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Binggrae is the only company that has manufacturing facilities and distribution channels of
refrigeration, cold storage and room temperature products all together in Korea.
We are proud of securing stable financial status by making big profits in ice cream (Refrigeration),
milk & fermented milk (Cold storage) divisions.
In addition, we have excellent infrastructure in room temperature distribution market that has
the biggest market size, thereby maximizing synergy effect.

Our ice cream division has been the leader of the domestic ice cream industry with two key words,
'original' and 'renovation'. This spirit has been the key factor of making No. 1 brands such as
Together that has recognized as our flagship product.

We entered the Korean ice cream industry that had been dominated low-grade products for a long
time. By launching Together that was evaluated as a new style ice cream, Binggrae raised
the level of Korean ice cream market. In 1992, we became a case study model of
ice cream marketing with the introduction of 'Melona', which changed all industry records including
the largest sales record as a single item.

Besides, when other companies were stuck in the idea of single flavored ice cream cone,
we came up with a revolutionary product 'Meta Cone' with the new concept of 'two flavors
in a cone'. That made us the symbol of renovation in ice cream industry. We are also proud of
launching the brands such as 'Excellent', which contains the best milk fat, 'Duwi Sa-nayang'
which established the best sales records of a single brand and 'Together Class' that is
the highest-quality ice cream in 2003, Binggrae has launched a frozen yogurt bar with probiotics,
'Yomoitie', to meet consumer's growing needs of health-benefit food low in fat high in nutrition.
Through these top-quality products, we have been keeping our position as the leader of the
ice cream industry in Korea.

In 2005, Binggrae has entered the premium ice cream market by launcing 'Clé d'or' lining up mutiple selections from bluberry to cherry available in pint, bar, and cup servings. 'Clé d'or' is designed to meet customer's growing demand on rich, creamy, and real fruit blended ice cream.

Since the foundation, Binggrae's Dairy division has grown with consumers in the domestic dairy
industry. Binggrae has played a great role in the growth of the domestic dairy industry and the dairy
processing industry as an innovative leader.

Binggrae has established stable foundation on white milk. The remarkable success is 'Q milk'
which means freshness() and top quality(Q). Based on high technology and the brand power,we
have been maintaining our position as the leading company of the domestic flavored milk market.

'Banana Flavored Milk' which is expected to exceed 83 million US$ on sales as a single brand,
has already been reputed to be an indisputable top seller and won numerous marketing awards.
It has been called many nicknames, such as 'Jar Milk', 'Pot Milk' In 2004, Binggrae has introduced
Fruit Latte, fresh milk blended with fresh fruits and honey to deliver full.

In yogurt market, we have the image of an innovative leader.
'Yoplait', the first European style yogurt introduced to Korea in 1983, had been just a brand name
before.However, it has become a general term to indicate European style yogurts, which proves
the strong brandpower of Yoplait. Swibell, a low fat yogurt, has been added to our portfolio aiming
premium market, and is now attracting many health-conscious customers. Bluberry, strawberry-
banana, aloe-grape, mango, lemon blended are available.

Moreover, 'Doctor Capule, newly evolved as Doctor Capsule X-Pert' which contains small capsules to prolong survival rate of lactic ferments in the intestines has been recognized by its scientific
Therefore, we have obtained the patents for Doctor Capule, newly evolved as Doctor Capsule X-Pert from many countries including U.S.A and Singapore as well as Korea.

We are trying to keep the freshness and the top quality guaranteed by acquiring HACCP
(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certification in every manufacturing factory.

Since starting in 1986, our snack division has been more popular in the world market such as
Russia than in the domestic market.

'Kotgerang (Crab Chips)', our flagship product, and Binggrae's snacks such as 'Jerkey Jerkey'
and 'Smoky Bacon Chips' have been steadily earning market share in Russia in spite of a fierce
competition against other big multinational corporations, and taking No.1 market share among
Korean snack manufacturers in Russia market.