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Basically, the name speaks for itself :) My dream is to meet Justin Bieber. Not just for his cute sm Read more
Started by jasmineucas
justinbieber responded 2010-07-05 18:12:26 -0500: read response.
Dear Justin I don’t know how to start but here’s to tell you that I am a fan of yours. I Read more
Started by iloveJVandJB
justinbieber has not responded.
@Motts is in the money. Their apple sauce and juice products are everywhere. Market share has grown. Read more
Started by araw
Motts has not responded.
Ever since he became famous I’ve checked his tour dates,performances,and the places he would b Read more
Started by JBIEBER4LIFE__
justinbieber has not responded.
Netflix does not allow instant streaming in Puerto Rico even though they charge PR customers the sam Read more
Started by Mngavis
netflix has not responded.
Bill C-304 for a National Housing Strategy would require the federal government to bring all levels Read more
Started by ACORNCanada
pmharper has not responded.
The Whirlpool Corp. is closing a refrigerator manufacturing plant in Evansville, Ind., putting more Read more
Started by AFLCIO
WhirlpoolCorp has not responded.
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