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Martin Morales, 10 Finder, reports:

After spending the weekend analyzing each floor thoroughly, my fiancé Lisa and I organized our ideas (as well as the thoughts of many other sleuths, treasure hunters & puzzle solvers around the country, who all deserve some credit). We had a list of possible locations and concluded that one was fairly close to our home. We live in New Jersey, two states away from our dig location in Connecticut.  
The next step in our plan was to attend one of Gus's tour events on Tuesday evening. However, by Tuesday afternoon we realized that Gus's recruitment effort was quite successful and that a small army of gumshoes was already on the case. With Roy Dodge having a head start and all of these other treasure hunters on the case, Lisa called me at work and said, "The race is ON!!!!!"
She met me right after work equipped with a road atlas, the book of evidence, a plastic shovel, and a big bright smile.
Although the location was only 39 miles from us, the trip took well over an hour (If you have ever driven through New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut at rush hour, you may understand).  When we arrived at the location, we quickly found a tree in the middle of the parking lot and decided to check it out. Something on the tree told us that this was our site!  (I won't say what that was just in case ol' Roy is reading along.)
Next we realized that we had a couple of other issues to resolve. First, it was clear that our plastic shovel would not do the trick.  Second, there were quite a few other people around at this time and we knew we would look strange digging in the middle of this parking lot.  Is that even legal?  Could we be arrested or fined?  Was Roy Dodge lurking about!?!?
Our next quest was to find a shovel, which actually gave us a little trouble. (Sure we can find emeralds, but a quality shovel?)  After obtaining a shovel and returning to the location, we started to poke around, but still could not find anything.  It just did not seem like we would be successful in our quest.  We had doubts that this was the correct location and decided to go home. 
On the drive home, the traffic was light but our hearts were heavy. We felt like we had come so close, but we still had no emeralds. At least we had each other!  By the time we arrived home the sun had set. We turned on our computer and saw rumors of other emeralds that had been found. 3? 4? 7? This inspired us.  We looked into each other’s eyes, and at the same moment we both said, "We are definitely going back!" There was a pause. I said to Lisa, "Right now?" Lisa looked right at me and without blinking she answered, "Oh yeah! Right now."
As we drove back, we felt giddy. We sang along to songs on the radio, making up words to our own songs about treasure and emeralds. When we arrived, there were still people around, but not as many as before. We got some coffee and cigarettes and walked nonchalantly over by the tree — our tree. Finally, when the moment seemed right, I resumed digging in one of the spots that I had began about five hours earlier. I used a probing device and felt that the soil seemed a little different in one spot. Then I saw a small piece of plastic! I whispered (not sure why I whispered) "Lisa! It's here! Lisa! It's here!"
I plunged my hands into the soil and pulled up a wet and muddy package!  Plastic, bubble wrap, a box, cloth, a note, and finally we laid our eyes on it: the number 10, containing an emerald as well as a skull and crossbones! So cool!!   
The next few minutes were a blur of kissing, hugging, jumping, high-fives and maybe even some singing. We also realized that it was after midnight — Tuesday the 25th had turned into Wednesday the 26th. That meant that we had been engaged for exactly one month!  I guess it was meant to be.
The treasure sits on a table in our living room for now, along with the box it came in and the little marker from the tree.  After showing it off to family and friends we will decide how best to display our new little treasure — and if all goes well, that will not be the last little treasure in our lives!
Martin Morales and Lisa DiMicelli (sleeping man with goatee is unidentified)

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Reader Comments (5)

THis is such a cute story! Your marriage is off to a good start - who can say they found a treasurer one month into their engagement! That IS a good sign!

June 4, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJen

Great story! And, that is my favorite treasure so far!

June 4, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTiberius

Gus - As we fill out the Junior Deducer hunt cards, will you accept "9/12" for the mile marker for this floor? It sounds as if the finders located the dig site at the first eastbound rest area, which would be mile nine, but it's not entirely clear from the posts I have seen. Or do you want us to definitively solve the puzzle and nail the exact mile number in order to qualify for one of the Junior Deducer prizes? Thanks. - Sara

June 25, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSara

We found the #10 on the southbound side of I-95 (it is west bound through Connecticut.)

The rest area is between exit 10 & exit 9. However, I believe that the actual mile marker is 10.

June 25, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMM

Thank you, Martin! Best wishes to you on your engagement. In spite of your treasure, I'm guessing you and Lisa won't pick "Talk Like A Pirate" Day (Sept. 19) for your wedding date. Could be fun, though.

June 26, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSara

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