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The Yan-huang Culture Festival and Worshiping Ceremony

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Two giant natural statues of Emperor Yandi and Emperor HuangdiAs recorded, a grand ceremony to worship the heaven was jointly held on the Xitai Moutain of Ruyang County, Henan Province more than 5,000 years ago by Emperor Yandi and Emperor Huangdi (Yellow Emperor) to celebrate their agreement on the ally of their tribes which embodied not only the union of nation and the end of the war, but also the initiation of the amalgamation of Chinese nationalities.

On the top of the Xitai Mountain are two giant natural statues of Emperor Yandi and Emperor Huangdi with their respective relative heights of 140.5 meters and 145.8. Their well-proportioned features, vivid expressions, distinctive outlines make an exact imitation to the images of Emperor Yandi and Emperor Huangdi as described in historical materials. This natural wonder together with its cultural embodiment tells endless stories reminding Chinese descendants the glorious achievements their ancestors accomplished.

People are singing at the Yan-Huang Culture Festival and Worshiping Ceremony

On the seminar held on Feb. 24, 2003 on Xitai Mountain to study the giant statue of Emperor Yandi and Emperor Huangdi there, more than 10 experts from Henan Science Academy, Henan Social Academy, Yan-huang Culture Academy and others highly praised the social value of the Yan-huang statue of Xitai Mountain, making it a highlight among Chinese people including those overseas at that time. As more and more people know about it, the root-seeking roads leading to Xitai Mountain are witnessing more and more visitors especially those overseas. The Grand Xitai Mountain Ceremony to Worship the Ancestors aims to pay a tribute to the great achievement of Emperor Yandi and Emperor Huangdi in ending the war, amalgamating the tribes and creating a united Chinese nation of various nationalities. Xitai Mountain is also a place where Emperor Yandi spent his later years as a hermit and Emperor Huangdi performed his divinity. The Grand Xitai Mountain Ceremony has been successfully held for 3 sessions since the year of 2004.

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