Cold Weather in USA

Coolest US Cities in Summer

Cool summer temperatures can be found in major cities across the continental United States. Among the country's 40 largest cities, San Francisco tops the list for usually having the coldest weather each day in June, July and August.

Major cities included in these weather rankings are all the cities in the United States with over 440,000 people on July 1, 2006, according to the US Census Bureau's estimates.

US cities with the lowest normal daily mean temperatures for June, July and August:
City Daily Summer
Mean F
San Francisco, California 61.4
Seattle, Washington 64.2
Portland, Oregon 66.4
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 69.6
Cleveland, Ohio 69.9
San Diego, California 70.3
Denver, Colorado 70.9
Chicago, Illinois 71.1
Boston, Massachusetts 71.4
Detroit, Michigan 71.4
Long Beach, California 72.9

Coolest Summer Days

Every major US city has set a record high temperature of 100 F (37.8 C) or more. However, eleven of the biggest American cities don't reach temperatures above 82 F (27.8 C) during an average summer day.

US cities with the lowest normal daily maximum temperatures for June, July and August:
City Average Daily
Maximum F
San Francisco, California 68.4
Seattle, Washington 73.0
San Diego, California 75.2
Portland, Oregon 77.2
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 78.8
Cleveland, Ohio 79.3
Boston, Massachusetts 79.6
Detroit, Michigan 81.3
Chicago, Illinois 81.3
New York, New York 81.9
Long Beach, California 81.9

Lowest Summer Temperatures

Only two large US cities have experienced freezing temperatures during summer. Denver, Colorado and Cleveland, Ohio have record June lows of 30 F and 31 F respectively. Temperatures in nine of the 40 major American cities drop below 62 F (16.7 C) on a daily basis, on average, during the summer.

US cities having the lowest normal daily minimum temperatures for June, July and August:
City Average Daily
Minimum F
San Francisco, California 54.4
Seattle, Washington 55.4
Portland, Oregon 55.6
Denver, Colorado 56.4
Sacramento, California 57.3
Cleveland, Ohio 60.4
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 60.4
Chicago, Illinois 60.9
Detroit, Michigan 61.6

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