Hitler Parody VideoVideos that make fun of Hitler? Always acceptable! They're part of a storied tradition, from Charlie Chaplin to Mel Brooks to Quentin Tarantino. The internet got in on the fun in a big way when parody videos of the 2004 German film Downfall hit the web. A bunch of really funny people added fake English captions to the famous scene where Hitler's advisors tell him things aren't looking good, resulting in videos where we see Hitler rage over everything from flight simulators to bad movies.

Apparently the production company behind Downfall, Constantin Films, doesn't like seeing their intellectual property taken over by the web. They've issued DMCA notices and had many of the Hitler Downfall Meme videos pulled from YouTube. Urlesque's Nick Douglas explained this bummer of a situation in an interview with our sister site, PopEater.

You can't keep a good meme down, though. We've made our own Downfall parody video, where Hitler rages about -- what else? -- his videos being taken down.

Downfall Meme Gets Meta