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NoFauxxx: Trouble Alone

by thomasroche : March 29th, 2010 :

So, there’s this chick named Courtney Trouble, see? And she’s hot. I’m WAY behind the curve on this one; Miss Trouble has been tweeting about my friends and creating awesome porn for some time, but somehow I have never written anything about her — WTF, dude? (Here is a refresher feature interview we did with her that you might enjoy Thomas. ~Cutter) In this set, “Trouble Alone” shot in ultra-arty arms-length-style self shot DIY, she pretty much looks like a smokin’ hot alt girl and becomes exceeding intimate with a metal dildo — all of which I strongly approve of. I’m as bewitched by her sorta rockabilly look, curvy body, and gorgeous eyes as I am by her towering reputation as a creator of filthy indie pr0n. Oh, and Cutter wants me to mention they recently redesigned their site — but since I’m so f*$*!#ing clueless I’m just now hopping on the NoFauxxx bandwagon, I can only say “They redesigned their site” and “Courtney Trouble’s f*$*!#ing hot.”

NoFauxxx: Trouble Alone
Nofauxxx writes:
Miss Trouble has been up to no good. Alone in her room and single for the first time in how many years? Trouble’s taken her sexuality into her own hands. Trashy high femme on the outside, dirty little boy on the inside, vain, curvacous, and you know… troublelicious!

NoFauxxx: Trouble Alone

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