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The Simpsons - Is Ralphie a Head Case? Yep! Limited Edition Package Revealed for The 13th Season DVDs

4-disc set coming out on August 24th, along with the 'unlimited' DVD box version AND a high-def Blu-ray version

Posted by David Lambert
Earlier this month we reported about Fox's August 24th release of The Simpsons - The 13th Season on 4-disc DVD and also on high-def 3-disc Blu-ray. In our story at the time, we mentioned that the DVD set "for a limited time, will have the front cover embossed". But what exactly did that mean?

Today we learned that this means the Limited Edition "head case" packages which have been available with each season set from 6 through 12, didn't completely disappear because Fox "jumped ahead" for an anniversary release of Season 20! The head case returns with Ralph Wiggum's face in 3D on the cover of The Simpsons - The 13th Season (Limited Edition Ralph Head). It's available the same day, August 24th.

This apparently is only available for the DVD version, by the way: no BD version is mentioned. Cost is the same as the "standard" package version, at $49.98 SRP. If you prefer to own this version of the DVD, you can pre-order it from Amazon right away! The new artwork isn't showing at that listing right now, but we expect what you see immediately below to appear there soon enough. Check it out:

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The Simpsons - The 13th Season (Limited Edition Ralph Head)

The Simpsons - The 13th Season DVD

The Simpsons - The 13th Season Blu-ray Disc

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