Porto Alegre to Revitalize Downtown through Sustainable Transport
Andean Development Corp. agrees to provide assistance
Published on Mar 11 2009

Pictured from left to right: Toni Lindau, CTS-Brasil Director; Luis Gutierrez, EMBARQ Director for Latin America ; Jose Fogaca, Mayor of Porto Alegre; Clóvis Magalhães, Secretary of Management and Strategic Planning; and João Batista Linck Figueira, General Procurator for Porto Alegre Municipality.

Mayor José Fogaça renewed his agreement with EMBARQ and the Center for Sustainable Transport Brazil (CTS-Brasil) to improve accessibility and mobility in downtown Porto Alegre, Brazil.

The agreement, signed on March 11, includes a new partnership with the Andean Development Corporation (CAF -- Corporción Andina de Fomento), a Latin American multilateral financial institution that is expected to provide $1 million in non-reimbursable technical assistance this year to help Porto Alegre complete the preparation phase of the “Portais da Cidade” bus rapid transit project, a groundbreaking transport system designed to reduce pollution and congestion downtown. The system will include a southern extension to accommodate activities for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, hosted by 12 cities in Brazil.

The 20-kilometer planned BRT corridor is estimated to carry 300,000 passengers per day.

“Porto Alegre has all the conditions to develop the best solutions in urban transport,” says Francisco Wulff, director of Sectorial Analysis and Programming for Infrastructure at CAF. “It is strategic to invest here.”

CAF will provide a $100 million loan to implement the BRT project.

The terms of the agreement were signed during a meeting at Porto Alegre’s city hall between Mayor Fogaça and CAF officials, as well as representatives from the EMBARQ Network, including Director for Latin America Luis Gutierrez and CTS-Brasil Director Toni Lindau.

CAF’s technical assistance will be administered through CTS-Brasil, which has been working to expand sustainable transport in Porto Alegre since 2005. The regional development bank is involved in a similar arrangement with two other members of the EMBARQ Network: the Center for Health and Sustainable Transport Andes (CTSS-Andino), to develop bus rapid transit in Arequipa, Peru; and the Center for Sustainable Transport Mexico (CTS-México),to support sustainable transport solutions in Guadalajara, Chihuahua, Leon and Mexico City.