Today is Thursday July 15, 2010
Brookfield High School is in the process of an uplifting makeover, which will include a distinct athletic component.

On May 16, the Riverside Park area school will pay tribute to 54 former student/athletes by inducting them onto the Brookfield High School Sports Wall of Fame. To date, 46 have said they will attend the ceremony and there could be more.

A few hours before their induction, three wall of fame athletes will speak to the students at an assembly about the value of sport and life after high school.

The evening induction ceremony will honour student/athletes who not only excelled in high school sports, but also earned special recognition after graduation in university or international sports, Olympic Games, world championships or open sport competition.

The wall of fame selection committee of retired teachers Dave Archambault, Mike Chatland, Craig Miln and Wayne Johannsen and current teacher/volleyball coach Kevin Titley gathered for the first time two years ago. They quickly came up with hundreds of names. After 45 years of existence, Brookfield had a lot of quality teams and athletes, but the budget was only so big.

So the committee rewrote the selection criteria to seek student/athletic candidates from two perspectives. How successful was the student/athlete at the high school level? After high school, did he or she win medals or place high at international or national championships or win awards or serve as captain on a university team?

After two years of hard work, the committee settled on 54 student-athletes for its first group of inductees.

During the ceremony, former athletic directors will present four-inch by six-inch colour plaques to each inductee, who will then have them placed onto the shelves of the newly built oak showcase with unbreakable glass. The Sports Wall of Fame will be located on an outside wall of the school gymnasium.

“It’s our attempt to keep Brookfield High School spirit alive,” said Miln, who spent his entire secondary school teaching career of 31 years at home of the Blues and coached many successful basketball and track and field teams.

“We are a great athletic school and academic school . . . we thought we should toot our own horns and recognize them.”

The wall of fame project also had the support of principal Anne Gillespie, who is overseeing a rejuvenation of the school, and the phys-ed department, which has been led the past two years by former head Rob Laderoute and Deb McAskin.

Titley was responsible for kick starting the idea of a wall of fame, and the school paid for the showcase and plaques, which incorporated the work for a number of Brookfield graduates.

“Brookfield has had some really good athletes in its history,” Miln said. “He (Titley) got curious about what the athletes had done after high school.”

The committee’s research came up with interesting athletes.

Kristina Groves, a former Blues’ medallist at the city high school cross-country ski championships, will be inducted as a star international long-track speed skater, having won two Olympic silver medals and 16 world championship medals, including two gold.

Casey Wade has gone from being a national-level sprinter to executive director of the Association of National Anti-Doping Organizations.

Football player Bob McKeown became a prominent investigative TV journalist for CBC and NBC and won two Emmys and two Geminis.

Nicky Majid took her basketball skills overseas and played pro basketball in England.

Alan Hobson was a champion gymnast, who conquered Mt. Everest and cancer, wrote a best-selling book, and is a motivational speaker.

Here is the list of athletes, and their sports, who will be inducted onto the Brookfield High School Sports Wall of Fame:

Jon Hogg, volleyball

Rob Janson, volleyball

Steve Orchard, rugby

Kent Thexton, track and field

Bob McKeown, football

Jim Peplinski, hockey

Graeme Lind, paddling

Ian Mortimer, paddling

Angus Mortimer, paddling

Peggy Foster, mountain climbing

Bruce Deacon, track and field

Rick Brant, track and field

Rebecca Gomez, volleyball

Curtis Cruickshank, hockey

Karen Tippett, paddling

Claudia Hunt, paddling

Kristina Groves, long-track speed skating

Casey Wade, track and field

Sean Kaley, track and field

Mike Sharp, football

Geof Hamlin, football

Pat Thomas, volleyball

Ashley McColgan, paddling

Adrian Richardson, paddling

Rob Anderson, football

Paul Connery, football

Sean O’Neill, football

Tim Zakutney, basketball, ultimate

Mike Zunder, track and field

Harry Van Hofwegen, football

Scott Shaver, alpine skiing

Gary Shaver, alpine skiing

Bob Carisse, gymnastics

Alan Hobson, gymnastics, mountain climbing

Nicky Majid, basketball

Rick Powers, basketball

Cam Collins, football

Jim Murphy, football

Kevin Elsey, volleyball

Lori Wyman, gymnastics

Jim Buchanan, track and field (posthumously)

John Bales, paddling

Maya Aden, track and field, cross-country running

Seyi Smith, track and field

Trevor Woodside, paddling

Angus Donnelly, football

Tom Moore, golf

Sue Holloway, paddling, cross-country skiing

Bruce Raymond, paddling

Corey Hamilton, paddling

Stuart McGregor, paralympic track and field

Dan Tudin, hockey

Steve Campagna, football

Rob Cunningham, track and field, tennis


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