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Summer eCards

Oh Summer, wonderful summer. Catching up with old friends just got easier for you. Doozycards Summer Collection ecards are wonderful and a great way to herald the new season. Happy Summer to you all! Send our Bulldog on the Beach Talking card, our Talking Corn Cobette ecard , or for fun Summer Surprise ecard . In Ireland, Summer begins on May 2nd so you can send one of our Summer ecards in May and get into the feel of Summer.

Happy Summertime! Summer is the perfect time to relax and enjoy the warm sun and long days. We can wheel out the BBQ, get ready for parties and for romance! Summer is a perfect time for sending love to friends and loved ones with our summer ecard collection. Doozy ecards will deliver laughes and smiles to your friends and family around the world. Check out our funny ecards, talking ecards, or a birthday e-cards to uplift people you know and make them giggle with warm summer time delight.