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Audi Unveils Updated Logo Following Centennial Celebration

August 20 2009 05:42 PM by Scott Evans
Audi Unveils Updated Logo Following Centennial Celebration

Audi, which has been associated with the four interlocking rings since the formation of the original Auto Union in 1932, and synonymous with the logo since the revival of the brand in 1965, has given its long-running logo a minor update for the 21st century.

While the rings already look fairly modern with their three-dimensional texture and shadowing, Audi decided to shine them up a bit. The result is a finish that looks like polished chrome and is nearly as authentic as seeing the real thing emblazoned across the hood of a 'Bahn-stormer.'

Further embracing a more modern, simple style is the Audi name itself, which has moved down away from the rings and to the left of center. More importantly, it has shrunk and has abandoned its exaggerated, unconventional font (seen in the old logo pictured to the left) in favor of a plainer sans-serif font.

The end result is a very chic, modern take on an ageless design. Expect to see it quietly make its way onto Audi's website, signage, documents, and more worldwide as the brand continues to refresh itself during its centennial celebration.

Source: Audi

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Remdog   (August 20 2009 05:47 PM)

I like the older version more.  Not a huge fan of the chrome stylized look of the new one.  

I thought european cars were less about chrome and more about aluminum look.  Oh well.
Veyron1001   (August 20 2009 05:48 PM)

ho hum
Tuckevalastin   (August 20 2009 05:51 PM)

Sounds like a minor move that will cost some money but I guess Audi doesn't want to get caught being outdated.

The rings are fine but the left aligned Audi text is not pleasing to my eye in that position.
Delspencerdeltorro   (August 20 2009 06:08 PM)

I like the fact that they updated the look of the rings, but at some point didn't they overlap more like a chain than the single solid mold of a piece it is now? It's not a huge deal, just something that caught my attention.

The altered text is fine, but the old text is the one they use on their vehicles, (at least the A is) so will they stop doing that or what?
tortillarat   (August 20 2009 09:11 PM)

New rings good, new text bad.  Keep it centered, and use the old font - just make it a bit less fat.  Maybe give it 3 dimensions too.
ultrataco   (August 20 2009 09:55 PM)

I like the old font better.  It's smoother, cleaner, and  unique.
Trackaholic   (August 20 2009 11:54 PM)

Agree with above.  Rings good, font bad.  Seems like a pointless change to me.

Hopefully Ford doesn't try to change their logo to something simpler and more modern.

BobbyM   (August 21 2009 02:22 AM)

This is classic "job justification"... the people in marketing are constantly making changes only to justify their existence. This is change for the sake of change.

As others have said the "ring" update id fine but going back to a more standard type font seems silly... only thought may be is over time they'll try and slowly loose the "audi" type and just go with the 4 rings. You can never tell with these artsy fartsy types!
cayenne82   (August 21 2009 02:33 AM)

I agree with bobbyM, this logo "change" is as boring and sensless as their updated new cars... I think a little spicing wouldnt hurt Audi design, aparently at all levels!
ACcartoons   (August 21 2009 04:49 AM)

They should have 8 rings.

One for VW, Porsche, Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, SEAT, and last and almost certainly least, Skoda.
IBx1   (August 21 2009 07:08 AM)

The new font looks very cheap.  Like a Chinese knock-off.
sotoabraham   (August 21 2009 07:19 AM)

I think its odd that the article doesn't mention this, but it seems to me another important change is how thick the rings have become.  They were thinner before.  It may just be an illusion attributed by the new chrome styling, but I'm almost certain the rings are now more bold.
AudiR8   (August 21 2009 07:54 AM)

I'm liking the new rings, but I liked how they wrote out "Audi" better on the old one.
true_enthusiast   (August 21 2009 08:19 AM)

The "d" in Audi is a little to askew.  I don't like that.
Audi_TTR   (August 21 2009 09:45 AM)

New rings look good, text not as good, but they may have aligned it left because we read left to right and it catches your eyes quicker.
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