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October 15, 2007
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Some genius has got my IP banned so I can't open an account for Papertank just yet. So for now, here is a font.

This one was made by ~nortago

*gallow ~nortago ~True-Believer

Papertank 2007.
Free for personal use.
Please favourite if you download it and like it.

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it's just the moment...
Brilliant! Cheers =D

Go here to donate prizes to a future #EmoticonOpus contest.

PokéSplicing Group: #Cinnabar-Lab

Pokémon Trivia: [link]
This is an awesome font! Thank you so much!
Thank you for a great font!
I've been using it on my site [link] where you also are being credited. Cheers!

Flickr [link]
Fonts on Deviantart?! How cool! I really like your font! :D

Icon family created by =Rin-shi <3
I just wanted to let you know that I've used your font at my website and have credited you on my site page. Thanks so much!

No problem, thanks for letting me know :tea:

Wonderful font! Thank you!