"...I am so very tired of our representatives not reflecting our common conservative values."
...Jeff Wisdom

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America Needs Wisdom

America Needs
Jeff Wisdom

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Jeff’s Pledge to the 7th District


I,Jeff Wisdom, if elected to represent you, the citizens, patriots, taxpayers, and constituents of Missouri's Seventh Congressional District, hereby pledgethe following:

- I will be an honest and frugal steward of your money. Government, at all levels, wastes far too many of our tax dollars. In Washington, DC, federal spending has essentially become public theft and pilferage. I will seek to drastically reduce our tax burden, streamline governmental functions and obligations,and carefully monitor budget appropriations and expenditures. We must end their responsible practice of deficit spending and pay down our national debt,ensuring freedom from the oppressive chains of government indebtedness for future generations. Our government can no longer monetize our enormous debt by selling out the nation to foreign investors.

- I will work alongside executive, legislative, and judicial branch entities to ensure our national security is never compromised. We must treat enemy combatants as such, not as common criminals. I support enhanced interrogation techniques to gain actionable intelligence from detainees captured on the battlefield, which does include our own soil. We must protect our nation's sovereignty by enforcing our borders against illegal immigration. There is a War on Terrorism and it is being waged against us on a daily basis. All of us,especially our elected representatives, must remain diligent in the struggle against terrorism. I have been to the battlefield and I will continue the fightin Washington, DC.

- I will be a steadfast advocate for our military, our veterans, and their families. My oath to the country, active duty service in Operation Iraqi Freedom, as well as my family's proud history of military service, provide me a unique perspective on national defense. I understand the vast array of challenges faced by our fighting men and women on the battlefield, as well as the families who support them on the home front. Veterans and our military willhave no stronger voice on Capitol Hill than me.

- I will seek to transfer power and control of our daily lives back to the states and to the people as the Founding Fathers envisioned. Our nation was intended to be a democratic republic, not a bureaucratic autocracy. Any bill introduced in Congress must fall under one of the eighteen enumerated powers ofArticle I, Section 8, of the U.S. Constitution. If a bill does not meet that specific criterion, it is unconstitutional, period, end of story, and will get neither my vote nor support. A gigantic step forward will involve repealing the16th and 17th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Congress should be stripped of the ability to tax our income and productivity, while state governments should have fair and equal representation at the federal level. Both of these common sense, pragmatic objectives can be attained by repealing the aforementioned amendments. Congress should tax only the states. There should be no direct federal tax on individuals or businesses. The levying and collection of taxes from the people should fall solely upon the state and localgovernments, where constituents are closest to their elected officials. The citizens of each state should control the manner by which they are taxed and the implementation of tax policy. Those of us who favor the fair tax option canthen wage that battle at the state and local levels.

- I will oppose any government bailout, takeover, or control of private sectorentities. We must enable the innovation and ingenuity of the private sector, facilitating the return of opportunity and prosperity. No government can create long-term economic growth. That approach has never worked throughout human history and never will. The government must take a back seat, fostering recoveryand expansion through the creation of a favorable economic climate for small business development and job creation.

- I will always have an open door policy for my constituents. I will listen to you, the people. The disenfranchisement of voters and the tea party movement in this country gained notoriety and momentum because our elected officials forgot they work for us and ceased listening to their employers. During my term, I will hold regular meetings throughout the district, providing opportunities for everyone to meet with me face-to-face in the ongoing discussion and exchange of ideas. I promise to be your advocate and public servant.

- I will hold myself accountable to each of you as your representative in Congress. It is my belief that public servants are, indeed, accountable, notinfallible. I will not forget the people or the district sending me toWashington. My family, friends, and staff will not allow me to shirk my obligations to you nor the future generations yet to come. My Christian faith and belief in God will guide my tenure in office.

Many issues fall under the auspices of my pledge. In every decision and every vote, I will hold true to these promises and principles each represents. This election cycle is critical to the future of our republic. I humbly ask you for your support and your vote in the primary election on August 3, 2010. It is time for Congress to finally use some "Wisdom" founded on basic common sense and traditional values.

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