BBC Proms - 16 July - 11 September 2010 - The World's Greatest Classical Music Festival

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What is Promming?


The popular tradition of Promming is central to the unique and informal atmosphere of the BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall.

Up to 1,400 standing places are available for each Proms concert at the Royal Albert Hall. The traditionally low prices allow you to enjoy worldclass performances for just £5.00 each (or even less with a Season Ticket or Weekend Promming Pass). There are two standing areas: the Arena, located directly in front of the stage, and the Gallery, running round the top of the Hall. All spaces are unreserved.

Day Prommers

Over 500 Arena and Gallery tickets (priced £5.00) go on sale two and a half hours before each performance (except Late Night Proms when tickets go on sale following the main evening performance; and 11.00am concerts when tickets go on sale at 9.45am). These tickets cannot be booked in advance, so even if all seats have been sold, you always have a good chance of getting in (though early queuing is advisable for the more popular concerts). You must buy your ticket in person, and must pay by cash.

Arena and Gallery tickets are available only at Door 11 (Arena) and Door 10 (Gallery), not at the Box Office.

Wheelchair-users who wish to Prom (Gallery only) should queue in the same way but will be redirected to Door 8 once their ticket is purchased.

If you are in doubt about where to go, Royal Albert Hall stewards will point you in the right direction.

Season Tickets

Frequent Prommers can save money by purchasing Arena or Gallery Season Tickets covering either the whole Proms season (including the Last Night) or only the first or second half (ie Proms 1–37 or Proms 38–75, excluding the Last Night).

Season Ticket-holders benefit from:

  • guaranteed entrance (until 10 minutes before each concert)
  • great savings – prices can work out at less than £2.25 per concert
  • guaranteed entrance to the Last Night for Whole Season Ticket-holders and special access to a reserved allocation of Last Night tickets for Half Season Ticket-holders

Please note: Season Ticket-holders arriving at the Hall less than 10 minutes before a concert are not guaranteed entry and may be asked to join the day queue.

Season Tickets are non-transferable and two passport-sized photographs must be provided before tickets can be issued. Season Tickets are not valid for concerts at Cadogan Hall.

Proms at Cadogan Hall

Information for Cadogan Hall day seats, Proms Chamber Music Series Pass and booking information.

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