Third CSL Student Conference
      Jan 24 - Jan 25, 2008           B02 CSL


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Welcome to the 3rd CSL Student Conference.

The conference is organized by graduate students in CSL, primarily working in the areas of Communication, Control and Signal Processing.  The conference will consist of an exciting mix of student presentations, informative and thought-provoking talks by the invited speakers, a lively panel discussion, and a banquet.

This conference is intended primarily to enable students in CSL to present their work to UIUC faculty, the invited speakers, and other students. Besides this, there will be several opportunities for interactions in an informal setting.

All UIUC students, faculty and staff are welcome to participate.

For the first time, this year's conference features a carbon mitigation initiative. Based on the size of the conference venue and the distances traveled by the invited speakers, the conference committee calculated that approximately 4 tons of C02 were emitted as a result of the conference. The committee then mitigated these emissions via the purchase of carbon offsets from NativeEnergy, a company that helps construct wind farms and other renewable energy projects. NativeEnergy has previously helped several high profile events become carbon neutral, including the film "An Inconvenient Truth", the John Edwards presidential campaign, and various meetings at the United Nations.

The organizing committee is proud to take a leadership role in promoting sustainable and responsible academic conferences. We hope that these initiatives will spur future conferences (whether at CSL, UIUC, or in the broader academic community) to evaluate their practices, and to take steps to reduce their environmental impact.


We thank Vodafone for their financial support.
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