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February 01, 2005 12:00:00 AM CST   |   by Micheal Variano
I had a real treat the other night in a humble Hoboken, NJ studio. I was able to sit in on a session and watch one of the true masters work his craft.

That master was the Inspectah Deck himself, the infamous ninth member of the Wu-Tang Clan, and now CEO of his new label Urban Icon Records. Deck was solo with no entrouge taking care of business. It was truly a pleasure watching a true Emcee go through the process of writing rhymes for a beat he was working with.

Instead of jumping into a quick interview I waited for a good three hours before I spoke a word to Deck. During that time I became a student and watched one of the best do his thing. I made observations of Deck going back and forth several times, working the rhyme and listening to the beat. I sat there thinking that what he just did here in three hours is better than anything that is getting spins on the radio right now. Deck�s vocals are sharp and witty making serval references to his home borough of Shalion. Finally he felt comfortable with the song, and so eating some Domino�s pizza, Deck and I got down to the order of business.

Deck Tell me what�s going on in your life right now- you�re witnessing Lee Majors right now or Major Lee.
I am the six million dollar man and I am being rebuilt. I have lost some limbs in this business and taken some wounds but I am back and hard to kill.

Talk to me about The Rebellion your current project compared to your last two albums Uncontrolled Substance and The Movement
Uncontrolled Substance took some time to come out. I did most of the record a couple of years before it ever got released, but I caught a nice deal from Loud and it was able to go Gold. The Movement was me trying to start a new trend. I don�t think the public was ready for that one. It only did like sixty thousand in sales and derailed my plan a bit. The Rebellion will be a continuation of The Movement. I�m not into who did your fucking beat. I am coming after heads with this one bringing a lot of controversy.

Deck, talk to me and tell me about your label Urban Icon and what�s going on with it
Well Urban Icon is a very beautiful thing. I am trying to be global with it getting acts from Brazil, France wherever. I am trying to put out real artists. I am not ready to hang up the gloves yet either.

Does it ever bother you that real talent like yourself does not get a lot of light shining on them
Everybody has their time to shine and sound changes, peoples taste changes. But my shit is this, my full potential has not yet been reached and I have something to prove to myself. Let me tell you something I can go toe to toe with anyone. But yeah it bothers me when you got artist like me and people like Talib Kweli who haven�t reached the sales that someone like Lloyd Banks did doing three million in sales.

What are your ambitions or goals that you have set for yourself in these next couple of years
I am extremely focused on what I have to do right now. I got the label, the album, a mix tape that I am releasing in Europe and songs that I may do for some video games. I also got a script that I have been working on for the last two years.

Talk to me a bit about the current status of the Wu-tang
Wu- Tang is striking back like Return of The Jedi. We are plotting right now what label to go with and then hit hard with it. We changed the game up so much because we were so futuristic it�s time to do it again.

Deck tell me why is that Europe and other countries appreciate you and the Wu tang so much
They appreciate hip-hop as a whole and they don�t get all caught up with beefs, cars and jewelry. They just really feel our music and come to appreciate the music dressed in maybe just a t-shirt not worried about fly gear. When Wu Tang went to Puerto Rico they had to shut it down. I had my clothes ripped off of my body, it was crazy.

Deck this has been a real treat, any last words
This is the Rebel INS AKA Major Lee and I'm coming back rebuilt and soon people will feel the force of this one. Rest in peace ODB.

For more on Inspectah Deck check out: www.inspectahdeck.net



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