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Sumner High School Class of 1970 - 40th Reunion
If you have stumbled upon this Page looking for the Sumner High School Class of 1970 - 40th Reunion, you have found one of the right spots! Information can be found by clicking the link above or Here.
We are also asking for help in finding Missing Classmates.

Welcome to Aasland Nursery
This Web Site is mainly for experimentation and for a class taken in Web Design some years ago. At the time of the class, a site was needed and the name was registered at a substantial discount for multiple years. At the same time a hosting company was found that provided inexpensive hosting and again, multiple years were signed up. I continue to use it for experimentation.

Sadly the Nursery was first closed in November 1996, with several attempts to restart it, up until 2006. Mother Nature in the form of too much rain, freezing temperatures caused crop losses for us and our Customers. In addition we lost several large customers due to their own flooding issues in the winter of 95/96. It was a good and fun run for an Ag business and we learned a great deal and made many friends, who remain so to this day!

So this site remains as a testament and for experimentation.
The Nursery has roots dating back to 1972, with the Nursery being started in the Portland, Oregon area in March 1979 with a 1000 square foot Greenhouse and several thousand plants. We continually grew at that location, until  more room was needed.  We moved the entire operation to a bare piece of ground, south of Sherwood, Oregon in the Spring of 1985.

As of February 1996, we had over 35,000 square feet of greenhouses producing in excess of 150,000 plants per year as cuttings, liners, gallons, two gallons and five gallons. Our niche was dwarf and low growing Rhododendrons and Azaleas.  We grew over 350+ varieties and Species. Also in production were over 3.5 acres of field stock on our 5 acres.

Due to a number of factors beyond our control the Nursery was placed on hiatus at the end of 1996, with a rebirth in ?.

We may continue to supply exceptional quality Rhododendrons and will be added new and exciting plants to our mix.  In addition we will offer services beyond growing, such as Technical Consulting and General Consulting.

Thank you for visiting our site. 

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