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A list of notable balloon and airship flights has been assembled by Hans Åkerstedt from Sweden. The list has been compiled with much help from Troy Bradley, USA and Norman Pritchard, UK. Information from many other sources have also been used - FAI record files, personal log books and commercially available literature.

Any comments are most welcome, especially any corrections, additions and interesting details.
Hans Åkerstedt

Around the World Flights

Thanks to Hans Akerstedt (SWE), compiling the following information:

Projects: (Project numbering): To keep track of the history, each project has been given a number. This number is attached to the assigned commander of the planned flight. Changes in crew, sponsor or balloon does not affect this number. When Per Lindstrand/Richard Branson joined with Steve Fossett and changed main sponsor, the new project was however given a new number. The projects are listed in order of first appearance. Sorry for sequence of projects 09 to 12. Mistake but a change will affect other lists.

Attempts: When a project has progressed to a point when an actual launch has been possible or has actually resulted in a flight, this has been counted as an attempt.

Flights: All attempts that have resulted in a take off.

All data regarding projects, attempts and flights.

Download MS Excel with all Projects, Attempts and Flights details