ANY institute), and that's why these discussions exist in the first place. For me, this is what works right now, and as i grow and change, i will only continue if it is harmonious with the spiritual path that i create for myself.
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                Mon, July 18, 2005 - 1:21 PM
                p.s. it seems like if you are sure of your own truth at any given moment (though your truth can change, and moments are infinite), then one would not be susceptible to unhealthy programming (which is what most people fear when they enter any institute, temple, church, etc.).

                what i mean is, when you are able to walk into any spiritual group, and laugh at what they teach because you don't agree with it, and you don't feel vulnerable around them, your own truth is strong at that point and it really doesn't matter which group you join, if you join any. but when there is fear or doubt, check on your own truth and see what is worrying you. sometimes, the belief or practices of a community is not really what needs to be analyzed.

                also, sometimes it's nice to join a community you don't agree with (temporarily) to see how comfortable you are with your own truth. you end up noticing a lot of energy (competition, anger, hatred, doubt, fear) that would otherwise be swept under the rug, though it would probably come up later, perhaps in another life. of course if you fear that you are easily programmable, i wouldn't suggest walking into random spiritual environments.

                i know there are people out there who disagree with everything i've said, and in the future, maybe i'll be one of them. but for now i'm gonna go play some music. rock on!
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                  Sat, October 8, 2005 - 1:08 PM
                  I became acquainted with BPI in 1977 shortly after it started up and had a few personal encounters with Lewis Bostwick himself. At the time I was only looking for a way to manage my energy. As an active performer/playwright I was not seeking guidance or spiritual authority; my autonomy was already intact. I had no use for any of the school dogmas, no matter how well they worked for others. It seemed at the time that my autonomy was a threat to some of the students there, like, they did not know how to deal with someone who was not looking for the answers they were all so well trained and valued to give.

                  BPI was a very different place back then. It had not become franchised yet and so there were not nearly as many students. Lewis was clearly the guru and whatever Lewis said, went. I decided to train with Michael Symonds and David Rosenbloom, from the very first BPI class (1974-75) who left the school to pursue their own integration of the BPI material.

                  I went on to become a professional aura reader for almost ten years and then quit around 1986 due to personal distaste for some of the long term effects of trance work. Though I no longer read auras I remain grateful for the training received which helped me develop my intuition, a sensitivity that has since been redirected into my various arts and my current vocation in horoscope interpretation.

                  I remember in 1979 visiting the BPI on a research mission to gather information about their jargon for a play I was writing, "As the Worm Turns" (a psychic soap opera), featuring a school that I called H.I.P. (Holistic Institute for Psychism). Lucky for me the BPI was jargon-rich and I was able to glean enough terms and phrases to authenticate the dialogue in my play, a satire on the exploding metaphysical marketplace in Berkeley circa 1979.

                  The play was staged in SF at Studio Eremos (Project Artaud). During one of the performances I noticed several of the audience members slowly waving their hands in front of them during the show, as if they were reading auras. I assumed they were scouts from the BPI checking me out. Two days later, I returned to the scene of my crime at the BPI. Lewis Bostwick was in the room, saw me enter and approached me. He put his hand on my shoulder like a benevolent yet powerful father and said, "I know what you're doing."

                  At this point I was shaking in my boots. I knew enough of his psychic prowess to know he could whack me right out of my body if he chose to. To my surprise, he smiled and said, "You've got guts. Usually people who do what you did don't have the nerve to do anything more than just talk about it but you went out and wrote a play and performed it. Now listen very closely to what I say. I respect you and don't come back."

                  I nodded and left without a word.

                  I haven't been back since.
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                    Re: Berkley Psychic Institute

                    Sun, October 9, 2005 - 8:11 PM

                    Yikes, he actually told you not to come back. I don't know anything about BPI except what I have read on this thread - but your post, wow I don't know what to think of this person Lewis Bostwick. I would think someone in a postiton of obvious power to "teach" people, wouldn't have treated you like a virus.

                    Mary Ann
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                      Re: Berkley Psychic Institute

                      Mon, October 10, 2005 - 12:48 AM
                      At the time it felt like the right thing for him to say. At the time, I was a young arrogant trouble-maker who received a well-earned backhanded compliment which I personally experienced as a teaching. I totally understood and respected where he was coming from and had no problem with it. It was, in its own way, a highly memorable moment.
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                        Re: Berkley Psychic Institute

                        Thu, October 13, 2005 - 5:41 PM

                        Sounds like you felt honored to have interacted with him. So you were identified appropriately as someone who was poking fun at something you actually had a respect for?

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                          Re: Berkley Psychic Institute

                          Thu, October 13, 2005 - 6:47 PM
                          of course it was an honor to interact with Lewis whom I respect as a man, a psychic and a human being. what I was making fun of was not mr. bostwick himself but the BPI jargon and its accompanying dogmas which I could never take seriously. i might add that my position was earned, and not just assumed, through my own personal practice of their psychic technology albeit stripped of the moral doctrines they came "gift-wrapped" in.
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                              Re: Berkley Psychic Institute

                              Sun, September 10, 2006 - 12:00 PM
                              Thank you for that. I began with a reading at the Berkeley branch of BPI in January 1987 and left in 1996 after having become a minister, teaching, being co-director of the Sacramento branch for a while, healing, working in the TM space for a year and participating very actively in everything BPI, Church of Divine Man and the Church of Aesclepion Healing had to offer.
                              What impressed me most was the integrity of the teaching and the insistence of maintaing a safe psychic kindergarten.
                              I was fortunate in that I was able to meet Lewis Bostwick, the founder, receive healings from him and even got to read him once.
                              I can't speak for BPI now, but I can tell you that I greatly respect and am grateful for the people and the training I received. I still read and heal and I use the tools i learned in Meditation I all the time.
                              Should you use your discernment there? Absolutely. When you create a safe place for beginners and allow them to gain mastery by reading and healing other beginners, stuff happens. Not every beginner knows how to stay in their own space all the time. Hey, sounds like everyone else! Perfection is not a goal there. Learning a set of psychic tools and being afforded a safe "laboratory" is the goal. Healing yourself ism or at least was, the goal of BPI.
                              Should you be afraid of any of those people? I would substitute the healthy respect, as in what I have for tigers and bears and people with a tremendous mastery of their own abilities. But then, one of my guiding life rules is "don't poke the bear," so what the heck do I know?
                              Just because I had a terrific time, still use the tools I learned, have nothing but respect for what I was taught, and retain several friends from there to this day doesn't mean you should expect the same. If you are interested, check them out and be prepared for ruthless self-examination if you are at all serious about what they offer--the chance to become an adult, capable, healthy, contributing psychic and human being.
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          • Re: Berkley Psychic Institute

            Mon, November 13, 2006 - 8:10 PM
            I'm only writing to your post because I know about BPI being fascist - that's because sensitives such as myself have no idea how to ground or keep other energies out. I'm in a constant state of flux or flow. It drives me crazy.
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    Re: Berkley Psychic Institute

    Tue, September 19, 2006 - 3:16 AM
    This is an old post, but if any of the people who responded are still out there, I would love to hear from them.

    I would love and appreciate you to go into furthur detail about how you go from clearing out your space to seeing colors to seeing a relative's energy and to seeing all the details.

    Now I would like to relate my experiences with a clairvoyant training center in my area that is modeled exactly after BPI, using the same teachings, offering the same classes, using the same techniques, tools, and speaking with the same dialogue:

    I had one reading, and three healings there. And I was looking into taking Meditation I until the last healing left me with such a bad feeling, that I never want to go back there. I am still feeling weak and drained from that experience.

    The reading was my first experience there and it was scary, not because of anything the readers did but because it was night, and it was my first time in a psychic center, and I was placed under fluorescent lighting in a chair opposite four clairvoyants and I felt intimidated.
    I felt like a patient on an operating table who was being cut open and studied by four doctors. Regardless of that, other than a lot of "Whoa"'s and laughter which felt slightly insulting to me, as in "Whoa, you are one dark and serious son of a bitch, ha ha ha..." it seemed to say. Although I actually am pretty lighthearted and not serious, but I was scared.
    But they didnt really see my true self until halfway through the reading, they only saw the emotions I was projecting. I had to make an effort to break the fear so that they could see I wasn't so dark and serious.

    The first healing was by a man who had a soft nature and it was very beneficial to me. I was going through a lot of stuff and I came in for the healing in pretty bad shape. The healing helped ground me and clear out some bad energy, it was done with consciousness and he explained everything to me, what he saw, etc, as he was doing it. I also was able to actually feel him in my energy field, it was like very soft touching like when you only touch the top of the hair on your arm, like that. The supervisor for that healing seemed uncomfortable around me though and she was quick to have me leave after the healing. At one point they said I had some foreign energy around my solar plexus and it was a lot. They thought it was a brother or a twin, but I dont have a brother or a twin, then they said (laughing uncomfortably) "maybe its a spirit guide who thought it was a twin." I didnt understand what they meant and it made me feel uncomfortable that they laughed like that.

    The second healing, I was also not in the greatest shape. But I was more comfortable because it was my third time there. I received a healing from this girl who had a very gentle spirit and the healing was very powerful, I felt it much stronger than the first.
    She also communicate with me and even responded to my energy shifts, and the thoughts in my head. I still dont understand telepathy, I assume it comes from having a very quiet mind, but even though I didnt know how she knew, I was ok with it and I didnt feel defensive.
    She gave me little hints, when she raised her hands up, I felt she wanted me to picture the golden sun although she didnt say it, when i didnt maintain the vision and my energy dropped a little, she made a small "MmMm" (No) sound and shook her head subtley.
    It was a good and beneficial healing. Afterwards, she said to the supervisor that "it was a match for her" I dont know what that means.

    Now the third healing. Unlike the first two, it was done at a psychic fair. There were a lot of people there and the energy was somewhat chaotic. But it was the first time I walked in to that place feeling positive and happy. I was meditating at the beach before I went. I walked in with confidence and I felt like I was beaming. I had finally transformed all the crap I was going through into a positive experience and I was starting to grow and feel strong again and I had enthusiasm for life, I was much more aware and I was enthusiastic to experience the day when I woke up in the morning. I really didnt need a healing and I shouldnt have gotten one. The healing was done by a guy who did not have a gentle spirit. He started an ego battle with me DURING the healing. First he insulted my shirt. Then he made me feel bad and like I wasnt cool because I wasn't a surfer and he was...and it continued. He wasnt even subtle about it, just trying to find things to make me feel small and for him to feel bigger or better than me. The converstaion (ego battle) was more important than the healing to him and at one point, he even interrupted the healing to use his hands to elaborate his converstaion. The only thing he said about the healing he was doing was that I had "too much personal power" and he was taking that out. It felt wrong to me, and the whole healing felt bad. He ended it with both hands over my head and it felt as if he was pushing down on my head, shrinking me. That was last week and since then I have lost my enthusiasm which had just started to bloom, and I have felt weak and ...well...raped. Because I was in a trusting mode and I was so open, what he did really affected me strongly, and because I had thought that it was a safe place, and it seems that it wasnt. On top of that, the people at the fair were very cliquey and snobby, and instead of getting spiritual hellos, I got spiritually ignored, by the healers and the guests alike.

    I would really appreciate anyone who is experienced with clairvoyant training to comment on my experiences and what I've written, I would especially appreciate it if you could explain those things that were said which I mentioned that I didnt understand.
    Also, my overall feeling from this center was one of rejection, of not being good enough or positive enough. I felt shunned by spiritual snobs. I know I'm not perfect, but I dont understand how truly spiritual people can make such judgments about others. Everyone has different experiences in life, some may be harder to work out than others, so they may carry darker or more serious energy, but are they less deserving of love and acceptance? How can any spiritual person look at another and say (figuratively)--"Yuck."
    Thats such an immature, high school mentality.
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      Re: Berkley Psychic Institute

      Sun, September 24, 2006 - 5:04 PM
      My comments? The last kid who gave you a healing was an asshole. Psychic or not, he's a dick. Simple enough? I understand how you felt, from your first reading experience to your last time, at the psychic fair and the lousy healing.
      It took me years to figure out that many of the students at BPI simply had no manners, psychic or otherwise. And remember, I was involved with BPI for YEARS! It's no different than life, even though it's psychic kindergarten: sometimes you get someone who really deserves a punch in the nose from you rather than you feeling inadequate.
      Again, psychic kindergarten allows for everyone to learn. Nobody starts there having their space or being always true to the tenets and intention of BPI, even if they are wildly capable. Indeed, those are the ones you have to watch most closely. Just like in grade school when the teachers kept a really close eye on the bright, hyper, bored troublemakers. Just like it.
      I am truly sorry that you had crappy experiences there and I hope you find what and where you are searching for. You will.
      I realize I have reduced my response to the basics. I can be much more subtle and articulate if you so desired, but Aowei, it's not your problem. That guy was a dick.
      P.S. I always hated those darn fairs....
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        Re: Berkley Psychic Institute

        Sun, September 24, 2006 - 6:54 PM
        Hahaha....yeah a 'psychic fair'....seems so out of date and circus-like, we should move past that already. I guess they do it for the money it generates.

        Thanks Lynn, you made me feel better.
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          Re: Berkley Psychic Institute

          Mon, September 25, 2006 - 5:41 PM
          No, it's not a money maker, trust me. They do it to give people a way to find them.
          i'm glad my words helped. You're doing just fine!
    • Re: Berkley Psychic Institute

      Mon, November 13, 2006 - 8:15 PM
      DItto on the last guy being an ass#@#, pardon my french, sorry mod.

      Ugh. I am not inclined to hang out around that sort of fluff. I feel bad you went through that Aowei.

      I finally had the balls to add this tribe only because I need to learn more about my clairyvoyance which certain family members of mine find odd and weird. Haha.

      To be shunned by psychics? I thought the New Age movement was supposed to be about acceptance. What a bunch of hooey you went through. Its why people are skeptical about clairyvoyance to begin with, its when people start acting like clairyvoyant primadonnas.
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          Re: Hey Sehkmet,

          Sun, March 18, 2007 - 10:22 AM
          Rev. NO more flaming or I will be forced to remove you or anyone else who does this.
        • Re: Hey Sehkmet,

          Sun, March 18, 2007 - 10:23 PM
          You really have the problem, not me. I don't know what your problem is, but its hostility. Its some serious hostility. And I feel sorry for you.
        • Unsu...

          Re: Hey Sehkmet,

          Sun, March 18, 2007 - 11:28 PM
          lol... you just made bpi look so bad...
          yeah... like this joker just said, "bpi isnt for everybody", folks, and bpi could give a fark what anybody else thinks about them.
          but... i still look forward to my bpi session every wednesdays...
          and i dont give a fark what anybody thinks. yes... im down with bpi.
          • Re: Hey Sehkmet,

            Sun, March 18, 2007 - 11:40 PM
            Pruppet, you are awesome. BPI works for you. I respect that. It might not however, work for me in the long run.
            • Unsu...

              Re: Hey Sehkmet,

              Mon, March 19, 2007 - 3:06 PM
              My attitude about anything in life is to take it all in, but not completely fall for it...
              Or play the part, but not become it...
              it works for me right now... The best part is being around other people who are the same and being completely accepted for it.
              Really, there is always enough people at bpi, i dont think they are worried at all about recruiting more people. All i know is that i am having fun, and am progressing. As for the getting inside your head deal, im sorry you feel that way. I have felt that way before, under certain psychics, (probably has more to do with their method of doing it)... but I am okay with it, because I feel I have nothing to hide. I feel more sorry for the person who has to see what i have seen. Actually, there are things you can do to prevent being 'pentetrated'. I myself am very private, but I think nothing in this universe is a secret.
              • Unsu...

                Re: Hey Sehkmet,

                Mon, March 19, 2007 - 3:10 PM
                oh, and just like that asshole, there are assholes everywhere... doesnt make the whole bunch a whole bunch of assholes...
              • Re: Hey Sehkmet,

                Mon, March 19, 2007 - 3:57 PM
                In the end, we all share a certain amount of secrets. I'm like, I'm not ready to have a past-life reading. Excuse me. No way. I'm not ready for that, never will be ready for that, and when I am, I would do one in private with friends. What have you seen anyway? I know there are ways of not being penetrated, which is why I'm always heavily shielded. Yes, though, I can see why you like being around people who are like you in that they have similar gifts. I've rarely been around people like that in my lifetime.
                • Unsu...

                  Re: Hey Sehkmet,

                  Mon, March 19, 2007 - 5:25 PM
                  i meant i feel sorry for anyone who is able to see through me, and see what i am all about, lol...

                  Past life readings are no big deal to me... i have heard many different things about my so called past lives, by good and bad psychics... I like hearing about them, but I never take them seriously. there's really no way to prove it. If someone told me I was einstein in my past life, I would probably get a good laugh out of it... Nothing is ever serious... (at least thats the way I look at life).
                  Yes you can have shields... but you can also have someone who is able to see through those shields... its all mind games really... I better make this clear... I, pruppet, in no way represent bpi in any degree. I attend bpi, that is all.
                  that rev. munchi mike was definitely a troll. Im glad he's been removed.
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                    Re: Hey Sehkmet,

                    Mon, March 19, 2007 - 5:53 PM
                    Pruppet, I'm glad I don't know everything about people, that sometimes some stuff is a surprise!

                    And that Rev was a she..., you are pruppet, representing, pruppet!.
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                      Thirty years years after meeting Lewis Bostwick

                      Mon, March 19, 2007 - 6:15 PM
                      Here I am back again after 18 months since last posting on this thread about a play I wrote and produced which incorporated BPI jargon into its dialogue structures. Though I personally studied and practiced clairvoyance professionally (between 1977 and 1987), I never attended a single class at BPI. It's also been almost thirty years years since meeting the Very Right Reverend Lewis Bostwick.

                      My clairvoyant training came from Michael Symonds in the form of very small classes of hand-picked students. You see, Michael was very particular; not everyone could join. Mr. Symonds was in Lewis Bostwick's very first class (anyone here remember Scorch the fireman?) and he strongly disagreed with Lewis' plans to market the psychic technology for the masses. Michael felt that Lewis was making a big mistake.

                      This disagreeement eventually led to Michael leaving Lewis to create his own version of that training, a version that stripped away all the dogma while focussing on the techniques. Michael also chose to bypass that whole psuedo-spiritual posturing to the "Supreme Being" that later became a silent crux point in BPI training.

                      It's been twenty years since I have sat down and read an aura and though I don't have any reason to return to that use of my sensitivites, I am grateful for the training and the chance to meet Lewis Bostwick in person, especially under such unique and utterly amusing circumstances. Lewis found it amusing. I found it amusing. But I have yet to meet anyone studying with BPI who, after sharing my story, found it amusing at all.

                      • I found it amusing. And revelatory, having never met LB.

                        One thing I've noticed about Western expectations (and I say Western because that's my milieu and the only one I claim to understand) of "Holy Men" is that they must be either Absolute Saints or else Total Frauds. Allowances are seldom made for the spiritually gifted among us to also be human beings.

                        I've been learning a lot about The Old Fool Bostwick, and he was definitely *very* human. And why not? These constructions of sainthood have always been false, designed to mystify and to bolster & perpetuate power structures. I really respect the fact that Lewis kept a sense of humor about himself, & never took the title "Baba" and demanded total reverence. (He could've easily done the Maharishi or even JIm Jones thing -- I hear he was charismatic enough.) And I don't know if he and I would've "gotten along" back in the day, but I still have benefited greatly from his teachings and somehow find them very easy to separate from The Man Himself.

                        I suspect, though, we'd have gotten along just swell.
                        • P.S. --

                          RE: "psuedo-spiritual posturing" about The Supreme Being --

                          Whether or not the Supreme Being "exists" is an open question, granted ... and modes of conceptualizing The Big One differ from religion to religion, obviously ...

                          But you state it here as some kind of affectation on Lewis' part, and I'm interested in understanding why. Do you feel he incorporated this concept into his "dogma" in a less-than-honest way? That's what the word "posturing" indicates to me. As in, he didn't fully believe in it himself.

                          Of course, it's all falsehood below the Abyss ... Lewis certainly knew this.

                          Also, you seem to value the "tech" and dismiss the "dogma" (i.e. conceptions of the universe and ideas of right behavior -- which I categorize as fairly close to "Do What Thou Wilt.") I wonder if you have anything to share about how you came to this attitude.

                          Thanks ...
  • Re: Berkley Psychic Institute

    Mon, November 13, 2006 - 5:27 PM
    Hi Steve,
    I have attended some of their classes and their psychic fairs. I have met and worked with wonderful people and not so wonderful people. Like in lfe, there are both sides. Use your intuition to see if it is right for you or not. There is not one way to learn these things. There are as many ways as there are people. So find what speaks to you. For me, I did not jive with it. I did not jive with the BPI language or the policies. But I have friends that love it, and its what speaks to them. To each his/her own. Also depending on the kind of person you are, you will find what you want within it. If you think it will be a negative experience, it probably will. If you're the kind of person that learns from all circumstances, you'll learn a lot. But like any place, have good boundaries and a sense of self. If you feel they are telling you something that doesn't jive with your inner being, honor your inner being. It will never steer you wrong. Best of luck!!
  • Re: Berkley Psychic Institute

    Sun, March 18, 2007 - 10:47 PM
    This experience is what has driven me to say the BPI is rather fascist okay:

    I am in there for an aura healing only... one aura healing. They keep me in there long past the healing to offer me a free past-life reading after they tried to get me to buy the paid.

    I'm not ready for that, I wasn't there for a freakin' past-life healing. I was there to get my aura fixed. The problem is that I had to leave. I had other stuff to get done that day. Someone, I won't say whom, blocks the door! That's right folks! He blocked the door. I don't appreciate people blocking the door. I had to leave, so I offered the reading to someone else in the room who wanted it for free. This is what happened, this is why thanks to your flaming posts, I will not join BPI ever. Period. I do not apologize for what I have to say. I will not apologize for what I have to say. Your hostility is not appreciated. To be gifted psychically does not give ANYBODY the right to shove their way inside someone's head. We don't have the right to simply throw things out there for people to deal with themselves. We are there to hold hands and guide people with compassion. If you don't have that, you have not earned the title reverand. You're getting on in years and your'e the one who is going to need a day care center eventually. You seem stuck in some kind of twisted reality where you seem to feel you can throw whatever in people's faces. You're the one in a daydream world where you think everybody accepts psychic ability if you throw it around. The truth is nobody does, nobody will. Many people don't care. I will not shut the fark up. Why don't you.
    • Unsu...

      Re: Berkley Psychic Institute

      Mon, March 19, 2007 - 4:11 PM
      For all involved in this Tribe I removed the Rev. today. I received numerous email complaints and have taken this action. This person will not be allowed back in here. If they choose to come in as alt later down the line. They will then also be weeded out and a message will be relayed to TOU.


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