Incognito + Amnesia = The (Amnesic) Incognito Live System
Written by anonym   
Apr 07, 2010 at 09:29 PM

It's official now: Incognito and Amnesia has merged, taking the name The (Amnesic) Incognito Live System. FYI, all my (limited) effort will be invested in that project instead.

This is probably the last update you'll see on this site, so change your bookmarks to point to

Incognito is dead (for the time being)
Written by anonym   
Mar 23, 2010 at 12:29 AM

As the head-line says, the Incognito LiveCD project is now dead. With over a year since the previous release, and with multiple serious vulnerabilities in the software it uses (including Tor) it might even be dangerous to use any of the current Incognito releases for other than testing purposes.

The reason for this is mainly that I, anonym, as the sole developer on this project simply do not have as much time to spend on Incognito as I did previously. That in combination with the ever increasing burden of maintaining it due to steadily decreasing LiveCD support from the Gentoo project itself simply resulted in an impossible situation for me. In the end, most of the work I did was related to get better hardware compatibility and similar issues, not improving security and adding more privacy features and making them more accessible for the end-user. That just didn't seem right.

But all hope is not lost. There is a bright new contender among privacy enhancing LiveCDs, namely amnesia, which is very similar to Incognito and should be considered as its spiritual successor. While it lacks some of Incognito's features (most notably the possibility to use a persistent home partition while running from a USB drive), it adds some new cool features with many more planned (including most Incognito features, like the above mentioned persistence). In fact, there's been some talk of making it the new Incognito even by name, but we'll see what happens about that.

Go give it a shot at: (yes, it's using a CA certificate so if your web-browser flips out and throws you some over-reactive warning, go an install CA cert and then proceed)

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