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Water and air are both called "fluids". Water and air can be both hot or cold. Wind and waves can "push" on things like airplanes or boats. Water and air can move from one place to another.

Water is thicker than air. Honey is thicker than water. When you pour honey out of a jar, it pours very slowly. If you pour water out of a glass, it pours very quickly.

Force, like throwing a rock, makes an object go through the water or air. Airplane and boat engines push planes and boats through the air or water.

If you throw a rock into the air, gravity will bring it back down. A jet engine will keep an airplane in the air. It will not fall. Gravity is less on the moon. A 60 pound child would only weigh 10 pounds on the moon!

A car engine can make a car go faster and faster. This is called acceleration. If the car is going 60 miles per hour that is its velocity.

Scientists and engineers need to know what happens when a boat or airplane goes through water or air. Then, they can build better airplanes and boats.

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