Theresa Kormos


Former Republican Candidate in the 2010 Primary Election
Conservative Republican Choice

Dear Neighbor,

Like many of you, I feel that we no longer have someone who will represent us in Congress. I am concerned about the out of control spending and the decisions being made in Washington DC.

I have been a Registered Nurse for over 31 years and make life-saving decisions every day based on facts and common sense. When there is a real crisis, the task is to stabilize the problem through methods that have proven to be effective in the past. It is not a time to experiment or use methods that are known to have failed. For example, tax cuts on individuals and business has been effective in the past to stimulate the economy. Politicians in Washington DC ignored this historical fact and decided to “experiment” with our tax money through the “stimulus package” which was an expensive disaster. Those same politicians now want to experiment with our health care system while ignoring that socialized medicine has already failed in other countries.

If I am fortunate to have your vote and be elected as your Representative in Congress, I will work diligently for you.  I believe that we need to follow the US Constitution, limit the powers of the federal government, lower taxes, promote the free market system, and protect our liberties.

As a registered nurse, I have always viewed myself as a servant to the people. It will be a privilege and an honor to represent you in Washington DC.


Theresa Kormos

Lower Taxes

Balanced Budget

Create Jobs

Strong Military

Less Government

Term Limits




Wife of a Military Vet

Registered Nurse


Conservative Values

Common Sense

We the People ... One of Us