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Japanese Firm Offers Heartache Leave



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I don’t think a broken heart can really kill you, but in Japan it can at least get you some time off work.

Management at a marketing company in Tokyo is offering employees paid time-off after a bad break-up with a partner. The older the employees are, the more “heartache leave” they can get. Staff aged 24 or younger can take one day off per year, while those between 25 and 29 can take two days off, and those older than 30 can take three days off.

The CEO says that not everyone needs to take maternity leave for example, but lots of people have their heart broken. And, when they do, this gives them a chance to get better, just like when they get sick.

This same company also gives staff paid time off twice a year as “sales shopping leave” so they can go hunt for bargains during peak sales seasons. They say they know that the workers will sneak out anyway to do it - either calling in sick or taking long lunches - so they may as well give them the excused time-off to do it. Well, isn’t that nice?

I wasn’t surprised when I found out that all the employees at this company are women. I don’t mean to be sexist, but I don’t know many men who would call in sick to work because they broke up with their girlfriend.

But then I don’t know many women who would do it either. If you’re serious about your job, you don’t let heartbreak or store bargains keep you from doing your work.

Donald J. Trump is Chairman of The Trump Entrepreneur Initiative.

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[-] Posted by William Yang on 02/10/2008 5:04 PM
Very interesting info Donald,

but why they do it ? it must be some reason. something that happened repeatedly, or they just want to attract a good employee to work with them. if the reason is the second one, so they made mistake cause a good employee doesn't need such motivation.
[-] Posted by member1725332 on 02/10/2008 8:13 PM
hahaha, Mr. Trump you are a workaholic! How would you deal with a workforce of all women?!? Women by their very nature are emotional creatures. Management offering them a couple of days off for a heartbreak is a smart move-- it shows that management "cares" (sort of like remembering an anniversary). So next time a male manager asks Jane to go get a cup of coffee, she brings it back steaming hot and not luke warm like I sometimes get it.

It's gimmicky and would hardly hurt the bottom line, and on the other hand it improves morale because management cares about its workers feelings.
[-] Posted by Leesa for (c) DB7 International (LLC) on 02/10/2008 9:59 PM
In Victorian times, people would wear purple wristbands to show they were in mourning.
One day off hardly cuts it!
In the name of God, in the name of Love, our hearts are the centre of our Universe....
I sing about it, every darn kind of broken-hearted extreme...and yes, I survived, but cried my eyes out many a nights....
A true capitalist I am, hiding it by day, compartmentalizing these emotions, stuffing them into my briefcase, cellphone in hand.
[-] Posted by Leesa for (c) DB7 International (LLC) on 02/10/2008 10:15 PM

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I wonder how many women take off work to get their hair and nails done....
Toast , "In the name of love....

Women in Business
[-] Posted by member1385680 on 02/10/2008 11:17 PM

Remember, what goes around, comes around!
If you want your employees to like you and be motivated to produce results, you must give them what they like or something that can satisfy their needs.
In this case it would be giving them time to do shopping during offers or understanding their feelings by letting them take time of during tense and frustrating periods.

Bottom line, if the employee is happy, he or she can produce better results
[-] Posted by Mary Rose on 02/11/2008 6:17 AM
Looks like the company wants to be able to predict when someone takes off work, so they are eliminating common causes of leave cheating. Think that the heart break leave makes sense if the relationships were long-term live-in situations. Whenever you break up with your live-in partner or get a divorce, there is massive disruption in your life. The break-up can be very sudden and unexpected. You need to find a new place to live, change your child care, see your lawyer, figure out how you can live on your finances and make arrangements- all at a time when you are emotionally devastated. Think that is why there is an age gradient. The older you are, the less social support you are likely to have from your parents and family and you are more likely to have multiple children. Don't think that this is exclusively a female problem, but often the disruption is less for men taking the traditional role of leaving the kids with the wife. In a marketplace with employers competing for the best employees, sometimes a company will get the edge on the competition by having more flexibility when it comes to allowing a person to manage their life better.
[-] Posted by elanden on 02/11/2008 10:55 AM
This topic is quite interesting-i live and work in Lagos, Nigeria (w.Africa)

We work hard in this part of the continent, but we don't have stuff like "heartbreak leave".

Maternity leave for men is still strange to us here.
But i quite agree that this sort of leave gives such individual time, to get back on his feet.
and of course , he would come back more fresh.
[-] Posted by E. Rizzo on 02/12/2008 12:27 AM
Awww... that's so sweet! That's ridiculous! So, what about the people who don't break up with their partners? They'll want to know why they don't get extra days off for staying together. Some break-ups can be QUITE devastating, especially if you've invested years and the other person has left you emotionally and financially broken. Best to just keep going, through the pain and upset.
Not having had children, I have noticed that those with children, seriously abuse the "kid excuse." It's a little much, after awhile... the kid's sick, he's in a play, he's singing in the choir, he wet his pants, he just got arrested. I can understand a parent wanting to attend every childs', every event, but some parents overdo it in the attention dept., and, as a result, a lot of these moms & dads take off a lot of time because they want to ensure that their child isn't neglected. I guess that's cool. Kids need encouragement. But, sometimes... meanwhile, you find out that the so-called "concerned parent" actually left early to go shopping or conduct an illicit affair with another "concerned parent." Oh, yeah... the scenarios are never-ending.
On the extreme side, people who constantly need time off are partying too much; or, maybe they are in an abusive situation... or, it seems that nowadays people are just plain LAZY! I'm not kidding. People will go out of their way to do LESS work, just to be spiteful. There are a lot of very immature people out there! What is it with people? I think people are too coddled and babied. There are a bunch of fully grown two-year olds running around in the workforce these days. People would rather have others do the work for them because they have not experienced the joy and satisfaction of hard work and discipline. Kids learn this early when they take part in athletics, too. Team sports are no longer what they used to be in some states, though... every single kid gets a trophy, even when they get last place! Who started that? These parents give their kids gold stars and prizes, just for getting out of bed in the morning. Honest to god... it's no wonder that this new crop of workers have to be bribed to do everything. It's not just a female thing, Mr. Trump. It's an "entitled" attitude that people have.
It should be... "Ask not what your company can do for you, but, what you can do for your company!" I don't get it... why aren't people grateful that they even have a job? Shut-up, and stop complaining.
Have you noticed this with people, or, is this something that presently plagues more of the blue-collar sector, esp. the service industry? I think it's rampant all over. It's a nation of spoiled brats... nobody has had to want for anything... or work too hard to get the world... or, sacrifice a thing. Unless, of course, they serve in our Armed Forces. Don't let me get started on that.
[-] Posted by Achille T. on 02/12/2008 1:36 PM
The most logic reason i can think of coause they have done that is that they are giving a lot of
attention in the psycology of their employee cause they are using their femine side and that has to do with their psycology as women.

the only logic reason i can see of doing something like that.

But from the other hand is one prograsive move to attract more employees or a marketing trick that it can make this company take the attention of the media for one free advertisment...for profit reasons.

Achille Tobulidis
From Hellas
[-] Posted by member1727230 on 02/12/2008 8:46 PM
The company I work for expects us to work hard and put in the hours, but at the same time, if we need time to take care of personal matters it's not an issue, as long as it's not abused. This is a professional and fair way to handle employees.

The Japanese firm sounds like they are trying to make their workplace a more friendly place for the employees; from what I've heard Japanese businesses can be very stressful places to work, so perhaps this is their way of making the job more enjoyable for the women that work for them.
[-] Posted by member1554929 on 02/13/2008 6:51 PM
Dear Donald Trump,
You showed your sensitivity to the other gender and nationality simply by putting the article on your Blog Site! It is their country, and their Company! . . . I knew I always liked you for some good reasons, but between this Blog and the Apprentice, I am finding the "particulars of 'Why'?" And it almost always makes me smile when I do!
Sincerest Regards,
J. Glen Dale, in Florida - your friend - (with or without) Trump Tower Tampa.
[-] Posted by Cheryle on 02/14/2008 4:28 AM
I always thought the Japanee were more experienced than Americans, and this is proof. Only an idiot would believe a person's health is not affected by a "broken heart."
We may have too many robots working in companies today. Maybe they are teaching humans how to work without the qualities that make us different from machines.
"Better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all..." Master William Shakespeare

In my opinion, there is no pain greater than the death of a loved one. Shock, confusion, imbalance from a normal routine, and many more feelings require rest, (shopping if it will help) and TIME OFF from morons who want to pretend they are above LOVE.

P.S. Maybe we should read more books about LOVE, this could increase "human profits."
[-] Posted by Cheryle on 02/14/2008 5:56 AM
Love, Work. Life. All are important. All have needs and wants. A wise business provides opportunities to honor and respect these needs.

Better for me to get over heartache alone than to infect productive workers who do not have heartache today. There will be opportunity for collective sadness. Hurricane Katrina is an example.
[-] Posted by lightwayvez on 02/16/2008 2:43 AM
Interesting that broken hearts simply connote divorce or loved ones parting ways. Last year I requested three days leave for a memorial jump. Yes I am female, however my time was spent skydiving and participating in memory no not of boyfriend, or lost husband, it went much deeper than that. So Mr Trump when you petition the men and rate the days leave they might take for what ever bereavements they might suffer on average, my guess is you would find a few crying in their beer ?
[-] Posted by Cheryle on 02/19/2008 6:38 AM
lightwayvez, you gave me a great idea! Maybe I'll try jumping out of a plane to see if the
parachute works.

Just kidding! I think your post made me realize the importance of bigger causes outside of
myself and I commend your ability to make something positive happen when heartache
troubles the mind. Thank you.
[-] Posted by member1730155 on 02/19/2008 1:58 PM
I'm a woman, and I wouldn't take time off for anything short of a real illness. My mom and aunt even went to work while they were pregnant all the way to the day before their delivery.
[-] Posted by Nathan T. Krygier on 02/24/2008 10:10 PM
It is true that if you are serious about work you will not call in sick for a few good buys but these people were offered this time off. It is a benefit of their position at the company.

Would I use this time off to go shopping? No. I would rather get the extra money and show up to work but I would not blame anyone else for using their benefits.
[-] Posted by Nathan T. Krygier on 02/24/2008 10:15 PM
In response to Mr.Yang,

People have countless times accepted one job over another for a better benefits package.

That would be like saying the best executives won't go for the bigger stock option package.

Incentives work because you will see more applicants and have a greater chance at finding a solid employee, have lower turn over and higher employee moral.

Keep in mind that we are talking about employees at a marketing firm. Not the board of directors of said firm.
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