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The Organization


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play a vital role for rural as well as urban populations all over the world. They are an essential natural resource providing multiple benefits to people.

Their conservation and sustainable management are closely linked with global issues such as food supply and environmental protection.

Scientific knowledge is needed all over the world to effectively address these issues globally and regionally and provide the basis for political decisions.

Close international cooperation in forest science and related disciplines is required to enable forests to satisfy the manifold human needs in a sustainable way.


IUFRO – the International Union of Forest Research Organizations

IUFRO is "the" global network for forest science cooperation. It unites more than 15,000 scientists in almost 700 Member Organizations in over 110 countries, and is a member of ICSU. Scientists cooperate in IUFRO on a voluntary basis.


Our Mission

is to promote global cooperation in forest-related research and to enhance the understanding of the ecological, economic and social aspects of forests and trees; as well as to disseminate scientific knowledge to stakeholders and decision-makers and to contribute to forest policy and on-the-ground forest management.

In pursuing this Mission, IUFRO has identified three strategic goals and related objectives for the period 2006-2010 which support IUFRO as well as its members (see IUFRO's Strategy).

Forest and Forest Product Research

IUFRO is open to all individuals and organizations dedicated to forest and forest products research and related disciplines. It is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-discriminatory organization with a long tradition dating back to 1892.

Our Stakeholders

are research organizations, universities and individual scientists, NGOs, decision making authorities, forest land-owners and other people who depend on forests.


IUFRO attains its objectives by networking activities including the generation, exchange and dissemination of scientific knowledge, the provision of access to relevant information, and the assistance to scientists and institutions to strengthen their research capacities.

Our Vision

is the science-based management, conservation and sustainable development of the world’s forest resources for the benefit of present and future generations.

IUFRO is exceptional, because

it is the only world-wide international organization devoted to forests and related sciences. It contributes to the promotion of science in the formulation of forest-related policies.

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