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Tele Atlas Map Insight

Map Insight is our consumer map feedback and change reporting system. Working with our partners our unique Web-based application streamlines the collection of feedback by providing end users with a tool to transmit map changes and updates directly to Tele Atlas.  By leveraging user perspectives, our data will become fresher and more valuable to consumers, developers, and enterprises alike.  In addition to helping Tele Atlas detect change, Map Insight provides many benefits to our partners:

Reduces support costs
Map Insight allows our partners to offload collection and reporting of user feedback directly to Tele Atlas.  Rather than assigning Technical Support to collect and communicate user feedback the user can send it directly to Tele Atlas.  Simply placing a link to the Map Insight application on your Web site will send map feedback directly to our change reporting systems. 

Enables additional marketing programs
Use of the Map Insight application can be tracked on your Web site and used as a basis for loyalty programs or further promotional communication.  Frequent contributors can be rewarded or notified when map updates are available.

Improves end-user reporting experience
End users often submit feedback through many different channels; phone, email, Web forms, etc.  Directing all feedback through Map Insight provides a clear, consistent, and common channel for all users.

Prioritizes Tele Atlas editing
As we receive feedback our systems group reports by type and cluster them by geography to help create projects for our teams to research and update.  Reports are prioritized based on several criteria such as type, population, and density of the cluster.  The feedback we receive helps us detect and manage changes to our map data more quickly, so that we can keep our maps accurate and up-to-date.

Contact your Tele Atlas account manager to learn more or to join the Map Insight program.



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