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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'Grey's,' 'House,' 'Bones,' 'NCIS,' 'The Office,' and more!

ask-ausielloImage Credit: Danny Feld/ABC; Giovanni Rufino/The CW; Greg Gayne/FoxGot a scoop request? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Just want to say hi? You can send any/all of the above to

Question: As of today, I have officially seen every single episode of Grey’s Anatomy, and now I don’t know what to do with myself! Grey’s scoop, please! —Bea
Even though nearly two months will have passed since the shooting rampage, Derek will still be in pretty bad shape when the season starts. And I’m not talking physically.

Question: What can you tell us about the Grey’s Anatomy premiere? —Claudia
A major character will be sent directly to jail by the end of the episode. Hint: This person has already been name-checked in this week’s AA.

Question: Do you know if NCIS will deal more with what happened to Ziva in Somalia? —Carlee
Funny you should ask. Exec producer Shane Brennan just told me the following: “In November sweeps, we dip again into a story that perhaps everyone thought was played out. It involves Ziva.”

Question: I am dying for some NCIS scoop. Any news on the season premiere? —Lyss
Brennan says the resolution of last season’s cliff-hanger will “speak volumes about what sort of dad Gibbs Sr. was to his son. And you see why Gibbs is very much cut from the same cloth. He may be old, but he’s feisty.”

Question: Is Rena Sofer returning to NCIS? —Brenda
“She’s not in the premiere,” says Brennan. “But she didn’t die. And unless they carry you out feet first, never say never.”

Question: Any scoop on Private Practice? —Alex
Dexter’s dad is paying a visit! James Remar has been cast in the potentially recurring role of Gibby, a physician with Doctors Without Borders and an old friend of Pete’s. He’ll first turn up in this season’s third episode. Oh, and in case you missed’s scoop, Pete and Violet are getting married in the premiere. (BTW, there’s no connection between their nuptials and this story. Thought you should know.)

Question: Please tell me you have some Bones scoop that doesn’t involve Booth’s new girlfriend. I really need the distraction. —Amy
As they approach their first-year anniversary, Angela and Hodgins will remain an “ironclad couple,” says exec producer Hart Hanson. “They are in the honeymoon phase but they keep getting smacked in the head. But the honeymoon phase never goes away. They are deeply, deeply in love. We just want to do everything to a couple you would do to a couple that is going to go through life together. Sort of the opposite of Booth and Brennan for the time being.” Hanson adds that he plans to “have the kitchen sink thrown at them” this season, “but they’re together for always. We could change our mind next year, but they’re pretty strong this season.”

Question: What’s this I’m hearing about a sniper stalking the Bones gang this season? —Dave
“We’ve got someone worse than the Gravedigger coming,” teases Hanson. “And if the Gravedigger is Evil Brennan, this next person is Evil Booth.” Sounds like a sniper to me. “Booth was a sniper,” Hanson points out, “so it may be a sniper.” In related news, sources confirm to me exclusively that Hart Hanson is legally changing his name to Teasy McTeaserson.

Question: Can you give us any sort of clue as to who is going to die on Bones? Is it a series regular? —Camilla
I’m 92 percent certain it is not a series regular. Hanson, meanwhile, would only tell me “it’s someone we know.” This Just In: Hart Hanson is changing his name yet again. He will now be known as Cryptic McCrypticson.

Question: What’s in store for Cate and Ryan on Life Unexpected this season? I love them together. —Ken
Their marriage is going to hit a few bumps, but none of them will involve Baze. “Baze has been a thorn in their side, but in the second season, the dynamic is going to shift a little bit,” reveals exec producer Liz Tigelaar. “Whereas before they had a common enemy in Baze—all of their problems can kind of be blamed on him—they come to realize that maybe other things are more of a problem. Removing Baze from the equation highlights some other things they hadn’t quite worked out. This season is very much the story of a young marriage and the trials and tribulations that they go through and the way you’re kind of thrust together, torn apart, and brought back together. It’s like everyone always says—the first year of marriage is the hardest. I think that they’re going to experience that.”

Question: I’m still really bummed about the Emmys snubbing Cougar Town—especially Busy Philipps for supporting actress! Can you give me some scoop to ease my pain? —Ed
This next piece of news should leave you feeling both happy and a little gay: Exec producer Bill Lawrence hints that Travis will make a gay friend in season 2. “One of the reasons Travis is going to college,” says Lawrence, “is to expand our world a little bit.” In possibly related news, Cougar Town is casting the role of Travis’ “enormous jock-y college roommate” named Kevin. Think Quinton Aaron from The Blind Side—only with better fashion sense. (That last part is purely speculative.)

Question: Anything you can share about Tim/Tyra from Friday Night Lights? —Lisa
I asked Adrianne Palicki—star of Fox’s near-perfect fall drama Lone Star—about rumors of a Tim/Tyra reunion in season 5, and here’s what she told me: “I think if anybody ends up together it should be them. They’re so right for each other. They’re the same.” I tend to agree with her. Palicki and I also see eye to eye when it comes to costar Connie Britton’s long-overdue Emmy nomination. For her thoughts on that, and scoop on FNL‘s wrap parties (plural), press play below.

Question: Got any scoop for Sons of Anarchy fans? I can't wait for the new season! —Kara
Maggie Siff (Tara) tells me that season 3 picks up almost immediately where season 2 left off. "The first episode is just a couple days after the last episode, so it's really the aftermath of the [kidnapping]," she says. "So there's still a lot of shock involved. There's this reckoning of guilt and fear and anxiety and adrenaline. The whole season is [like] that."

Question: How are audiences responding to Quintuplets? —Sara
You complete me, Sara.

Question: Thank you for all the scoops the past two weeks! You are completely forgiven for skipping a week of Ask Ausiello. I would love you even more if you can give me a Psych scoop, preferably a very good one. —Cecilie
I'm kind of shocked this hasn't gotten out, but James Roday revealed the identity of the Yin-Yang killer to me at Comic-Con—and our cameras caught the whole thing! Roday also told me that Dana Ashbrook is confirmed to guest- star in the show's upcoming Twin Peaks-themed episode. BTW, if you're too lazy to go watch my interview with Roday and Dule Hill, I'll just tell you who Yin-Yang is here: It's **** *******s. Can you believe it?!

Question: Scoop on Castle, please. Are Castle and Beckett getting together anytime soon? —Maggie
You obviously missed my interview with Nathan Fillion at Comic-Con, during which he revealed that Castle and Beckett would spend much of the season married—in the figurative sense—to other people. Exec producer Andrew Marlowe both corroborated and expanded on that scoop when we caught up with him at press tour. "We will be introducing a boyfriend for Beckett in episode 4," he revealed. "It's someone new and surprising." Castle, meanwhile, will still be going strong with his ex—although fellow EP Rob Bowman concedes "he would prefer to be with Beckett. He acted as a gentleman should last year. She said she was with somebody else and he stepped back. But I don't think he spent his summer where he preferred to spend it. I think he wants to be back with her. We also know we like to have fun with the boy/girl chase and that as soon as he lets on any intention that he's interested, you know she's going to punish him. And that's why we watch the show."

Question: I know she's on CSI: NY now, but is there any chance Sela Ward will be returning to House this season? —Josh
No. That particular 'ship has sailed. This season's all about the Cuddster. "House and Cuddy alone in a room have had chemistry—that's never been in doubt," says exec producer Katie Jacobs. "Can it work in the real world? Can it work with them being co-workers? She's his boss, she has a kid, he's always breaking the rules... Can it work? I don't know, but that's the question [this season]. And she's not necessarily trying to change him. It's not like she goes, 'Oh well, I'll give it a try with House and hopefully he'll grow up.' He's never going to grow up. And she sort of thinks, 'I love him enough, maybe it could work. It's complicated.'"

Question: I'm kind of obsessed with your story about House's new opening title sequence. How exactly will it be different? —Jennifer
Let's ask Katie Jacobs, who's working on the revamp as we speak. "It's not all new," she says, "but I'm making a few changes because Jennifer [Morrison] is no longer in the main titles. And I am changing a little bit more than that, but I'm not changing so much that you're losing what you love about the opening titles." Jacobs also confirmed that a "few new names"—presumably Olivia Wilde and Peter Jacobson—have been added to the opening as well.

Question: What's coming up for Scotty and Kevin this season on Brothers & Sisters? —Dennis
"Something very risqué," teases exec producer Greg Berlanti. "I'll leave it at that." You thinking what I'm thinking? 'Cause I'm thinking this has open relationship written all over it.

Question: Any more Gossip Girl scoops? I'm dying here! —Jessica
The bitch is back and more powerful than ever. "Blair at NYU was like throwing a fish far, far out of water," says exec producer Josh Schwartz. "I think [this season] you'll see Blair with her power back, with her swagger back, back in her game, but still troubled by thoughts of Mr. Bass. The Chuck/Blair relationship—whether they're together or not—will always be a huge drive to the show emotionally."

Question: I have created a Facebook campaign for Burt Reynolds to host SNL and I am trying to spread the word about it. Thanks for your time. —Kathleen
What an unbelievable coincidence. I'm starting a Facebook campaign to put an end to Facebook campaigns that involve old people hosting SNL. Spooky.

Question: Any juicy and/or shocking news about the new season of Desperate Housewives? —Arno
Stop me if you've heard this one: More than one cougar will be preying on Brian Austin Green's handyman character. I'm told both Bree (Marcia Cross) and Renee (Vanessa Williams) will sink their claws into the artist formerly known as David Silver this fall.

Question: Did you get any Supernatural scoop at press tour? —Jackie
Sure did. Considering the theme of the season is monsters, it's probably no surprise that the first big mystery concerns, er, monsters. "Sam and Dean are looking into the fact that monsters are acting off-pattern," explains exec producer Sera Gamble. "It's sort of a postapocalyptic landscape and monsters are acting in various weird ways. It's a monster mystery." Gamble is also hard at work on an episode that pokes fun at the Twilight phenomenon. "I was just doing a bit of work on the script today with [series creator] Eric [Kripke] and he was like, 'So what is this reference to dropping an apple?' I was like, 'You don't know the dropping-an-apple thing? It's from Twilight!' I was like, 'Come over here! You have to watch the promo!' There are a lot of references to Twilight and our former [time-slot companion] Vampire Diaries."

Question: Do you know how I can get ahold of one of those awesome Entertainment Weekly pillows from your Comic-Con video suite? —Stephanie
I probably shouldn't be doing this but I'm feeling extra generous today. Bring $600 cash to the SW corner of 42nd and Seventh Avenue in exactly one hour. We'll make the exchange there. If you bring anyone with you the deal is off.

Question: Any chance of seeing Grissom even for a tiny moment on CSI this season? —Juliana
I'm 92 percent certain the next time you see Grissom will be in the show's series finale.

Question: With Liz Vassey leaving CSI, what can you tell us about the fate of Wallace Langham? —DJ
He's staying put. In fact, sounds like he's getting a promotion. "We're focusing primarily on the core team this season, and I want to bring Hodges more into that core group," says exec producer Carol Mendelsohn, who adds that Vassey will be back in episode 2 to wrap up Wendy's story line. "I think fans will be satisfied. She will be able to say goodbye to Hodges, and Hodges will take his anger and heartbreak out on a fellow tech."

Question: Who is Timothy Olyphant playing on The Office? —Jeff
A rival paper salesman with a deep, dark secret: He used to date Pam!

Question: Thanks for all the How I Met Your Mother spoilers. Can I please have some more, kind sir? —Jen
Yes, ma'am. Ted is getting a serious love interest this season. "There's going to be a new woman in Ted's life that is very complicated and intriguing," says exec producer Craig Thomas. "It's going to be a big arc, a huge arc for this season. It's going to be a little bit less date-of-the-week for Ted, which is what season 5 was. Last season we kind of just had fun with Ted. This year, we're back to the fact that Ted is the "I" in How I Met Your Mother. There's going to be a huge push of forward momentum for Ted on that search and that journey. We're going to meet the biggest female character we've maybe ever added to the show in Ted's life, and it's very complicated and intriguing at first. I can't say a lot more than that."

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to Also, you can follow me on Twitter via @michaelausiello. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  • Jessica

    ” Jennifer [Morrison] is no longer in the main titles.”

    • Kristen

      NO!!!! I’m still pissed that she is no longer on the show!!!

      • Ryan

        It was her decision so no use getting mad over it

      • joe

        @ryan, it was not her decision, she was fired to make room to huddy

      • April

        Ryan, it wasn’t Jennifer Morrison’s decision to leavc House, it was Shore’s and Jacob’s decision to drop her character even though Morrison wanted to stay on the show and a lot of viewers wanted Cameeron back fulltime.

        I guess they’ll do everything to sell Huddy, whether it’s retconning House’s relationship with Stacy to nothing important or isolating House from every other character he had chemistry with.

        The show is turning off everyone except the Huddy fans, even those who liked Original House before he turned into a lovesich sap who no longer cares about the medicine, jusgt Cuddy. The question is whether there are enough Huddy fans to keep the numbers up.

      • Sally

        It was not Jennifer’s decision! She had to leave for the Huddy crap!

      • Jane

        I completely agree. That’s one of the main reasons I hate the “Huddy” crap. This show is a soap opera now that Cameron is gone and “Huddy” took over. Newsflash: most of the fans don’t give a frak about Huddy. Online shippers are only a few hundred in millions of viewers.

      • Fernanda

        LOL, what? Connecting Jennifer Morrison’s departure and the development of a storyline that she had/has no involvement absolutely lacks of logic.

      • Adelle

        Jennifer was fired and most of the people who watch the show don´t care about her. Her online fans are only a few hundred in millions of viewers (@Jane).
        The writers didn´t have anything else to write about her character that could be related to House. It´s a business. End of story.

      • Matt

        Jennifer Morrison’s character left on episode 8, then for the rest of the season there has been NO Huddy at all, except for the final episode!
        So, she didn’t leave to make room for Huddy! You know, saying that she left to make room for Hilson, actually makes more sense… But that’s not true either! ABSOLUTLEY NOT!
        You should know that if you at least watched the show…

        Who are the delusional fangirls NOW??

      • dejune117

        Oh, so countless episodes of Cameron swooning over House isn’t soap material but the exploration of a Huddy relationship is? So much hypocrisy.

        And for those complaining about Chase’s storyline … does anyone even remember the Chase from “All In” who was hoping to ‘score’ with his shark story? Chase had been attached to Cameron since late season three and is now a free man. I don’t think it’s too much for him to go out and enjoy his singlehood.

      • Wilsonistheman

        ROFL. How sad and pathetic are those delusional Cameron fangirls? I mean, seriously. The only thing her character had going for her was her dead husband’s frozen sperm. That’s as soapy as the show got. Please find another show to watch and move on.

      • Daniel

        Indeed!! I’m sorry to be the one to say this, but Cameron is the most soapy character of the show…
        She had the most soapy storylines ever:, from the whole “yes, I’m marrying chase- no, I’m not- yes, I’m – no, I’m” drama to the “I’m leaving ’cause I can’t forgive my husband for killing a patient, which by the way it’s something I did too, but that was a few season ago” nonsense!

        I really like Jennifer Morrison, she is such a nice person. But her character is too much of a pain in the ass. I’m sorry, but that’s what I feel.

      • Rob

        This. Cameron was a pain in the ass since season 1. And it´s funny how her fans say that the show is now soapy (only bc House doesn´t love Cameron) when Cameron provided the most soapy storylines in the show: marrying a dying man, keeping his frozen sperm, falling in love with his best friend, trying to fix the world and House, stalking House all the time, being “in love” with him, being “damaged”, loving-not loving poor Chase, leaving his husband for something he made that she wanted to make before, coming back to sign divorce papers and having sex with her already ex…
        Please, it´s the worst character in the show by far. Even worse than 13.

      • mikeman

        i just want to should a big lol @ the people in this thread bemoaning the elevation of house and cuddy for turning the show into a romance story at the expense of the perceived relationship between house and cameron. you people are genuisi.

      • Patricia

        why couldn’t they get rid of chase? his stupid ken-face mug has been annoying me since day one

    • Sally

      This really pisses me off, really more than the Huddy crap itself.

      • Cheryl D

        My house quit watching House because of the Huddy crap! We were never enamored with the Cuddy character!!!

      • M

        House changing diapers ?! What an interesting drama coming next season .

      • L

        If that really pissed you off, STOP WATCHING THE SHOW. No big deal, woman ;)
        Cameron is out of the show since S4 started, they even admitted that they couldn’t carry on the Cameron’s crush on House anymore. Credits should have been already changed in that moment, they didn’t. Again, not big deal; they change it now.

      • buborek

        You really don’t like this show. Never One positive comment to do. Just bashing, bashing, and bashing.
        You don’t like it, stop watching it… It’s so simple… JMo has a twitter.. You could speak with her, you could send her a lot of love!! It’s better for your health than bitterness and hate…

      • Anaya

        Geez guys are calling the Huddy fangirls a bunch of delusional girls with nothing better to do than drooling over the Huddy love.
        And here you are, avid haters of the show, yet found the time to come here and comment on it.

        Kettle, meet pot.

      • Vanessa

        Jennifer Morrison can´t act. I´m glad the show got rid of her.

    • cvxvds

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      there.,It’s the best place to meet a older boyfriend or a younger girlfriend. i cant risk myself..So i got a username sammyli there in order to find a new it wrong?

    • Wilsonistheman

      Jane? Newsflash for you: the fact that the online audience does NOT count is exactly why you people don’t even matter. Sure, H/C is only a small representative of the audience online (as is H/W) but it’s still representative.

      As for the viewers? NEWSFLASH: most viewers are CASUAL viewers, who decide to watch the show based on promos, reviews, promotion or whatever the hell is on TV at the time. Please don’t insult our intelligence with your tiny brain cells.

      Google how television works. You might actually learn something.

      • L


      • L

        You people (haters) usually forgets all the people around the world that has to download episodes the day after they’re aired on USA; because WE CAN’T find another way to watch it without taking any waiting. Some people like me can’t stand House in Spanish and loves to watch it in English.
        And me and these people around the world doesn’t count for the total audience of the show.
        You’ve officially run out of arguments.

    • Wilsonistheman

      @M, because Cameron’s dead husband frozen sperm was certainly quality television.

    • Jamey

      I got sick of House and moved over to Chuck, which is so much better and I actually enjoy. I DVR House but may not even do that this year. It really went down hill for me.

    • Amanda

      Reading this always breaks my heart…

    • Bel

      One tiny piece of news about House – about the TITLE SEQUENCE, no less – and yet the very first comment is about that show. Awesome. Also, Cameron fans, it’s over. Move on for Christ’s sake.

  • Lisa E

    No Parenthood scoop? And NOTHING with Lauren Graham from the TCAs? Lame times.

    • Kristen

      No!!!! I’m still pissed that she is no longer on the show!!!!

      • Lisa E

        Haha – I’m guessing this was supposed to be a comment for the one above mine? : ) Anyhow, let me take this moment to say that Lauren Graham rules the world.

    • Kylie

      Lauren Graham didn’t go to the TCA party :(

      • Lisa E

        Yeah, she didn’t go to the party – but she definitely WAS at the Parenthood set visit and panel. It would have been great to have had an interview with her or something. Sadly, I don’t think Ausiello went to the P-hood set . . . I think he just sent a staffer. Which makes me sad. :(

  • dana Landman

    as huddy as i am…poor jmo.

  • Clarissa

    ugh I’m skipping that Ziva November sweeps episode. If Brennan knows it’s played out, why do it?

    • Teresa U

      Ah, but the wording is that we -thought- it was played out, not that it was! (Though I never really thought it was finished–there are too many unanswered questions.) I, for one, am very excited about finally getting some resolution. I understand not doing much with it during season 7. They had to give her time to re-adjust. I will enjoy it no matter what happens.

      • Lyss

        Yeah, I for one am so excited that they will deal with it because we only got little tidbits in Good Cop, Bad Cop and Masquerade in Season 7!

  • Sarah

    Awwwww. Poor Derek

  • J

    House is just NOW changing their opening credit sequence!? smdh. Embarrassing.

    • Sally

      They need to change the title too, it’s Huddy MD now, YUCK!

      • M

        Apparently the soap will not be only around them, they are ruining Chase’s character by again making him lusting after a med student this time ( the only storyline for him this season is chasing girls according to Jesse in aother interview in another site) . It seems that for KJ & co , killing a patient on purpose is normal act & happens every day , no big deal , life goes on. What a big disappointment this show has become .

    • M

      How about changing the title to FULL HOUSE

      • MikeC

        ANIMAL HOUSE would be more appropriate for the show these days. Or General House-pital.

  • Brittany

    Tim Olyphant on The Office will be beyond awesome.

    And even though I no longer watch CSI, I’m curious as to how they’ll explain Sara being around and still being married to Grissom if he doesn’t turn up. It seems like their relationship has become way, way long-distance and that would put a lot of strain on it.

  • Sarah L

    Woaaah! Hmm. I don’t know what to think about Supernatural. Of course, lots of fans will say that it’s boring, and so cliche, similar to what the beginning of the show was. But I’m still interested to see what it will really be like. HIMYM looks to be better than before… Most people think that the rest of the cast on the show are more attractive to watch, but I think this story with Ted will change things slightly since it’s really becoming a huge story arc in the show. I’m looking forward to that, honestly!

  • Teresa U

    Woooooo NCIS scoops!!! Thanks!! :)

    • Lyss

      It seems my constant questions and hacking into my friend’s email account (Carlee btw) and asking constant questions from her as well finally paid off!

  • Lisa

    I’d like to see how McDreamy’s ‘do fares after a week in jail.


    • sen

      I predict that richard will take charge again indefinitely. Because I’m sure Derek is totally screwed up. Mer Der are going to have a rough year. Which I can only hope ends with a baby :)

      • susan

        i said that richard goes to jail because of the AA clue and baliey take over

      • sen

        In this instance, AA stands for Ausiello files, not alcoholics anonymous

      • Madhatter

        @susan, He was refering to the column, Ask Ausiello. That’s why he said they were name checked in THIS WEEK’s AA. Derek is the only character mentioned by name. (Sorry for the capitalization, I can’t do italics for emphasis here)

      • Another Emma

        If it is Derek who’ll end up in jail, I wonder how they can do that to someone who’s just had major heart surgery. Unless this implies that the events in the first episodes happen months after the shooting…

      • Holly

        @Another Emma: it said it picks up months later.

      • Another Emma

        @Holly, I must have missed that. Thank you.

    • susan

      McDreamy in Jail ? What on earth for? Anyway…..lucky inmates!!!!!

  • EmmaLeeLove

    Hooray! That Castle bit gives me hope! Thank you so much, Ausiello! I don’t know about anyone else, but that certainly gets me out of the bad rut of interviews we’ve been having! Thank You a million times!

  • Kiren

    Timothy O on the Office? YES! I love that guy!

    • Cheryl D

      We too! We too!! We are so looking forward to return of Justified.

    • HarrietMck

      Absolutely! And as an ex-boyfriend of Pams? Yes, please…

  • 3rdrocker

    Nothing for Lie to Me?? Nothing at all??? Booooooooooo!!

  • Alisa

    Awww, no Smallville spoilers?


    • Diva

      I have a spoiler for that show. It’s top secret……He becomes superman shhhhhh don’t tell anyone.

    • JaySin420

      Here’s one- They just cast Hawkman’s wife and they are both in the 2nd episode.

  • JosieFB

    Yay for NCIS scoop!!!!!

    • ~Stephanie~

      woohoo…NCIS Rocks!!!
      Can’t wait for Season 8 to start!!!

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