Bushforb, Slyther

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    Blaster pistol

From the Expanded Universe

It would take a devout Givin theoretician a lifetime to calculate just how many stories there are in the multi-leveled city of Coruscant, but Slyther Bushforb will tell you that he's heard them all. A private investigator (or "private dack" as he calls himself), he was a Nuknog with a talent for keeping his snout attuned to the pulse of the streets and the flow of crime. The case that had him seated at Dex's Diner the same day Obi-Wan Kenobi walked in looking for information was one that started like so many, with a woman.

It was a dark night, one that would have undoubtedly been stormy had Coruscant's Weather Control Network permitted it. Not many Nuknogs ever left the filthy swamps of Sump, which is why he knew the dame that walked into his office was trouble with a capital trill. She was a sight to behold, all right, with flushed display bulbs and a cold glint in her eye that would either break your heart or freeze it solid. Her name was Vekka Lodik, and she was the personal assistant of Seboca, the Dug actor enjoying some fame from his latest starring vehicle, Airtaxi Driver. Between puffs of a slender cigarra, she recounted to him how some palooka was gunning for the matinee idol.

Bushforb and his pal Rednax agreed to meet with her boss at Slyther's favorite ardees joint, Dex's Diner. The meeting went smooth as Ottegan silk, save for Seboca's annoyance when the Dug noticed a "Jedi poodoo" seated in an adjacent booth. Still, Slyther's smooth-talking put the Dug at ease, and when Seboca left, Slyther had the job.

He began his legwork there, waiting for the Jedi to leave to ask Dex a few questions. The Besalisk was always good for a rumor or two. Dex had heard something: a hunt that led Bushforb to other clues. Soon, he was sniffing out a solid lead from an old buddy in the Bounty Hunters Guild, which led to a run-down flat beneath Pom Plaza registered to a Dug named Manoca.Bushforb burst in, only to find Vekka holding a gun on him. She'd been the one out to bump off her boss all along. "Manoca" was just an alias Seboca used to keep a low profile, and when he showed up at his own secret pad, she planned to rub out the Dug, with Bushforb taking the fall.But he was nobody's patsy, not even for a looker like Vekka. She clearly hadn't learned to handle her rod on the mean streets of the underlevels, and when she glanced away, Bushforb got the drop on her. He pulled his own piece and gave her a nasty case of light poisoning.

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