FLOSS Media Center Comparison Chart Published

Thank you everyone for helping in this work.

We released a first version (1.0) of the FLOSS Media Centers State of the Art paper yesterday, and we'll be posting new updates and revisions in this blog.

In less than 24 hours the paper had more than 1,000 downloads. We got a lot of positive feedback from the community and we will be releasing a 1.1 revision later next week to fix some table inconsistencies.

Stay tuned, and bookmark this blog to always get the latest updates.

We'll be adding the RSS feature pretty soon in this blog, sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi Guys, First id like to

Hi Guys, First id like to thank who ever made this absolutly superb pdf. this has helped be make a more proper choice. i recomend this for anyone looking for media centers. I have absoulutly no cons for this sheet but could i suggest because you guys did so much work to review some of the best open source media players you guys have used or seen BTW i have downloaded Media Portal Ad again Thank you very much Rakesh

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