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In January 2006, every U.S. high school science department received The Science and Scientists Behind the Food, a multimedia resource kit designed to assist science teachers in incorporating food science into existing curriculum. The kit offers students an opportunity to see real-world applications of their laboratory skills.

All manuals and guides provided here are in PDF format and may take up to several minutes to download.

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The Teacher's Guide includes six standards-based lessons and experiments for use in biology, chemistry and physics labs.
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Bring food science to the classroom with these experiments for your science labs. Click on the links below to download complete teacher and student guides, or visit the web site of the Institute of Food Technologists to see more experiments like these.

• Food Chemistry: Proteins
Learn about the important role proteins play in the processing of food products, and see how cottage cheese is made!
Teacher's Guide  Student Guide

• Enzymes: Enzymatic Browning
Find out what causes browning in fruits and vegetables, and learn how this process can be slowed or prevented.
Teacher's Guide  Student Guide

• Microbiology: Yeast Growth
Determine what factors affect the growth of yeast cells during fermentation.
Teacher's Guide  Student Guide


• "The Great Food Fight" (TRT 13:00) presents important food safety information.
Video  Teacher's Manual  Student Guide

• "From Concept to Consumer: Food Product Development" (TRT 20:00) explains the development and marketing of a new food product.
Video   Teacher's Manual  Student Guide

Online Lessons

Learn more about the food science industry with eight self-paced lessons which provide an overview of the food industry and take a closer look within a major food manufacturer and retailer.


Explore this Flash-based interactive which uses pizza as a model to teach various aspects of food science. Learn about the history of pizza, its ingredients and nutritional composition, and food processing and chemistry.


Mix it up with this musical approach to learning food science. You may not recognize the lyrics, but you will recognize the popular tunes.

Find a Food Scientist

Click here to search for a food scientist willing to talk to you about the field, and possibly give a demonstration or lecture in the classroom, or tour of a food processing plant or lab.

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A gateway to government food safety information for consumers and industry.

The Science Behind Our Food program developed by the University of Georgia aims to improve achievement, comprehension and mastery of scientific concepts by middle and high school students.


Food science experiments and learning opportunities for students of all ages compiled by Penn State University.

The National Science Teacher Association web site hosts a wealth of additional science education resources, including Science and Our Food Supply, a free curriculum kit for middle level or high school classroom, developed jointly by the NSTA and Food and Drug Administration, which investigates food safety from farm to table. Visit www.nsta.org/fdacurriculum to learn more.

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