Sony Clarifies Move Pricing, Microsoft Defends Kinect's

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By Tom Ivan

July 29, 2010

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Sony has clarified PlayStation Move pricing and launch offerings for the UK market.

The PlayStation Move Pack, including one Move controller, a PlayStation Eye camera and a starter disk will retail for £49.99. Confirmed contents for the starter pack include an instructional video for setting up the hardware, along with playable demos of Sports Champions, Start The Party, The Shoot, EyePet: Move Edition, TV Superstars, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11, echochrome ii, Tumble and Beat Sketchers.

The standalone Move controller will cost £34.99, the PS Eye camera £24.99, and the Move sub-controller £24.99. The company also pointed out that Move games can be played using one Move controller, and that a regular PS3 pad can be used instead of the Move sub-controller. Move is set to launch in Europe on September 15.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has said that its rival motion control offering, Kinect for Xbox 360, is “very competitively priced".

Set to launch in November, the Kinect sensor will retail for £129.99 and come with Kinect Adventures. It will also be bundled with a new Xbox 360 4GB console and Kinect Adventures for £249.99.

"The camera tracks six people – with two active gamers – you don't have to buy anything else,” Microsoft group marketing manager Brett Siddons told TechRadar.

“I'll let you do the maths but when you say Nintendo Wii or PlayStation Move you buy this and this, even for a two player games. What do you need and what do actually have to spend for a two player game for this device versus that device. You actually find that [Kinect] is very competitively priced."

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Well, I'm perfectly happy to sit back and wait for both to be released, see what actually is on offer on release day, play the games and then I'll decide which one to buy. If they both really take off with some good games to support them, I may eventually buy both.

Or I might not bother my arse with either of them and instead spend my money on some nice Italian shoes.

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How long will it be until reports start coming in about lights breaking of the end of moves controllers. The bob at the end with the skinny connections point looks like an obvious design fault to me. The light should be flush with the end of the handle.

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The casing of the bulb is made of soft material in order to defuse any accidental impacts.

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I don't quite understand you, why would it break?

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The thing is, I don't understand why the Wii is even being mentioned. The quality of games that can come to either upper end systems will dominate the Wii graphically and with better controls. I don't claim to be a hardcore gamer...I am just a gamer. I play all genres and I play for hours each day after work, sometimes with my wife and kids, sometimes without them. I play shooters like the people who claim to be "hardcore", and I play games like Limbo, and even indie games when they catch my eye. I am not casual in my gaming, and I am not an elitist asshole who claims to have better taste than other gamers. I play because it is fun, and I like a lot of fun in my life. Kinect is not out of my price range, so I have no need to search for unimportant flaws to convince myself not to get it. I will get my money's worth the first time I watch my wife play Dance Central, and shake her sexy little hips around.

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This is my view. Personally I feel 250 GBP is just too much! For these casual type devices they surely need to be under 200 GBP. The other issue I have is how casual looking is the new Xbox 360? Not very much. For the life of me I do not understand what Microsoft did there. They want to target the casual crowd and then go off and design a console that looks like a hardcore gamers PC! Even the relatively large Kinect camera is not appeasing. Same goes for the name. And how will consumers take to getting the lesser Xbox with a matte-color and only 4 GB storage. I mean the 4GB storage in this day and age is just going to raise massive concerns.

Personally I think Kinect's potential lies in PC navigation through gesture and voice and perhaps something that will be built into a TV. Not games.

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The problem sony has is that their solution is clearly a straight 1:1 ripoff of the wii remote (classic sony move) and people will choose the wii over it. I think Microsoft have a shot at the market as at least they are trying something partially innovative.

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Now that I have had my say on Microsoft, I think it is only fair I address Sony. I actually think that once people get the Move in their hand, they will easily be able to tell the accuracy and precision that sets apart the Move from the Wii. And when they do that, that will be the best way to sell the product i.e. through an experience. Not marketing sure. But actually as a slow-burner realization. Sony have done the Move in a excellent manner where it has hardly offended anyone and where it's possibilities are endless (check the tech-demos and libraries). I think no-one here will deny it has the more rounded and versatile options for game experiences both core and hardcore.

The other brilliant thing is it pretty much cost Sony little to make. Not all that sophisticated yet the end results (user experience) seems overly positive. If the developers start to incorporate it into their games (i.e. Dead Space and Killzone 3) and do that well the Move has a chance.

I still think though they need to get their pricing sorted. 24.99 GBP for the Wand, 14.99 for the Navigation Controller, 14.99 GBP for the PlayStation Eye and 49.99 GBP with a 'full' game and demo disc plus PlayStation Eye, Navigation Control and Wand would be much much better! Pricing is an issue. I mean to get the PS3 Motion experience you will have to pay 300 GBP which is pretty much not on.

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>>> The other brilliant thing is it pretty much cost Sony little to make.

Brilliant for whom? Why should any consumer care about this?

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What's innovative about kinect? The Eye Toy was doing the same thing back on the PS2.

You are also presuming that people have to decide one or the other. I haven't been interested in the Wii enough to buy one but I am interested in Move because I will be able to play the fun party games when friends are round and also be able to use if for shooters etc. The last point being something that neither the Wii can offer (HD games) or Microsoft (no "core" titles will be Kinectable at launch).

The people I have seen around the net have been almost entirely negative about Kinect AS IS. There is obviously some real potential there, but it seems Microsoft haven't realised much of it in their rush to capture some of the Wii's success.

I personally think MS & Sony are closing the stable door after the horse has bolted with their new tech, but it's good for us existing owners who can reap the benefits of it.

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Why does everyone keep saying no "core" games will work with Kinect? Fable 3 is a core game. Forza is a core game. Ugh...obviously people who have PS3 shouldn't bother buying a 360 to play Kinect. Same for 360 owners. We aren't going to buy a PS3 just to get Move. If you are happy with the console you have, and the experience you get with it (huge online options for 360, bluray for PS3) then none of this matters. You should just check out how cool the new gameplay will be for your system, and don't worry about what other people are playing. For anyone who has no system, then sure, they have a decision to make, but they have waited until the end of the console life, so they obviously aren't avid gamers.

Play what you love.

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I totally agree with you about just playing what you enjoy. I just resent yet more MSBS being heaped on people with a device that apparently still doesn't work properly. History repeating it seems.

My point about "core" games was that you can play the likes of Gran Turismo, Killzone 3 & Socom with Move. I didn't know you could play Forza with Kinect but it seems MS have only really thought about Kinect only software for it's launch, rather than adapting other games.

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I think what people mean are there are no core Kinect games. Fable 3 will have only limited compatibility with the device. That it is released before Kinect confirms this.

Forza 4 might well be a Kinect title, but looks absolutely horrible. You can either hold your arms out to steer, which is as daft a control scheme as I've ever seen, or you can walk around the cars if you're playing in a warehouse. The only hope you have is that the head tracking works well.

Either way, enough to splash £130?

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What happened to the early videos of someone playing a racing game where they were changing gear with their left hand SAT on a sofa?

I'm sure they said it was capable of tracking individual finger movements.

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So Sony release "fun party games" at launch but MS are rushing to capture some of the Wii's success.
But if MS arent releasing any kinectable games at launch then how does that work?

I'll reserve judgment on Move and Kinect until I've tried both for myself.
Although by looking at the motion titles for both the Move and Kinect that might never happen.

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QSo Sony release "fun party games" at launch but MS are rushing to capture some of the Wii's success.

A"I am interested in Move because I will be able to play the fun party games when friends are round
<<< AND ALSO >>> be able to use if for shooters etc."

Where did I say MS are rushing to capture some of the Wii's success ? Seems you just pasted different parts of my comment together out of context for some reason to maybe paint me as being impartial. Guess what you sensitive little fanboy, we are all consumers and have no reason to be impartial.

Q "But if MS arent releasing any kinectable games at launch then how does that work?"

You are now suggesting I said that there would be no Kinect games? You see if you make crap like that up about the comment above you, you will end up looking pretty silly.

A (no "core" titles will be Kinectable at launch)."

By this point I was beginning to wonder just how cheap crack must be where you live.

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Oh deary me..... you must have spammed this thread with so many comments that your forgetting what you have said now.

You asked me: "Where did I say MS are rushing to capture some of the Wii's success ? "

You said it here: "The people I have seen around the net have been almost entirely negative about Kinect AS IS. There is obviously some real potential there, but it seems Microsoft haven't realised much of it in their rush to capture some of the Wii's success."

You also said to me: "You are now suggesting I said that there would be no Kinect games? You see if you make crap like that up about the comment above you, you will end up looking pretty silly."

You said that here: "The last point being something that neither the Wii can offer (HD games) or Microsoft (no "core" titles will be Kinectable at launch)."

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Oh, so in an entirely different post I said MS & Sony were trying to get some of Nintendo's success. NO S**T!!!! What is the issue here? I DID NOT WRITE THIS IN THE POST YOU REPLIED TO, nor did I suggest MS were doing it and not Sony, so what the hell is your problem?

As you have quoted me, actually point out what you think is wrong in that quote & don't try to twist my words.

I detect an insecure fanboy here methinks...

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The Eye Toy was doing menu navigation and user identification/automatic sign in, jump in/jump out gameplay combined with voice commands on PS2? MS already had their Eye Toy clone with the Vision Camera; this goes way beyond that. If it was the same technology, games like Dance Connect and Your Shape Fitness Evolved would have come out long ago for Eye Toy.

Even if you don't like the casual emphasis MS has placed on this technology (I don't like that either), it's really quite silly to say it's not innovating any more than the Eye Toy. That would be like saying the Space Shuttle didn't innovate any more than the horse drawn buggy since they both have wheels and are used for transportation.

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My point was that it is an evolution of similar technology, whereas one of the previous posters said it was innovative. There is a big difference.

I tried to make my points about Kinect fairly. People will have pretty much decided by now if they are getting it or not and to those who are - good luck to you.

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Blah blah blah.
Show us the killer motion apps.

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Nintendo have been trying for 4 years now and the closest they've come is Wii Sports!

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Mario, Metroid, Zelda all feature some very inovative and very well done motion play into their mix. There are other gems scattered about as well. The technology is there but few are willing to really get to grips with it.

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None of them are a killer app for motion control though. All could have been done just as well with a GameCube pad, Zelda in fact proving that point. Wii Sports still stands as the best showcase for the technology.

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That does not mean that the gamecube control is preferable. Hell i can not play my Metroid prime 1 and 2 discs any more. I was kind of forced to buy the trilogy version because the control scheme was so not intuitive and outdated and Prime 3 "spoiled" me. Once you get to play properly developed games with motion controls there is just no going back (depending on genre).

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Prime 3 is the way FPS should control with a remote, but to be honest, I wouldn't say 1 & 2 are unplayable with a pad. But then I play shooters regularly with a pad.

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It seems like I'm debating quite a bit with you lately Alex-

I too control FPSs with pads and do quite well with it but the problem with Prime 1 was that there was no dual analog. The left stick controlled walking and turning, if you wanted to strafe or "look" you had to hold one of the triggers down. So "circle strafing" was impossible. It was a broken control scheme for a game from the first person. It "worked" but it was struggle at times. Boss encounters for example where the boss would charge at you and you had to get out of the way, run to where it was just standing, turn around, then shoot before it would stop running and turn around to charge again was a challenge due to the busted controls, not the boss's difficulty. Instead of just simply strafing to your right or left, running forward, then circle strafing around to shoot you had to turn to your right, run straight, turn to your left, run straight, get to the end and do a full 180 while just standing in place. By that time he's already turned around and ready to charge.

It seems ikaruga's statement made sense only when referring to a FPS that already has a broken control scheme anyway. If Prime 1 had dual analog then the jump from that to wii-mote wouldn't have been a good one, playable, but not necessarily better.

I want to see someone play a fast-paced shooter like Halo or Gears with something like a Wii mote and see how well they actually do. It might be more "fun" or feel like you're actually shooting a weapon, but you're going to get smoked by someone with a dual analog pad.

I would say for FPS, mouse and keyboard would be out wands for the simple fact that you can only turn accurately so fast with a wand and still aim properly. Just my thoughts though.

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I disagree fully. The problem you say with Prime 1 not having circle strafing is of course false. The game DID had circle strafing but you needed to hold down the lock on button to do so. You think this is a bad control scheme but you would be wrong because Metroid is NOT an FPS and it is commonly mistaken for one. It is an adventure-action game very much like Zelda but viewed through a first person camera and this is the one and only similarity it shares with a common FPS. The controls are the best i have ever experienced for a game of this nature....for a normal controller. Wii controls easily beats it down like ANY other console control scheme, from Call of Duty to Resident Evil 4 to Scarface, you name it.

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I guess that shows how long it is since I've played Prime 1! In that case, I can see why the Wii version would be a marked improvement, but as you say, just adding in dual analogue would be just as big a leap.

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Hark is that the next XBOX I can see on the 2011 horizon?

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I may be wrong in saying this but the fact that Microsoft has to come out again to defend their product shows to me that even they do not have much confidence in its price.

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It doesn't look like they came out again, since this is the exact statement they made before. Maybe if reporters quit asking the same questions, they would quit getting the same answers.

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so by itself, it costs more than a wii, hahah.

I figure by now, I've realized I don't really care about motion controls. New Super Mario Bros, Monster Hunter Tri are some of the most fun Wii games, and are playable without motion controls.

The Move looks interesting, but the playstation controller is already versatile enough for any game.

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I don't understand your math. A Wii here costs $199.99 and the Kinect is $149.99 with some stores already announcing a special price of $79.99 at launch (maybe that's just local). Either way, it makes your statement untrue.

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Mac, Kinect where you are may cost $149.99 but you still need to buy/have a 360 in order to use it so I think that is where the math falls on its arse. It is really not that hard to understand.

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MS is using their price comparison with potential consumers new to this generation. If you want to buy a Wii and have two players you have to buy the Wii, an extra nunchuck, and an extra wii-mote. If you buy the Kinect with the 360 arcade (waaa-aste if you ask me) you pay $299 and you already have two players. If you buy a PS3, Move, a $49 game (it only comes with demos), and two ice cream cones with it for two player support it turns out pretty expensive, too.

I see their angle and they are targeting new consumers with it (look at the $50 discount right off the top if you buy it bundled with an arcade) so for those consumers who haven't bought a console yet or Wii owners looking for the next way to flail around Kinect is the cheapest way to go (relative to buying a Wii+Nuncuck+Wii-mote or a PS3+Move+game+2 ice cream cones).

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First off, congratulations on your recent good news.

I must admit that having gone back over and read the statement again it is fair to see that MS are likely to be talking about new consumers. So I will concede that their statement is a reasonable conclusion.

Never let it be known that I am one to stoke the embers......

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Thanks Paul, and I won't.


I just realized that MS added the Wii balance board to their new console/motion control pricing comparo to make the Wii more comparible with the functionality of Kinect. So it seems the Wii ($199) with a Wii motion plus controller ($49) and nunchuck ($19) is $30 cheaper than an arcade 360 w/Kinect ($299). But since MS added the Wii blance board it put it over the cost of the $299 arcade/kinect bundle.

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Mac, the maths would be Kinect = £129.99 Wii = £169.99. So his statement is wrong unless he means preowned, but not too far off. If you factor a 360 in, you're looking at £249.99.

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Just having a look on another website at prices for additional controllers - I am going with first party controllers - for the Wii it costs £40 to have a Wiimote and nunchuck. So am afraid Brett Siddons does not appear to have a math degree plus Kinect is far from competively priced.

With regards to Move I do not know if one playstation eye can track more than one player so that would more than likely make Move more comparable to Kinect.

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I do think it's "competitive" in's not competitive in software, though. It also seems it's not competitive in room space, in-door lighting, and sitting-down gaming.

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The main concern I would have is if it is going to be sold fit for purpose.

I don't think MS have formally acknowledged any lag issues but there have been plenty of reports from E3 and the like stating that the latency issues are beyond just being noticable and detract from the gameplay experience.

I don't think the price would be the hot topic if, as you suggested, there were a couple (at least) of mouth-wateringly good-looking games on the release day schedule alongside Kinect. I think people may groan slightly but would ultimately cave in.

That would possibly be true if we could assume it was actually going to work as advertised. Seems MS never learn (to care?), and why should they? If people can go through 7/8 360s and still sing their praises, surely this is minor.

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Fable III is a pretty impressive looking game. I just think the price has made a lot of people start looking for reasons not to buy it. That's too bad. Obviously, first gen games on new equipment aren't going to be the best, but with support from consumers the motivation would be greater to make better games as it goes along. Look at the Wii. Sure there are a ton of useless games, but the quality has improved as the developers saw the demand grow. I wish more people would buy the Kinect based on the potential of the product instead of assuming the games that have been announced so far are all we will ever see. I guess a bad economy is the wrong time to innovate.

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mac, you can't seriously be wishing ppl should buy kinect at its launch price and quite poor launch lineup based purely on the potential? we can say it might have potential and wait for the conditions to improve sure.

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I like your point Mac about wishing people would buy Kinect based on the potential of the product - are you receiving a kick back from Microsoft? I am kidding, it would be great if consumers shopped that way but I think it is a marketing departments wet dream.

When it comes down to it people are gonna look at the first wave of games and think oh my god the Wii was doing this 3 years ago. It is hard for people to part with money for something that in their eyes is old news.

I believe that there is potential in Kinect but doubt that it lies in the gaming world..

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I'm not so sure, Paul. The tech industry has often relied on early adopters/gadget geeks to support a product at launch based more on potential rather than what the product offers out of the box. Every game console sold at launch pretty much exemplifies that logic.

I think Kinect can distinguish itself from looking too much like the Wii at launch simply from the Netflix/menu navigation and the fact that it's in HD. In the US, the arcade/kinect bundle will only cost $20-30 more than a Wii with two controllers - that doesn't seem like a very hard sell now that HD adoption has hit critical mass in the US and consumers want content to support that new tv purchase.

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i disagree that its based on potential grog (early tech adoption) imo its based on having to have something "cool" before everyone else. It doesnt make sense to buy say an iphone4 on launch day, at launch prices when you think it might be worth it 6 months down the road in which time its price could have also been cut. You dont gain anything whatsoever by choosing a kinect the day it comes out over a kinect the day it has something you want to use/play.

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I'm not sure that the iPhone 4 comparison is that great, because I don't think anyone ever really doubted that the iPhone 4 was going to be good, wheras there's significant doubt pretty much everywhere that Kimect and Move are going to be worthwhile. Also, the iPhone was good immediately at release, where these motion controls are really only going to be good if/when someone releases something worth playing.

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Yep, no doubt there's a lot of that involved too, Miles! However, I do believe that it's not the only factor for many early adopters and even those that want something cool hope that it will prove worthwhile in more tangible ways down the road.

I suspect the example you gave is going to be quite accurate, because I think it's quite likely MS will drop the price of Kinect $50 (without the game pack-in to "justify" the drop) by next summer. It's a little weird to me that they haven't announced a Kinect bundle with the other new SKU - maybe it's a perception fear of showing a $399 price point.